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European Central Bank: Intro of Euro in Croatia Only Mildly Affected Prices

Katarina Anđelković

As Index writes, the analysis was published in a blog post titled Has the Euro Changeover Caused Extra Inflation in ...


CNB: Introduction of Euro has not Worsened Inflation in Croatia

Katarina Anđelković

“Movements in January suggest that the introduction of the euro in Croatia could have had a relatively mild impact on ...

Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich

Euro Introduction Referendum: 157 Thousand Signatures Collected in Zagreb

Total Croatia News

Marko Milanović Litre, Member of Parliament of the Croatian Sovereignists and a representative of the Organizing Committee of the euro ...

Zdravko Marić Discusses Shipbuilding, Taxes and Croatia’s Eurozone Entry

Lauren Simmonds

In conversation with Dnevnik Nova TV, Croatian Finance Minister Zdravko Marić revealed just how much taxpayers in Croatia had to pay ...