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Unseasonably Warm Weather in Dalmatia (and Elsewhere)

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This is a very rare occurrence in Dalmatia, with temperatures this high, both air and sea temperature. There are always ...


Nearly 8 in 10 Croats in Favour of Taxing Products That Contribute to Global Warming

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The opinion polls show that 64% of the respondents in Croatia are in favour of “strict government measures imposing changes on ...

Adriatic Sea Warming — And Rising — At An Alarming Rate

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August 29, 2018 — Research suggests the top layer of the Adriatic Sea has warmed at an alarming rate over ...

Croatia’s Adriatic Is Turning Into Plastic Soup

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June 12, 2018 — Croatia’s vaunted Adriatic Sea may soon join the ranks of the world’s oceans — a plastic-filled, ...


UN Forecast: In 100 Years, Zadar and Neretva Valley Will Disappear Under the Rising Sea

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According to new forecasts, Croatian coastal towns will be almost uninhabitable in several decades or less.