Croatia Cooperates With Iran to Improve Halal Industry and Tourism

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Halal tourism in Croatia has increased significantly over the years with an observed 40% growth in the number of visitors ...

From Nahla’s Kitchen: First Halal Cookbook Presented in Croatia

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The women of Sisak have presented the first halal cookbook to Croatia. 

Croatia Regional Leader in Halal Certification

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Croatian companies took part in the World Halal Summit in Istanbul.

Biograd na Moru Tourist Company Becomes Halal Certified

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Thirty hotel and catering establishments and six travel agencies are halal certified in Croatia today. 

First Croatian Spa Hotel Receives Halal Certification

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The Center for Halal Quality Certification has awarded the LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin hotel with halal certification, thus positioning Sveti ...

Croatia Fighting for Halal Tourist Market

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There are more and more places in Croatia where you can buy and eat halal food.