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Hercegovac Begs Cro PM ‘Open Borders So I Can Send My Wife To Her Mother’

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The message from Hercegovac Ante Zovko (Ante Marinkov) was reposted on the Facebook page Imocki crnjaci where it picked up ...

Grad Imotski

Heavy Rain Fills 11 Imotski Lakes To Almost Record Highs

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Inaccessible without advance preparation and experience, visitors to the Red Lake in Imotski can only admire the spectacle from the ...


Croatia Town Burns Gay Couple Effigy at Parade: Imotski Residents Cheer

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February 23, 2020 – Bakova povorka, the pinnacle of a 150-year tradition of carnival festivities in Imotski, Croatia was engulfed ...

Fan of Classic Cars? Go to Imotski this Saturday!

Daniela Rogulj

For the second international exhibition of classic cars, the Oldtimers Club in Imotski invites you to take part in the ...

Imo-Adventure Back After 8 Years

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After eight years, Imo-adventure returns to Imotski! This year on September 10, a new beginning will mark one of the ...

Inland Treasures to Discover from the Makarska Riviera: Imotski Through the Tunnel

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The Makarska Riviera is known for its beaches and island-hopping options, but there is plenty going on inland, as TCN ...