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Global Terrorism Index 2020: Croatia is a Completely Safe Country

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ZAGREB December 2, 2020 – Croatia is a completely safe country, according to the latest figures from the Global Terrorism ...

Dragana Haines Vows Revenge on Husband’s Killers

Lauren Simmonds

”Bring those dogs to me.”

Two Years Since ISIS Kidnapping of Tomislav Salopek

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A sad anniversary.

Jihadist Flag Raised in Croat-Majority Village in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The flag was raised a few days ago in front of an abandoned house near the Catholic church in the ...

ISIL Destroys INA’s Gas Facility in Syria

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INA conducted research in Syria which led to discovery of substantial reserves of oil and gas.

Tomislav Salopek – One Year Later

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Slavonian town remembers Tomislav Salopek one year after he was kidnapped and allegedly executed by ISIS.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: There is no Confirmation Tomislav Salopek was Killed by ISIS

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Croatian Foreign Ministry responds to claims by AFP that Tomislav Salopek has been killed.

Former Head of the Islamic Community in Croatia Reacts to the Tomislav Salopek Kidnapping

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Former head of the Islamic Community in Croatia Ševko Omerbašić on the kidnapping in Egypt.

Tomislav Salopek: Egyptian Authorities Trying to Locate Croatian Hostage

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The search for Tomislav Salopek continues. 

Tomislav Salopek: Fate of the Kidnapped Croat Still Unknown

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Still no word on the fate of Tomislav Salopek.

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