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Croats Living in Croatia, Earning Abroad: Barbara Boltiš in Ivanić Grad

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Croatia, great for a 2-week holiday, but a nightmare for full-time living unless you are very rich, so the perceived ...

Naphthalene Oil, Europe’s Unique Medical Tourism in Naftalan, Zagreb County

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The story begins with a legend of a camel far, far away in a time gone by on the fabled ...

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Discovering Authentic Croatia’s Secrets With Seoski Tourism

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Croatia’s visitor offer is evolving and expanding. There are exciting aspects of authentic Croatia to be discovered. Away from the ...

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Croatia Through the Eyes of a Digital Nomad: Fall Means its Bučijada Time!

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At a recent meetup for digital nomads in Zagreb, one of my colleagues mentioned the annual bučijada (pumpkin festival) starting ...

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Toy and Pumpkin Festivals Combine in Ivanic-Grad at Bucijada 2021

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One of the things you learn very quickly living in Croatia is that Croatians love to celebrate their food. But ...

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Weekend for Health With Exercise and Relaxation Activities in Ivanić-Grad

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After several months of isolation, which affected the physical and mental health of people, it is time for citizens to ...

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Smart City Ivanic-Grad Gets Solar-Farm Buildings and Super Fast Internet

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Teenagers in Ivanić-Grad have cast their eyes down the tracks ever since the railway came to town. You can understand ...

Naftalan Hospital One of Key Drivers of Health Tourism in Zagreb County

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ZAGREB, February 23, 2020 – Zagreb County has significantly developed its tourist trade and infrastructure, and Naftalan, a special hospital ...

Pumpkin Festival – Bučijada in Ivanić Grad Next Weekend

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It’s autumn, and in continental Croatia that means that the centre of the pumpkin admiration focuses on Ivanić Grad, where ...

Pumpkin Festival Starting in Ivanić-Grad

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The annual festival takes place over the weekend.

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