korcula history

The Origins of Moreška

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Moreška remains one of the staples of tradition on Korčula, but what are its origins? 

Blood Donors from Korčula go on a Deserved Trip

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When you live on one of the most amazing island on the Adriatic, where do you to for an excursion? 

Marco Polo – the Most Famous Korčulan

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One of the first associations when you mention Korčula to anyone is usually Marco Polo, the Venetian merchant and world ...


History of Shipbuilding on Korčula II

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The second part ofo the history of shipbuilding in Korčula.

History of Shipbuilding on Korčula I

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The history of shipbuilding in Korčula deserves to be told in at least two articles.

Who was the First Person to Play Football on Korčula?

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Just a few weeks before the long-anticipated World Cup is set to start in Russia, let’s take a brief look ...


Greatest Celebration in Korčula Sports History

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When you first come to Korčula, it will be a short time before someone mentions The Cup, you know, as ...

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Hundred-Year-Old Photos Found in Korčula!

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It’s somewhat hard to imagine that it is still possible to find something of real value these days, almost a ...


A Brief History of Korčula Island

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Well, the island has been inhabited for at least 20,000 years, and it has changed rulers frequently during that time, ...