International Poetry Day Croatia: Non-Croatian Poets about Croatia

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Since 1999 and the 30th General conference of UNESCO, March 21 is recognized as International Poetry Day. As said by ...

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People Also Ask Google: What Language Do They Speak in Istria?

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Where is Istria? Istria is the biggest and northernmost peninsula in Croatia and the Adriatic. It lies in the northern ...

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Slavonia Students Spot 300 Spelling Mistakes In Names of Public Places

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November 21, 2020 – How difficult is it to learn Croatian? Slavonia students from one high school learned it’s really ...

Jebiga – the Ultimate Glossary to Croatia’s Best-Loved ‘J’ Word

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March the 12th, 2020 – One Croatian word seems to consistently take precedence over all others. Meet the J word ...

Croatian Customs: Jeste za Jednu Kavicu? Fancy a Coffee?

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Gospođo, nešto Vam curi iz torbe! / Madam, something’s dripping out of your bag! – a nice older lady addressed me ...

Language, School and Friends – What Life is Like for Teen Expats in Zagreb

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It’s true Croatia may not pose the most favourable conditions for young adults looking to get out into the world ...

Croatian Mondays – Speaking, Talking, Telling and Saying

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Maybe you’ve noticed that for some time now, I haven’t written a single word about the Croatian language, Croatian life, ...

Croatian Mondays – Molim, Hvala, Izvoli, Oprosti

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If you’re trying to learn Croatian, you will probably realise that Croatian language, as beautiful as it is, can represent quite ...

Croatian Mondays – How Are You? Kako Si?

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If you’re trying to learn Croatian , you will probably realise that Croatian language, as beautiful as it is, can ...

Croatian Mondays – Life and Language in Croatia

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If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to learn Croatian, you’ll probably realise that Croatian language, as beautiful as it ...

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