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Croatian Language Favourites – Which Are Your Top 5 Words?

Paul Bradbury

May the 12th, 2024 – I will never be fluent, but I speak well enough to get by quite well ...

Frankie Goes to Hollywood? The Professor, Wine and National Television

Total Croatia News

Are we about to lose The Professor to Hollywood? HRT National Television contacted me to record a show about Jelsa, ...

Croatian Dialects World Cup Final: Hvar v Forests of Zagorje

Total Croatia News

As per my YouTube video a few weeks ago, I still maintain that Croatian is a logical language, but those ...

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Exploring Croatian – A Brief History of the Istro-Romanian Language

Lauren Simmonds

We’ve explored many of the dialects, subdialects and indeed languages in their own right as some linguists consider them to ...

Exploring Croatian – A Brief History of the Istriot Language

Lauren Simmonds

I know I’ve said it before (probably a few dozen times, actually), but for such a geographically small country, Croatia ...

Vjeran Zganec Rogulja/PIXSELL

Zagorje, Međimurje, Samobor and More – The Northwestern Kajkavian Dialect

Lauren Simmonds

We’ve looked into enough dialects and subdialects of the Croatian language to realise there’s much more to the language spoken ...

Learning Croatian: Articles of Clothing in Hvar Dialect (VIDEO)

Total Croatia News

Learning Croatian on a Dalmatian island is not recommended, unless you find a teacher who can teach you classic Croatian ...

Learning Croatian: How Do People from Hvar, Dubrovnik Understand Each Other?

Total Croatia News

My Croatian is by no means fluent but I get by pretty well and am happy to do television interviews ...

Learning Croatian: the Hvar Dialect Language of Love

Total Croatia News

Within a week of moving to Hvar all those years ago, I had met the girl of my dreams in ...

Learning Croatian Vegetables the Hvar Dialect Way (VIDEO)

Total Croatia News

I sometimes wonder how Croatians from other parts of the country understand each other. I know that all countries have ...

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