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Lika Offering Preserved Scenery, Organic Food as Main Assets of its Tourism

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The slogan was launched during the pandemic crisis by the united local tourist boards in the City of Gospić, the ...

More Lika-Senj County Capital Investments on Horizon

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As Novi list/Marin Smolcic writes, the director of the EBRD’s Financial Association for Croatia, Victoria Zinchuk, spent the day in ...

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Discovering Authentic Croatia’s Secrets With Seoski Tourism

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Croatia’s visitor offer is evolving and expanding. There are exciting aspects of authentic Croatia to be discovered. Away from the ...

Falling Snow Causes Treacherous Conditions on Croatian Roads

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Any optimists living in Zagreb could be forgiven for thinking winter was over. Over a succession of two days last ...


Germany Adds Lika-Senj County to Red List

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September 24, 2020 – The Robert Koch Institute red list now includes the French regions of Center-Val de Loire, Brittany ...

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Six of the Best! Croatian Protected Produce On Sale in China

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September 18, 2020 – Six items of Croatian protected produce are among the 100 European items to go on sale ...

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Nikola Tesla Returns To Gospić After 30 Years

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August 22, 2020 – After being destroyed in the war, the famous statue of genius Nikola Tesla will finally return ...


Meet HGSS The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service

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August 19, 2020 – All weather, all terrain, all year round – meet HGSS The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, amazing ...

Lika-Senj County Improves Quality of Accommodation with ‘Blue & Green Homestay’

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Have you heard about the “Blue & Green Homestay” labels by Lika-Senj County?