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Festive December Holidays Fun at 2021 Christmas in Ludbreg

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Sitting just an hour’s drive northeast of the Croatian capital, the town of Ludbreg is easily among one of the ...

Concerts, Choirs, Kayaking and Craft Beer: Summer in Ludbreg

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Taking place over several days at the beginning of September, Ludbreg Days of Holy Sunday is usually the busiest time ...

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Discover Active Ludbreg: Canoeing, Kayaking, Cycling, Hiking, Walking

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The pretty town of Ludbreg is used to hosting visitors. Site of the only Vatican-recognised miracle in the Balkans, in ...

The City of Ludbreg

Active Tourism on a Crazy Hill: Ludbreg Spring Outdoor Festival Begins!

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To encourage the development of Ludbreg into an outdoor excursion destination, the new sports festival – Welcome Spring – started ...


Ludbreg Winemakers’ Wines Thrive Due to God-Given Microclimate

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Vincekovo, which was celebrated yesterday, January 22, in the Ludbreg area, used to be celebrated in Globočec when the plantations ...

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New Archeological Findings in Ludbreg, Could be a Part of Bjelobrdo Culture

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November 19, 2020 – Mayor Dubravko Bilić says that the new archeological findings in Ludbreg are proof that it has ...

Ludbreg Tourism: Town to Become Cycling and Outdoor Activity Centre?

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As Novac/Martina Hrupic writes on the 25th of September, 2020, Ludbreg is well known for being the centre of the ...