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Green ‘Špica’ – Picnic at Maksimir on Saturdays

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We all love sipping our coffees and catching up with friends at špica on Saturdays, but sometimes you want to ...


Zagreb in History: Maksimir Park at the Turn of the Century

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One of the best things about living in Zagreb is having multiple large city parks at your disposal, allowing you ...

Maksimir – One of the Best City Parks in Europe

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Did you know that Zagreb has one of the best city parks in Europe? European Best Destinations Best City Parks puts Zagreb’s ...

Get into Shape and Run with Yazmin at Maksimir Park

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We already feel fitter and healthier here at Total Zagreb having the support from our energetic friends at Run Croatia, ...

Zagreb Zoo’s 91st Birthday Celebration

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This weekend, the Zagreb Zoo will celebrate its 91st birthday with a series of events! The program for the 91st ...

Zagreb Zoo Becomes the “Wild Heart of the City”

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A bit of wilderness in the capital of Croatia.