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Montenegrin And Croatian Fms Push For Resolving Open Issues As Good Neighbours

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Underscoring that this was his third visit to Montenegro in a short period, Croatia’s minister of foreign and European affairs, ...


Where To Stay In Split (8): Travel To the Socialist Era

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There is a lot of logic to begin this series with the oldest part of Split, Diocletian’s Palace, and to ...


Where To Stay In Split (7): Off the Beaten Path

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Staying in the heart of a 1,700 year-old city is unbeatable, and as we have already seen in this series, ...


Where To Stay In Split (6): Fun, Beach, Food

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Probably right next to its history, and recently entrtainment, Split is famous for its beaches. There are not many cities ...

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Where To Stay In Split (5): Land Of Hajduk FC

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For decades, the only activity associated with the neighbourhood called Poljud (pron. Pohlyood) in general Split mythology was football, or ...


Where To Stay In Split (4): A Neighbourhood With The View

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Split has many nice views, but sitting anywhere on the south slopes on Marjan gives an oportunity for some real ...


Where To Stay In Split (2): City Within The Imperial Palace

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There is nothing more logical but to start this series with the very heart of Split, its historical center based ...

Where To Stay In Split (1): Choose Neighbourhood By Your Needs

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There are hundreds, even thousands of options where to stay in Split, a variety of hotels, hostels and especially rooms ...