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Jose Alfonso Cussianovich

Olive Picking Experience in Podstrana: A Short and Visual Story

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a reflection as a result of the two years since I arrived in ...

All photos ©2020, Cyndie Burkhardt.

Croatia Through the Eyes of a Digital Nomad: Social Gathering Alert, also Known as Olive Picking

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November 12, 2020 – Continuing our look at the digital nomad lifestyle in Croatia, the month of November means only ...

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Natural Stress Relief: the Olive Harvest in Dalmatia

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November 3, 2019 – Every Dalmatian has one eye on the olive grove in early November – and British sons-in-law ...

World Olive Picking Championship to be Held on Brač

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Postira, a small town and municipality on the island of Brač has been organising the unofficial World Olive Picking Championship ...

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The Happiest Moment of the Year for a Dalmatian

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November 6, 2018 – Where to find a Dalmatian at this time of year? In the field of course, for ...

October Sunshine Brings Dalmatian Families Together: the Olive Harvest!

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I really did marry into the perfect family in Dalmatia. My wife is wonderful of course, and I still can’t ...

Olive Production in Croatia Increases by 220 Percent

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Croatian agricultural production varies from year to year.

For the Love of Olives: A Britist Expat Has First Harvest on Brac

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A first guest blog from Helen Milsom, an expat living in Split. There is nothing quite like one’s first olive ...