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VIDEO: Man Takes His Pet Chicken Shopping in the City Streets of Split

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December 10, 2020 – Why did the chicken cross the road? Well, to go to the dućan (store) with his ...

Source: Pixabay

Zagreb Welcomes First Pet Food Vending Machine in Croatia

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November 11, 2020 – Entrepreneur Ženja Moskaljov and his associate Iva Antolić turned a great idea into a good business ...

Dumovec Pet Shelter Presents their 2020 Calendar #BlackDogsMatter

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The Dumovec pet shelter, located in Zagreb and partially financed by the city, is one of the biggest pet shelters ...


Dog Celebrity Gobi and Owner Dion Leonard in Zagreb Promoting their Book

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Dion Leonard is an ultra-marathoner, who went through a life-changing event while on a race in the Gobi desert, where ...

Monty’s Underdog Marathon Swimming Race for Dogs and their Owners Held

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As we’ve already written, Crikvenica near Rijeka, in the northern part of the Croatian coast, has one of the most ...

Croatian (not really a) Pet of the Month: Draco from HGSS

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Of course, we’re aware of the fact that Draco is not a pet, he’d probably be very insulted if he ...

Uhljebistan: Communal Officer Tries to Charge Woman for Lost Pet Signs

Lauren Simmonds

Have you ever wondered what Uhljebistan means? We use the word a lot here at TCN and often are quick ...


Croatian Pet of the Month: Malina

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Croatian pet of the month this month: Malina on Wheels from Osijek!    Her story begins in a ditch, somewhere ...


Croatian Pet of the Month: Tesa

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After Mona and Charlie, this time our “Pet of the Month” is Tesa, the forest-running dog.


Croatian Pet of the Month: Charlie

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After the success of the first “Pet of the Month” article on Total Croatia News, this month we feature Charlie.

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