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Pharos Bayhill Hotel on Hvar Full: Amazing 2021 Success Story

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The tourist season is going well for Croatia in 2021, and if the crowded streets of coastal Croatia are not ...

Have You Been to the Restaurants at Sunčani Hvar Hotels?

Daniela Rogulj

While traveling the island of Hvar, there are already so many things to make you feel luxurious, comfortable, and high ...

Rejuvenated Suncani Hvar Hotels Open the Millennial Pharos Bayhill

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Suncani Hvar Hotels invited their partners and the media to the opening of their 7 million euro upgrade of Hotel ...

Suncani Hvar Week: First Impressions of the New Millennial Pharos Bayhill Hotel

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These are good times for leading island hotel chain Suncani Hvar, and last year’s results and occupancy were the best ...