O’Hara’s New Menu: A Pizzeria Without Capricciosa

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October 5, 2020 – The competition on the pizza market is growing, and they have decided to take a classic ...

Founder of Most Popular Zagreb Pizzeria Under Mafia and State Crackdown

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He has announced that if he is declared guilty, he will close his business and just as many other Croats, ...


Too Lazy to Cut Your Own Pizza? Think Again: In Croatia, It Might Cost You

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Another day in The Beautiful Croatia, a land of ridiculous service charges

Budget Dubrovnik: Pizzeria Mamma Mia

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Pizzeria Mamma Mia is known for offering some of the best pizzas in Dubrovnik. Situated in Lapad, 3 km away ...

Budget Dubrovnik: Pizzeria Oliva

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Located just behind St. Blaise Church, Oliva promises the most authentic pizzas in town while offering a wide selection of ...

Budget Dubrovnik: Mea Culpa

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Just 100 meters away from Stradun, Mea Culpa Pizzeria and Trattoria offers pizzas made only with fresh and fine ingredients ...

Budget Dubrovnik: Pizzeria Tabasco

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Excellent quality at affordable prices. Yes, we’re talking about Tabasco pizzeria, situated between the Ploče and the Buža Gates of ...

Budget Dubrovnik: Pizzeria Mirakul

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Crispy and thin pizzas from Mirakul are made using the recipes from Naples where Andrija Sentic, the head of the ...

Fast food Dubrovnik: Pizzeria Petica 5

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Petica means five in Croatian so we guess they want to give the highest number when rating the quality of ...

Budget Dubrovnik: Fat Cat

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Located in a small alleyway that lead to Dubrovnik sea aquarium, Fat Cat serves delicious pizzas with homemade dough, spaghetti, ...

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