Founder of Most Popular Zagreb Pizzeria Under Mafia and State Crackdown

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He has announced that if he is declared guilty, he will close his business and just as many other Croats, in a blink of an eye, leave to another country

Marin Vanjak, the founder of O’Hara, one of the best pizzerias in Croatia, has written a post on his Facebook profile which details how certain institutions function and how a small business owner can easily be stormed by con artists, leaving an honest person in the dust, as Večernji List reported on May 30, 2018.

We bring you his original post:

Business troubles (example X)

Several months ago the phone rang. Hello, hello…

– I am calling from a waste management company… Where do you dispose of your waste?
– Madam, we have been sorting our waste for five years and taking it to the recycling yard ourselves…
– Do you have paperwork for that?
– What paperwork?
– Under the new law you cannot sort your waste at the recycling yard, and the fine is 1000000000000 of something!
– Yes, and? What are we to do?
– Sign a contract with us and we will do it for you…
– Ok. Sure!

In two days some criminals came along and in Al Pacino style explained to us how we don’t have to, but it would be good to sign a contract with them for 1.200 kuna monthly and they will take care of everything three times a week.

Oh alright! You’ve got a racket on me, but at least I won’t have issue with waste and am covered legally.

And so on. Weeks pass, they don’t show up three times, but twice or once. Boxes pile up. So I said, I’ll take some to the recycling yard. But no! Only for citizens! Uf, but ok…

Phone rings. Hello, hello…
– I own a property in Velika Gorica where you dumped your waste!
– Excuse me?!
– Yes. Every box and plastic says O’Hara Zagreb and it is evident you dumped it on my property. I have to report you to sanitary inspection…

I explained to the gentleman the situation, but he does not want to discuss and reports us and that mafia company. In contact with them they do not admit to dumping waste on private property. And without any separation! The mafia says it is possible we dumped the garbage on our own without them (25km away, while the recycling yard is 500m away). But ok… now I can sense huge problems…

A private number calls me. Hello, hello…

– This is the sanitary inspector. I’ve received a complaint and I have to visit your business for inspection…
– Ok. Come over…
– I cannot. My working hours are until 16h, and you open at 18h, so I would ask you to be there in my working hours.
– Well, come on Saturday, we are open all day.
– I cannot, I am not on duty.
– Ok. So now what?
– It would be best if you or anyone in charge can show up, so we can solve this?
– No way!
– Why not?
– I don’t want to meet you outside my work hours just like you don’t!
– Fine. We’ll do it another way… I have instruments to force you (police and that shit…)

This is where my curtains fell, I was trying to be as polite as possible. Among other things I mention, we have all the paperwork and permits and we fulfil all our taxes and other duties on time and with care. To this she says she has nothing to do with my taxes… This is where I lost it. She has nothing to do with it? Oh really?

Now I await further complications…

But be assured that the first time the mafia and racketeers of any kind set me up as guilty, I will close the business!

So have someone else pay for such moronic situations which are only one drop in the ocean of daily business of all of us in Croatia!

This I can and I will! There is still a business power within me, and there are other countries! Maybe even Venezuela. They surely aren’t this idiotic?

Translated from Večernji List, for the original click here.

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