23 Prisoners at Zagreb’s Remetinec Prison Infected, 110 Self-Isolating

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Inmates have also not been able to exercise their right to spend some weekends outside the prison system. The Justice ...

Tomo Horvatincic Finally in Zagreb’s Remetinec Jail

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The Croatian entrepreneur who is responsible for the deaths of an Italian couple due to the reckless driving of a ...


American Film Producer Don Victor Cisternino Ends Up in Remetinec Jail – Jutarnji List daily Reports

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I was afraid that the new administration under President Joe Biden would prosecute me for this kind of business, even ...

Ivica Todorić: I’m Entering Politics Because Croatia is in Awful Position

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As 24sata writes on the 5th of December, 2018, Ivica Todorić, who was recently released from Remetinec prison following his ...

Ivica Todorić’s Lawyer Speaks Out: “He’ll Decide What He Does Next”

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Ivica Todorić’s attorney, Jadranka Sloković, clarified a few things for N1 on the 21st of November, 2018, with regard to ...

Ivica Todorić Leaves Jail: I’ll Win Power and Lead Croatia in Right Way

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Ivica Todorić paid his million euro sum and has now officially been released from Remetinec prison. How did he come ...

Ivica Todorić Pays Million Euro Bail, Soon to Leave Remetinec

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Ivica Todorić has been spending time in Zagreb’s Remetinec prison since his extradition from Britain to Croatia to face trial ...

Ivica Todorić’s Bail Stands at 7.5 Million Kuna Cash

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Ivica Todorić’s huge bail sum must be paid in cash. Just some spare change, then? After a year-long stay in ...

Kulmerovi Dvori to Remetinec: How Does Ivica Todorić Spend Time in Jail?

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Ivica Todorić returned to Croatia a few days ago following the British decision to extradite him to Croatia to face ...

Despite Recovery, Todorić’s Legacy and Agrokor’s Debts Paint Bleak Picture

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Ivica Todorić has returned to Croatia after more than a year in London, having landed on the territory of a ...

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