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Photo: PIXSELL (Grgo Jelavic)

Croatia Still Lacking Five to Ten Thousand Tourist Workers

Katarina Anđelković

This tourist season, 1.2 million jobs in hospitality and tourism in the European Union remained unfilled, with travel agencies being ...

Croatia’s Paradox: Work But No Workers, Workers But No Work

Lauren Simmonds

The Republic of Croatia is in a group of four European Union member states with a lower uncovered demand for ...

Days of Jobs in Tourism Offers Chances for Many Would-be Employees

Lauren Simmonds

The Days of jobs in tourism events across three Croatian cities, both in continental Croatia and on the coast, are ...

Croatian Employers Already Searching for Staff and Promising Higher Wages

Lauren Simmonds

The demographic has had numerous repercussions on Croatian society as a whole, and a lack of adequate or qualified labour ...

Is a Labour Market Crash Threatening Croatia?

Lauren Simmonds

The Croatian National Bank estimates that the number of workers in the next twenty years in Croatia will be reduced ...

Plava Laguna Stimulates Employment With Wage Increases

Lauren Simmonds

Good news for Plava Laguna employees.

Strained Summer: ”My Employee Went To The Coast For Double The Wage”

Lauren Simmonds

As the demographic crisis bites, many tourist oriented businesses have been forced to go to great lengths to secure staff ...

Of 25,000 Newly Employed Croats, 21,500 Employed in Seasonal Jobs

Lauren Simmonds

Croatia’s seasonality is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to employment and economic woes.

Pula’s Pastry Shop Woes: ”Sorry, There’s Nobody To Serve You”

Lauren Simmonds

You just can’t get the staff. No, really.

”When The Season Comes, I Don’t Look For Work, Work Looks For Me”

Lauren Simmonds

There are some black stories around when it comes to the state of things workwise in Croatia, but for some, ...

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