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MPs Talk Online Classes, Euro Referendum, Serb Rights in Vukovar

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“We still don’t know on what basis the measures are being adopted. Is it based on the number of new ...

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Operation Storm Panel By YIHR: What to Expect From 2021 Commemoration

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The 26th anniversary of the Operation Storm (Oluja) is afoot. Marked on August 5, this operation back in 1995 returned every bit ...


Ending Segregated Education in Vukovar? Mayor Ivan Penava Announced an Idea

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The start of the week saw interesting news that surprised many. As reported by N1, Ivan Penava, the mayor of ...


Human Rights in Croatia 2020 Overview: Serbs, Roma People, and LGBTQ Hate Speech Targets

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In a battle against the Coronavirus, many agree and fear that human rights were put in second place, triggering the ...

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The Serb National Council (SNV): Historical Revisionism, Hate Speech and Violence Against Ethnic Serbs in 2020

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The SNV said that historical revisionism and views denying the legacy of the anti-fascist struggle during the Second World War ...

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PM Andrej Plenković: Zoran Milanović Has Stepped Out of the Framework of a President’s Normal Conduct

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Milanović wrote on his Facebook profile on Monday that “before he runs away to Brussels,” Plenković would have to render his ...

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Milorad Pupovac Accuses President Zoran Milanović of Racism, Milanović Him of Denouncing Croatia

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“President Milanović is belittling almost everyone who disagrees with him, from women, minority representatives, representatives of the gay population, representatives ...

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Serb Minority Deputy Mayor Srđan Milaković: “Serbs in Vukovar Under-Represented in Town Administration”

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The number of Serbs working in town administration should reflect their number in the town, but that is not the ...

SNV Leader Warns about Ethnically Motivated Attacks

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ZAGREB, January 7, 2020 – The Serb People’s Council (SNV) leader, Boris Milošević, said at a Christmas reception in Zagreb ...

Pupovac Says It’s Important How President and Prime Minister Will Cooperate

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ZAGREB, January 6, 2020 – Independent Democratic Serbian Party (SDSS) Milorad Pupovac has said that it is less important how ...

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