sibenik fire


Sibenik Fires: Owners of Destroyed Houses Get Mobile Homes

Lauren Simmonds

While wildfires break out in Croatia, particularly in Dalmatia, at this time of year almost like clockwork, the human cost ...

Police Catch Female Arsonist Suspected of Causing Fire Near Šibenik

Daniela Rogulj

The Šibenik police arrested a woman on Saturday afternoon who was directly linked to causing the fire in the Šibenik ...

Fire Update: After 30 Hours, Fire in Šibenik Area Under Control

Daniela Rogulj

Just after 1:30 pm on Saturday, a fire broke out in the Dubrava area near Šibenik which at one point ...

Croatian Air Force Participate in Putting Out Fire Near Šibenik

Lauren Simmonds

Summer in Dalmatia often unfortunately means the presence of potentially damaging wildfires. A couple of summers ago, the Croatian coast ...