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HEP Plin Opens Office Building in Slatina

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The Slatina plant, one of HEP Plin’s ten stations, employs eight workers, operates a distribution grid of 227 kilometers, and supplies ...

Slatina Tourist Board

EPIcentar Sequoia in Slatina to be ‘Green Gates’ of Slavonia

Daniela Rogulj

Did you know that the redwood tree (mammoth, sequoia) in Slatina is the only protected specimen of this species in ...

Robert Turkalj / Tourist Board of Slatina / Virovitica State archives, adapted

Slatina Sparkling Wine Find Makes Slavonia Champagne Among Croatia’s Oldest

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A completely preserved Slatina sparkling wine bottle from the period from 1864 to 1912 has been discovered during building works ...


DIY Smart Bench: How 3 High School Students Built an Invention from Scratch

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Croatia is set to become a smart bench superpower if things continue to develop at this rate – a story ...