Cerar: ”There will be no negotiations with Croatia about the border”

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Slovenia will respect the decision announced by the Arbitration Tribunal on Slovenia’s border crossing with Croatia on Thursday.

Slovenian Media: IBM is Opening its Tech Centre in Croatia, not Slovenia?

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Both former and current Croatian prime ministers talked about this possible investment and now Slovenian media has released some new information.

Luka Modrić Apologizes To Slovenians For The Insult

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Croatian star has apologized to Slovenian referee Damir Skomina and the Slovenian people for an insult during the Champions League ...

Slovenia Sends Army to Croatia Border As More Refugees Get Stranded

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Refugee crisis starting to escalate?

Croatian and Slovenian Interior Ministers Discuss Migrant Crisis

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Latest on the migrant crisis in the region

Croatian and Slovenian Olympians and Public Figures to Play Protest Volleyball Match Over Razor Wire

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Match will be played on Saturday, December 19, 2015 on two border crossings in Istria

Is Slovenia Getting 2/3 of the Piran Bay?

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Vesna Pusić just held an urgent press conference to address the allegations made by Večernji list