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CircuitMess Batmobile: Croatian Company Collab With Warner Bros

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From ”do it yourself” (DIY) videogame consoles, to DIY mobile phones, DIY DJ sets and much more, the Croatian company ...


Scope Project: Višnjan Observatory on STEM Popularization Mission

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When it comes to astronomy in Croatia, the Višnjan Observatory in Istria holds the top place as the best location ...

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Best Faculty at Zagreb University: Faculty of Agriculture Scores Highest in NTU Ranking

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The quality of Zagreb University, according to the global NTU ranking conducted by the National Taiwan University, is in decline. ...

Stem Revolution for Croatian Schools: Programming with Micro:Bits

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The stem revolution for Croatian schools has begun for children in grades 1-4! Zagreb, November 6, 2018 – Elementary schools ...

STEM Subjects Getting Introduced in Six Croatian High Schools

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Six Croatian high school institutions have been selected to implement the project ‘Croatian Makers – STEM revolution’ and introduce the ...