Croatian Hypercar Rimac Nevera at Sun Gardens Resort for Potential Buyers

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Rimac Automobili is a Croatian wonder. This boutique car manufacturer makes some of the fastest and most advanced electric hypercars ...

Top Speed Lists Rimac’s Concept_Two in Review of 2018’s Six Most Important Cars

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It isn’t like Mate Rimac and Rimac Automobili really needed any more praise from the media, but still, it keeps ...

Mate Rimac: People Are Interested, Particularly Because It’s Happening In Croatia

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“It’s interesting to people, the technology and the entrepreneurial story behind it, and the human one, and our location, everyone ...

Fast and Furious in Dubrovnik as Gran Turismo Supercars Arrive

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Speed lover? Dubrovnik plays host to some four-wheeled beasts.

From Ferrari to Lamborghini – Exclusive Supercar Club to Arrive in Dubrovnik Next Week

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Lover of supercars? Head to Dubrovnik next week!

Rimac C_Two Sold Out in Just Three Weeks

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Almost all 150 planned units worth 1.7 million euro each have been sold.

Rimac Building Billion Kuna Factory in China

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Croatia’s Mate Rimac will invest his vast knowledge and five million euro into an e-engine and battery factory worth 158.2 million ...

Rimac Selling Only 150 Concept Twos

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Rimac’s incredible Concept Two is as exclusive as it is impressive.


Rimac Automobili to Deliver First Production Model of Concept One at Geneva Motor Show

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Rimac Concept_One production model will be shown at Geneva Motor Show and handed over to its new owner immediately afterwards