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UNESCO and Croatia: World Heritage Site – Dubrovnik Old City

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Let’s take a look into one of the best-known heritage sites in Croatia and the city that attracts millions of visitors ...

Long Live Saint Blaise! Dubrovnik Honours Patron Saint

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Dubrovnik’s patron saint and eternal protector is being celebrated in the Pearl of the Adriatic for the 1046th time.

Franković Decides on Free Bus Service in Dubrovnik for Festivity of Saint Blaise

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Good news for those visiting Dubrovnik for the festivities on honour of the city’s saint.

St. Blaise in Brussels: Dubrovnik’s Saint to be Celebrated in Belgium in 2018

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Sveti Vlaho takes a short trip to… Brussels!

”Saint Blaise and Dubrovnik” Mobile Application!

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Saint Blaise enters the world of modern technology with a virtual overview of the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of ...

St. Blaise’s Church

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The church of St. Blaise, known as Crkva svetog Vlaha in Croatian, is a Baroque church dedicated to the patron ...