Outlook Origins Directors Talk About Opening New Chapter in Tisno

Daniela Rogulj

December 13, 2019 – TCN caught up with the directors of the Outlook music festival to learn more about the ...

Tisno to Wait at Least Another 3 Years for 95 Million Euro Luxury Hotel

Lauren Simmonds

The island of Murter will have to wait at least a further three years for its first luxury hotel complex ...

The Summer Season at the Garden Resort in Tisno Started

Total Croatia News

The Garden Resort in Tisno recently started another summer season full of festival activities, in which they hope to attract ...

Jedrilicari Zal arhiv 640x449

Get to Know Sailing Club Žal, Oldest Sports Organization on Murter

Daniela Rogulj

How much do you know about the oldest sports organization on Murter? 

heike-kornati-charter (2).JPG

Croatia’s Foreign Entrepreneurs: Heike, from Germany to Tisno on Murter

Total Croatia News

January 17, 2018 – Continuing our look at the foreign entrepreneurs trying to make it in Croatia, meet Heike from ...


Stunning New Beach to Get Built in Tisno (Photos)

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Croatia has plenty of gorgeous beaches all over the coast, but the competition is about to get even tougher


Adriatic Classics With a Twist: Gourmet Wonders at Hotel Borovnik in Tisno, Murter

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The latest Gastronaut trip took a merry crowd of restaurateurs, foodies and travel journalists to Murter island for three days ...

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Connecting Islands: The Fascinating Story of Tisno Bridge, Murter

Total Croatia News

November 11, 2017 – One tiny bridge connects the island of Murter to the world. It has had a rather ...

Destination Music: A Look at the Festivals You Can Attend from Split in No Time

Daniela Rogulj

We’ve just passed the mid-June mark which means one significant thing: music festival season is upon us. 

Traveling to a Music Festival from Split this Summer?

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Let Solo Transfers take you there!