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Meet Croatia’s Female Entrepreneurs: Jelena Bikić and Silvan Cosmetics

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December the 11th, 2018 – Continuing our look at some of Croatia’s female entrepreneurs, Meet Jelena Bikić from Split and get ...

The Grass is Always Greener? Split Woman Returns to Croatia from Ireland, Explains Why

Lauren Simmonds

With endless stories about people packing up and leaving Croatia behind for more economically promising climes, just how green is ...

Split Student Devises Instrument to Measure Sea Wave Pressure

Lauren Simmonds

More Croatian innovation, this time directly from a student in the Dalmatian capital.

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Winter is Also Sailing Season in Split

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The Split Sailing Training League was started four years ago to offer sailing out of the main season in a ...

Why has Construction of Split’s Westgate Stopped?

Lauren Simmonds

A rather large spanner in the works for Split’s Westgate.

Zenta Club Usurpation Sparks Protest

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“We hope this protest will entice state institutions to uphold court decisions and do their duty.”

Persuade on Purpose: Improve Your Presentation Skills – Find Out How in Split!

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Need a hand in persuading someone? Head to Split for some tips!


Maduro Cocktail Bar; A World of Gin to Discover

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Shaken or stirred, however you like it – Maduro, a specialized gin cocktail bar, is serving it up in style ...

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Dear Tourists, You are Queuing in the Wrong Lane

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A faster way to purchase your ferry tickets on the day.

Video: Blast from the Past; Dugi Rat Beach in the 90’s

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Now, here is a true blast from the past, Dugi Rat TV with reporter – Nikola Lozić, filming on the ...

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