Exhibition of Folk Costumes from Mljet, Konavle and Dubrovnik Primorje in New York!

Lauren Simmonds

A touch of Southern Dalmatia across the Atlantic in the Big Apple.

Thread of Life: Wool Festival on Cres Island

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Among all things Cres island is known for, the most likeable feature must surely be its sheep. They roam around ...


Vinkovci Autumns: Incredible Heritage of Slavonia (Photos)

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The 52nd edition of the largest folk festival in Slavonia brought a smile to everyone’s faces

Local Klapa to Sing in Streets of Dubrovnik Once Again!

Lauren Simmonds

Five Dubrovnik Klapa groups will enchant both visitors and locals to our city.

Celebration of 50 Years of KUD Cilipi!

Lauren Simmonds

Cilipi is unfortunately best known nowadays for being the namesake of Dubrovnik Airport, but there is so much more to ...

Longtime Fair of Traditional Products is Coming to Dubrovnik!

Lauren Simmonds

Love local products made with love? Look no further than Dubrovnik this June!

Linđo Participates in Celebrating Vukovar City Day

Lauren Simmonds

The two cities, located at opposite ends of the country from one another have a lot in common, in both ...


Istrian de Dignan: How to Turn Local Tradition Into a Tourist Attraction

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What happens when a whole town becomes a heritage museum of sorts? Good things happen.