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Traditional Festivities in Slavonia – Unmissable Events

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When reviewing the list of festivities in Croatia, a tourist or even a Croatian citizen, is shocked by the variety ...

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Moslavina Magic: Croatian Folklore Comes to Life in New Nina Kraljic Music Video

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Singer Nina Kraljić released a cover of an old Croatian folk song originating from the Moslavina region. Titled ‘Lijepo pjeva ...

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Richness of Traditional Croatian Christmas Songs In One Spotify Playlist

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December 21, 2020 – Among many other things, Croatia can also be proud of its Christmas music tradition. For the ...

Dalmatian Students to Uphold Klapa Traditions in Zagreb

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Far from the calm yet rugged shores of Dalmatia in the Croatian capital of Zagreb, Dalmatian students are set to ...

Šibenik Klapa Impresses European Parliament

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Brussels gets to hear the sounds of Šibenik.

Šibenik Students Sing in Brussels!

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The Belgian capital gets a taste of Dalmatia.

Local Klapa to Sing in Streets of Dubrovnik Once Again!

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Five Dubrovnik Klapa groups will enchant both visitors and locals to our city.

Traditional Female Music Festival in Vrpolje Tonight

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Although the traditional dalmatian klapa singing was mostly reserved to men in the past, women had their own way of ...