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Croatia Snow Saga Continues: Roads Still Closed, Winter Equipment a Must

Katarina Anđelković

For trucks with trailers and semi-trailers, there is currently no passable road from the interior to Dalmatia, Rijeka or Istria ...

Driving in Zagreb: Traffic Chaos to Follow Roundabout Closure?

Lauren Simmonds

Driving in Zagreb comes with both ease and difficulties, unlike the along the coast, the time of year rarely causes ...

Zagreb is Choking

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Not that long ago, Zagreb was two towns. Gradec, the place of gentry, and Kaptol, where the bishops ruled. They had their ...

Busy Weekend – 12.5 km Long Queue at Entrance to Zagreb in Lučko

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Croatia is set for a weekend of traffic chaos

Chaos begins! 14km long queue at entrance to Zagreb

Lauren Simmonds

How do you know when summer has arrived? Cars usually tell you it has before the sun gets a chance…

Traffic chaos in Dubrovnik: Who is to blame?

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March 31, 2017 From the very early morning nervous drivers were stranded in a 2 km long tailback on the ...