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Vanja Juric Says Court Ban Issued to Portal Needs Thorough Investigation

Lauren Simmonds

As Index writes, Vanja Juric, who is currently representing the H-Alter portal (which is the target of the court ban) and ...


Lawyer Vanja Juric: Court Ban on Writing about Someone Has Never Been Seen Before

Lauren Simmonds

As Index writes, after the court made a scandalous decision that the H-alter portal and journalist Jelena Jindra are no longer ...


Croatian Media Compares Paul Bradbury Lawsuit to Kafka’s ‘The Trial’

Lauren Simmonds

As Express/Emir Imamovic Pirke writes, had Franz Kafka been born exactly 100 years later, and not in 1883, and if ...

Croatian National Tourist Board Sues TCN: Lawsuit 2 (50,000 Kuna)

Lauren Simmonds

(Please note that I have decided not to republish the meme in question, as the case is ongoing, but you ...

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Vanja Juric: ‘Hate Speech is Consequence of Frustration, Poverty, Insufficient Education’

Total Croatia News

October 29, 2020 – Leading Croatian lawyer Vanja Juric is interviewed on N1 on the subject of hate speech in ...