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Croatian Traditional Jewellery: Istria’s Medieval Earrings, Rediscovered

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Our ancestors seem to have loved shiny things as much as we did: traditional garb in all parts of Croatia ...

Zminj Entrepreneur Opens “Drive in” Coffee Tent – Concept Not Permitted

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December the 3rd, 2020 – The current restrictions have placed a strain on all those out there missing sitting down ...

Istria: Koreans Interested in Culture and Tourism Cooperation

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As Glas Istre/Andjelo Dagostin/Gordana Calic Sverko writes on the 3rd of June, 2019, last week, a visit of foreign delegations ...

Istrian Easter Bread Pinca Going for Guinness Record!

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The acclaimed manifestation in Žminj might end up breaking a record this year

Žminj Tourist Board Takes Away ‘Simply the Best’ Award for 2017

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The Istrian gem gets deserved praise for three beloved manifestations

Good Tourist Results for Central Istria

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A very good year for tourism in Croatia, including Central Istria.