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A name that is distinctive for value for money. I fancy that Vuina has opted to grow Crljenak sort. I like that his 2011 harvest has finally confirmed the potential of the Kaštela-Trogir vineyards. And the wines aren’t bad either 🙂

Vuina, Plavac Štafileo, 2011
Price: 52,70 kn
Pine needles, dry figs and carob… all very characteristic and desirable for a Plavac, with a cold body, also very different from hot, stuffed Plavac variations. The true Plavac, still full of character, just less stuffed than those “pretentious” ones. Instead of being tough to drink, it goes down with ease. Quick in the palate, sliding down the tongue, but also durable and specific.
It is clear this is an accessible wine, a drinkable Plavac that doesn’t suffer from the trap of concentration or overripeness. Although it seems very developed. Nor is it overly bitter. The tannins are dry, but don’t pressure the mouth so. Alcohols reasonable, at 14.3%.
Some sensations reminiscent of raspberries !? linger after. A certain feeling of overdone coming in at the third sip is hte only rigorous reason why I haven’t officially recommended this wine at this price, but the 2008 Vuina is value for money and depending on the harvest, recommendation material.

Vuina, Babica Štafileo, 2011
Price: 46,70 kn
Flowery-fruity, yet full of skin… softly volatile, beautiful nose. Dalmatia…
Spicy leathery sour cherry. After the first sip – recommendation.
Rustic harmony. Body that feels convincing on the palate. Very digestible acids, soft tannins, special aromas of the Trogir vineyards with 12.5% alcohol and has plenty of body and drinkable dryness, along with the delicate mineral on the palate represents… splendour.

Vuina, Plavac Štafileo barrique, 2010
Price: 110 kn
Decanted for an hour and a half. The warmth of the sun in the nose… fruits seem convincing, not too ripe, not too extracted, seems like good material although the 2010 Plavac and Babica did not have the same credibility as the exceptional harvest of 2008.
Sweet tannins stay in the palate. Quick sip and after to the belly. I like that it doesn’t have a significant weight not liveliness corrected with acids. In any case, this is a convincing drink despite the often stigmatised harvest. Sip by sip and tannins build up. Bitterness. Hardness. Doesn’t fade even two days after opening.
The robustness of the Plavac is its main distinction. But, the flow it gets after enough air exposure defies the stereotype. A refreshing freshness, as a drinkable spite…

Vuina, Crljenak Štafileo, Zinfandel, 2011
Price: 124,98 kn
Naturally, when we learned the Vuina wines are priced in two digits, any departure from that seems brazenly expensive, but comparing Zinfandel, Tribidrag aka Crljenak, it does not stand apart from them, in fact it is among the more affordable.
It stands out by the impression it leaves. An accented dry and very extracted wine, but without the bitterness expected from a Plavac. The fruit is dark and deep, nearly leathery, in tune with some serious aroma sensations, while the tannins are tiny and build up only after a long time with the bottle.
After just an hour and a half of decanting, the wine is still too closed. It only shows the dark fruit and wood concentration with a lot of warmth. It took three hours for it work as it should.
Good acids that make me drool. Somewhat salty like the sea, as a fresh shell and wind on a salty face… even slightly animal in the nose. A collectioner’s bottle that could impress even more after aging in the bottle.

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