5 Delicious Food Pairings with Croatian Blaufrankisch

Valentina Silović

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March 26, 2024 – As Wine & More writes, discovering the perfect food pairings with Croatian Blaufränkisch wine is an adventure worth exploring. This article introduces you to the world of Blaufränkisch, a unique and flavorful wine known for its earthy minerality and balanced structure.

Blaufrankisch Tasting notes

Blaufränkisch wine usually expresses rich berry flavors, with ripe cherries and blackberry notes. Its aroma often has hints of dark berries and sometimes pepper—great wine for people who like a certain level of complexity.

Croatia has a long tradition of growing Blaufränkisch. In Slavonia, a distinguished Croatian wine region, Blaufrankisch is the most widespread red variety. Here it is called Frankovka, and in certain locations achieves exceptional results.

Top Food Pairing With Croatian Blaufrankisch

Blaufränkisch pairs well with spicy dishes or roasted meats because it’s versatile. Its not-too-strong tannins wrap around food flavors, making the meal and the drinking experience more enjoyable. Explore a range of delicious pairings for Blaufränkisch. From hearty goulash to lamb dishes, each dish is chosen to complement the wine’s diverse flavors.

We’ve included unconventional matches like creamy sauces that enhance its berry fruit notes. Enjoy Blaufränkisch at the perfect temperature in a large Burgundy glass for maximum flavor.

Hearty Goulash with Blaufränkisch

Pairing Blaufränkisch wine with a rich, hearty goulash makes for an unforgettable dining experience. This classic combo brings out the wine’s mineral spiciness and fine acidity, perfectly complementing the bold flavors of goulash.

The spicy paprika notes in the dish perfectly match the vibrant berry fruit aromas of Blaufränkisch, creating a harmonious blend that enhances both the food and the wine.

Blaufränkisch also pairs exceptionally well with goulash ingredients like onions and seared meat. Its acidity balances the richness of dark sauces while amplifying the flavors of dishes like onion roast or pink roasted duck breast.

This pairing showcases the versatility of Blaufränkisch but also highlights how the right wine can improve the taste of traditional dishes.

Recommended wine for pairing with fish paprikash: Martin Albus Frankovka (Blaufränkisch).

Perfect Match: Lamb Dishes and Blaufränkisch

Austrian winemakers love pairing Blaufränkisch with lamb, and for good reason. The rich lamb flavors complement the tannins and acidity in Blaufränkisch, creating a balanced blend that makes every bite delightful.

Blaufränkisch’s bold profile, with its dark fruit notes and a hint of spice, is perfect for grilled or roasted lamb dishes. Serving it at the right temperature and letting it age in the bottle a bit can turn an ordinary meal into something extraordinary.

Experts recommend using large glasses to serve Blaufränkisch, allowing its aromas to develop fully. Whether you’re cooking a simple grilled lamb chop or a fancy herb-seasoned roast, pairing it with Blaufränkisch guarantees a memorable dining experience.

This combination isn’t just delicious; it also brings out the best in both the wine and the dish, making them shine together.

Perfect Match: Bratwurst and Blaufränkisch

Pairing bratwurst with Blaufrankisch is a winning combination. The wine’s mineral spiciness and fine acidity perfectly complement the smoky flavors of grilled or barbecued bratwurst.

This pairing elevates a simple meal into an Austrian culinary experience, showcasing how food and wine can create art on the dining table.

Blaufrankisch’s versatility shines when paired with smoked sausages, enhancing their inherent umami taste. Its ability to harmonize with slightly acidic components makes it a top choice for enjoying alongside meals that may challenge less flexible wines.

This combination invites enthusiasts to explore the refined complexities of Blaufränkisch and đ grilled meats like bratwurst, promising a delightful culinary journey.

Classic Pairing: Fish Paprikash and Blaufränkisch

Pairing fish paprikash with Croatian Blaufränkisch (Frankovka) wine creates a culinary experience that celebrates Croatia’s flavors and traditions. Here’s why fish paprikash is a perfect match with Croatian Blaufränkisch (Frankovka) wine:

  1. Complementary Flavors: Fish paprikash, a traditional Croatian dish made with sweetwater fish stewed in a rich paprika-infused sauce, offers intense flavors. The paprika adds depth and warmth without overpowering the fish’s subtle taste. Blaufränkisch wine, with its moderate body and tannin structure, complements these flavors without overshadowing them.
  2. Acidity Balance: Blaufränkisch wine typically has a balanced acidity level, which helps cut through the richness of the paprikash sauce. This acidity refreshes the palate between bites, enhancing the overall dining experience.
  3. Local Pairing: Frankovka wine, being Croatian Blaufränkisch, naturally pairs well with traditional Croatian cuisine like fish paprikash. This regional connection adds authenticity and enhances the dining experience.
  4. Texture Harmony: The smooth texture of Blaufränkisch wine blends well with the tender fish in the paprikash dish. This harmony creates a pleasant mouthfeel, allowing both the food and wine to shine.
  5. Cultural Context: In Croatian culture, food and wine have deep connections, and certain pairings have been perfected over generations. Blaufränkisch wine has been enjoyed with various Croatian dishes for centuries, reflecting the culinary heritage.

Recommended wine for pairing with fish paprikash: Martin Albus Frankovka (Blaufrankisch).

Unique Pairing: Creamy Sauces and Blaufränkisch

Transitioning from rustic flavors, we discover a refined yet intriguing combination. Creamy sauces and Blaufränkisch wine create a harmonious match, blending rich textures with the wine’s vibrant freshness. Picture enjoying beef in root cream sauce or bread dumplings in creamy goodness, complemented by a glass of Croatian Blaufränkisch .

This pairing showcases how Blaufrankisch’s robust character enhances creamy dishes without overpowering them. The wine’s balanced tannins and subtle spice notes complement creamy recipes. This unique combination invites fans of hearty meals and complex wines to explore beyond traditional pairings.

Consider dishes like Mushroom Stroganoff, Creamy Tomato Basil Pasta, Creamy Garlic Shrimp, or Lobster Bisque for a rewarding experience. Blaufränkisch pairs well with creamy tomato basil sauce, as its structure cuts through richness while the tanginess of tomatoes complements its acidity, and basil adds herbal nuances to enhance the flavor.

Recommended wine for most creamy sauce dishes: Martin Albus Frankovka (Blaufränkisch).


Discovering the perfect food pairings for Blaufränkisch opens a world of culinary delights. From the robust flavors of hearty goulash to the refined taste of lamb dishes, these combinations showcase the versatility and depth of this exquisite wine.

Have you thought about which pairing to try first at your next dinner party? The impact on your dining experience promises to be significant, transforming ordinary meals into memorable feasts.

NOTE: The article was originally written at wineandmore.com


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