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The Mohor store presented their new acquisition. It’s the prestigious brand Patron, available for the first time in Croatia.

The media reps were addressed by Luca Cardillo, brand ambassador of Patron Spirit International.


Since most of the journalists present are more adept to wine stories, it was all a slightly new experience for all.


We tasted five drinks by Patron Spirit International and I was most most impressed by the Pyrat rum, a new discovery, but let’s start from the top:

The Patron company was formed in 1989 when two visionaries, John Paul deJoria and Martin Crowley founded Patron Spirits with one vision: making the best tequila in the world. Combining traditional techniques with modern ones they created world’s first ultra premium tequila. Today they have 12 distilleries with 1300 employees, using the same recipe by main distiller, Francisco Alcaraz, for years. The production process begins with 100% Weber blue agave, from the primary growth region of Jalisco Mexico, characterized by devotion to a high quality of handiwork. Today Patron is a well known world luxury brand in this category. Its simplicity, style and elegance pushes sales and has gained numerous awards and is available in over 140 countries.


One of the most fun moments of the presentation was certainly when our presenter asked all present if they can sense the specific scent of blue agave. It’s probably clear that almost no one knows what an agave smells like, let alone a blue one. Tequila, a drink not commonly present in Croatia, is hard to compare, but between a regular tequila and an aged one, I prefer the latter. The coffee liqueur, although quite good, is not in the top of my list. The vodka is classic, lovely, drinkable, but the rum… The rum is pure sensation. I expected something with much stronger scent, lots more alcohol, robust and strong and what I got was a refined, excellent drink with pronounced aromas of oak with a note of orange, tasting a bit of vanilla, rich yellow colored in a glass.


Patron Spirit International is a leading alcoholic drink brand. They invest plenty in marketing. What one notices first is the design of each drink, the bottle itself. Perfectly derived design with attention to the smallest details. The attention they commit to their products is seen in the fact that all bottles have cork plugs, made from the best Portuguese cork. As we know that cork can give the drink a smell due to bacteria developing in the cork, each Patron bottle has a numerated, hand written mark, the producers are saying: “You drink the best products If you find a bottle with a fault, let us know the number and we’ll replace it.”


People who use Patron drinks not only drink excellent products, but show they know what they want and have high standards. We can freely say this line falls into a category we call status symbols. It all comes with a higher cost, but for this quality it’s not too high.

We thank our hosts for the effort of placing us in line with the world by importing such drinks.


Before a short list of tasted drinks, my recommendation: Pyrat rum, a good Cuban cigar and a sunset, on Korčula or Hvar.


Recently available on the Croatian market are:


Patron Silver tequila


A perfect ultra premium white alcoholic drink. Patron Silver tequila is produced from finest 100% Weber blue agave. Handcrafted in small series. Refined and soft making it suitable for mixing in cocktails. Each bottle is hand made from recycled glass and numbered. The bright, crystal clear tequila with an aroma of fresh agave and a hint of citrus fruit is a favorite drink to all tequila experts around the world, mixing flawlessly in most cocktails.


Patron Aneja tequila


A delicate mix of unique aged tequila. Aged in small white oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months. Same as in wine production each harvest of Patron Aneja is carefully incorporated to create a soft and recognizable tequila taste. Bottles are hand numbered and made from recycled glass.


XO Cafe tequila


XO Cafe is an extraordinary splice of ultra premium Patron Silver tequila and the pure natural essence of superior coffee originating from two Mexican provinces, Veracruz and Chiapas. A dry, but not sweet taste as most low profile coffee liqueurs. Patron XO Cafe is excellent as a superior ingredient in cocktails or simply as a tasty sauce for desserts.


Pyrat XO Reserve rum  


Ultra premium Pyrat XO Reserve rum is a complex yet light splice of selected aged rums produced in the Caribbean. Pyrat is a master mix combined to be elegant, refined and tasty. Pyrat XO Reserve boasts a rich yellow color and oak aroma. Its taste is a complex mix of oak, vanilla, orange and light sugar cane.


Ultimat vodka


Ultimat vodka is one of the most particular vodkas in the world. Produced in the homeland of vodka – Poland. Ultimat is the only vodka distilled from both grains (wheat and rye) and potato with a deviation from traditional manufacturing process that uses only one grain type. The result of such a process is a subtle taste, refined texture and rich complexity unusual for vodkas. Ultimat vodka comes in cobalt blue crystal bottles.


Original article in Croatian here


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