Sinj Tourist Board Announces Active Autumn in Cetina Region

Daniela Rogulj

Monika Vrgoc
Monika Vrgoc

Monika Vrgoc

October 14, 2020 – A look at the many reasons why you should visit Sinj and the Cetina region this autumn! 

The mountain beauties of the Cetina region are dressed shyly and imperceptibly in their magical autumn attire. The glades and forests of Kamešnica, Svilaja, Visoka, and Dinara shine with colors with which only untouched nature can paint on its canvas. Rich, ripe fruits turn golden and yellow at every step, offering their sweet nectar to the palate of casual travelers.

Let’s leave the screens and virtual worlds, let ourselves be calmed by the autumn twilight by walking on one of the many arranged hiking trails in Sinj and its surroundings. The mysterious forest flora and fauna will reward the visitor with magnificent vistas and magical microcosms and provide connoisseurs with a delicious and healing winter from this unique garden of God.

Ivan Alebić (34).jpg

Ivan Alebic

Cycling enthusiasts are not deprived of their passion either: the cycling trails of the Cetina region lead through the most interesting landscapes and views, telling stories from the region’s history along the way and unobtrusively. Across the bridges of our karst queen Cetina, to the ancient Roman remains, old mills, churches, and picturesque hamlets where time seems to stand still – it will surely make you come back.

Monika Vrgoč (162).jpg

Monika Vrgoc

And the fact that Sinj does not carry the epithet of the Alka town in vain is proved by the deep connection with riding and horse breeding. Touring the surroundings in the saddle of these noble animals is a special experience. The rider and the horse become an inseparable whole while discovering new beauties with a light, soothing trot or a lively gallop.

Water is the source of life – the clear and lively Cetina dominates its area from the source at the foot of the Dinara to the mouth of the Omis. With its tributaries, it has woven a network among fertile, green fields that it feeds with its drinkability and the local population that swears that there is no “sweeter” water anywhere. Sometimes calm as oil, sometimes elusive and alive – it is best to know her by kayaking or canoeing.

Monika Vrgoč CA 2019 (9).JPG

Monika Vrgoc

For those more impatient and eager for adrenaline, driving quad vehicles brings you kilometers of unrestrained off-road pleasure, macadam, and wind in your hair – it’s hard to resist and not come back again.

Maybe we shouldn’t indulge too much in the modern saying: “If it’s not on social networks, it hasn’t happened,” but we definitely recommend taking a camera on trips and research. The images that will be in front of your eyes deserve light-eyed immortalization. The opportunities for photo safaris are countless; let yourself wander through the lens.


And when the miles take a toll on sweet fatigue, it’s time to quench your hunger and thirst with local delicacies. It is not a cliché to say that no one left Sinj hungry – the hospitable hosts and their gastronomic offer are unmatched. From homemade fry bread, cheese and prosciutto for appetizers, to meat specialties prepared traditionally under the bell, unsurpassed Sinj arambašići, pasticada, trout, frogs and crabs, to sweet fritters, crostuli, and rafioli, all topped with a drop of local Croatian wine – the people of Sinj have something for every taste.

Monika Vrgoč Staza (5).JPG 

Spiritual strengthening will bring a pilgrimage to Our Miraculous Lady of Sinj. As one of the largest Croatian Mary shrines, Sinj attracts many pilgrims throughout the year, but it is especially worth mentioning the Path to Our Lady of Sinj, a marked pilgrimage route through picturesque areas with rich historical heritage. On a spiritual journey to the heavenly mother, the pilgrim passes by the remains of old paths and bridges, forts, tombstones, sacral buildings, and museums.



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