TCN Pocket Dictionary: Croatian Phrases for Travelers

Katarina Anđelković

croatian phrases for travelers
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October 27, 2023 – Welcome to the second part of the TCN Pocket Dictionary! We covered some essential Croatian greetings and everyday phrases to make your stay in this beautiful country more enjoyable. Now, it’s time to delve deeper into the language and arm you with more helpful expressions for your adventures in Croatia. Search no further for your handy list of Croatian phrases for travelers.

Finding Your Way

As you explore Croatia, you’ll want to be equipped with phrases to help you find your way around, interact with locals, and navigate the country’s incredible destinations. Here are some indispensable phrases for your travel toolkit:

Safe travels! – Sretan put! (sreh-tahn poot)

*the Croatian language follows a gender system, and verbs have male (m) and female (f) equivalents.

Where is…? – Gdje je…? (gdyeh yeh)

Bus – autobus (ow-toh-boos)

Train – vlak (vlack)

How far is…? – Koliko je daleko…? (koh-lee-koh ye dah-le-koh…?)

I need transport. – Trebam prijevoz. (treh-bahm pree-yeh-vohz)

I need a taxi, please. – Trebam taxi, molim. (treh-bahm tahk-see, moh-leem)

I’m lost. – Izgubio (m)/izgubila (f) sam se. (eez-goo-byoh/la sahm seh)

Can you help me? Možete li mi pomoći? (moh-zheh-teh lee mee poh-moh-chee?)

What is this called? – Kako se ovo zove? (kah-koh seh oh-voh zoh-veh)

If you are feeling confident, you can ask for more specific directions:

Can you recommend a good hotel? – Možete li preporučiti dobar hotel? (moh-zheh-teh lee preh-poh-roo-chee-tee doh-bahr hoh-tehl)

Where is the nearest restaurant? – Gdje je najbliži restoran? (gdyeh yeh nyeye-blee-zhee rehs-toh-rahn)

Club – klub (kloob)

Bar – kafić (kah-feech)

Bakery – pekara (peh-kah-ra)

Shop – trgovina (trh-goh-vee-na)

Pharmacy – ljekarna (lyeh-kahr-na)

Pexels / Azra Tuba Demir

At a Restaurant or Shop

I would like to order… – Želio (m) /željela (f) bih naručiti… (zhel-yoh/zhel-yeh-lah bee nah-roo-chee-tee)

Can I have…? – Mogu li dobiti…? (moh-goo lee doh-bee-tee)

That is all, thank you. – To je sve, hvala. (toh yeh sveh, hva-lah)

Can I have the menu? – Mogu li dobiti jelovnik? (moh-goo lee doh-bee-tee yeh-lov-neek)

The bill, please. – Račun, molim. (rah-choon, moh-leem)

Cash – gotovina (goh-toh-vee-na)

I will pay by card, please. – Platiti ću karticom, molim. (plah-tee-tee chu car-tee-tsom, moh-leem)

Where is the bathroom? – Gdje je WC? (gdyeh yeh vee-seh)

Armed with these useful Croatian phrases for travelers, you’ll be well-prepared for your journey through this stunning country. Stay tuned for volume 3, where we’ll provide even more useful Croatian expressions to enhance your travel experience. Sretan put!


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