Dubrovnik is One of the Best Places for Solo Female Travel

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It happens that people who never experienced travelling alone often change their mind quickly and end up describing their first trip almost as a pilgrimage experience: it enables you to move away from your comfort zone, from your friends and family who have known you for ages and somehow, you get a unique opportunity to create a complete new identity, a new “you”. While I was backpacking back in my student days, I once met a man who told me that you’ll only understand what matters the most to you when you have to present yourself to a complete stranger far away from home. The things you mention first, the description you provide about yourself… These things present the very essence of you.
I did not agree with him completely since I would not tell a complete stranger some secret things that matter to me, but not once did I think of him when I was introducing myself to others.

In recent years, the topic of women travelling alone emerged as the millennial generation completely occupied social media platforms with travel photos of places we never even knew existed. But with the travel tips and glossy photos, a special category emerged amongst it all: women who travel alone. It is no secret that there are places in the world where women have to be on alert, but what is the case with Dubrovnik?

The Travel+ Leisure site unveils the tricks of travelling to some famous destinations, but this time their focus is on women. The journalist Rachel Chang emphasises the fact that solo travel enables you to immerse yourself into the community and to stumble upon those moments of international connection organically, on your own.
But how does a woman immerse herself in the community, how hard is it and are there any special rules she would need to obey?
We found Dubrovnik on Travel+Leisure’s list, among the other popular destinations such as Barcelona, Seattle, Munich, Salzburg, Taipei, Melbourne, Stockholm, London, Okinawa and others.
When it comes to Dubrovnik and women travelling alone here, the numbers are in our favour. Croatia’s exceptionally low crime rate is a special draw for tourists, with Dubrovnik being high on the list among the safest cities in Croatia. The author did not miss the opportunity to describe the feeling of being in a medieval city and appreciating its mesmerising walls, stone streets, artisanal shops and local eateries with a special emphasis placed on Banje beach, situated just a few minutes walk from the Old Town.


Being a local in Dubrovnik, I can definitely confirm all the aforementioned statements about Dubrovnik. Never in my life have I felt more safe than in my own hometown, not just because I know the name and the history of every street in Dubrovnik, but because it just never struck me as a remotely dangerous city. As my good friend would sometimes say during the winter when the tourists leave and the city is owned by locals again: “I wish we had some criminal in Dubrovnik, so at least something interesting would happen in the city during the winter!”

Women, book your flights. The most dangerous thing that can happen to you is that you drink one too many cocktails and end up flirting with a Croatian guy… then again, how bad does that sound?

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