Croatian Beach Etiquette 101

Daniela Rogulj

Because we are about a month into our official summer season in Croatia and we assume most of you are spending your time at the beach, we are going to break down some beach do’s and don’ts to make everyone’s beach day all the more enjoyable.


Do make sure you set up shop at the beach about 2 meters away from your closest neighbor. Fortunately our beaches tend to have plenty of room, and if you do find yourself at a beach with none, it does nobody good to be piling up on top of each other anyhow.


Do play away from sunbathers. Bringing your children with you to the beach is more than encouraged, letting your child run wild through plopped down sunbather’s bodies never ends well.


Do remember that wind carries sound. Don’t be the overly loud and obnoxious group at the beach. You’ll notice mostly that the locals in Croatia tend to mind their own business, usually only chatting to catch up with friends they see at the beach. Being that loud, screaming, wreaking havoc group at a busy beach is a recipe for disaster, be respectful.


Do make sure your music isn’t loud. No one told you you can’t bring music to the beach, but make sure your group is the only one that can hear it, not beach goers 50 meters away.



Don’t leave your cigarette butts between the pebbles. Firstly it is littering, secondly they almost always end up in the sea, swimming next to you. Please throw them away.


Don’t leave your bandages on when you go into the water. Unless they are fully secured on, they will always end up the in the sea amongst other swimmers. If this happens, please take them from the water and throw them into the bin.


Don’t go to the bathroom in the sea. There are two reasons we have so many cafe bars and restaurants at the beaches: one is to drink, two is for toilets. Please use them (it’s hygienic).


Don’t go fully nude unless you’re at nudist/naturist beaches. We have plenty of nude beaches to choose from. Be mindful of those around you. Going topless is common throughout Europe and Croatia but be careful on where you choose to do this as well (a beach in front of a church or in a highly religious area may not be the best idea).


We could probably go on forever and nitpick every last detail about beach outings, but what it comes down to is being respectful and doing your duty as a tourist or a local. Please pick up after yourselves, please pick up the trash from the area around you, even if it isn’t yours. Please be a good samaritan.


We are all in this together!


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