Empty Streets in Split – Where to go at 6 am?

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There is something about getting off the bus in Split after a rather long journey and taking a deep breath. Every time I get back to Split after a few days spent travelling to the north, I know, the first breath in Split will be special. I am not noticing it normally, but when I get back like this, I can tell, how the air in Split smells so different – so warm and welcoming.
split morning1
(photos: Tomi Zupan)
We got to Split early. At 5:30, to be specific. Having to wait for the first ferry to Stari Grad until 8:30 and with the only cafe, which was open at this hour to be the one at the bus station, where smoking is allowed, we decided to take a walk through the city. Not many people out there at 6 am, but not everyone is sleeping. Supplies are being unloaded and the city is being cleaned.
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The city is beautiful, day or night. summer or winter. Empty streets are a bit strange, but then again, it is like having the city to ourselves this way. I was curious to see, if any of the cafes opens at 6 am on Riva and I was surprised to find only one serving a few customers at this hour.
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– Let´s walk to the fish market. Maybe it is not too early for fresh fish, –  I thought. Strolling through the empty Marmontova street, we found a few people gathering at the market, just opening the place, preparing for their first customers. They do get up very early.
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We decided to head to the Palace. It was too dark to even take pictures at Peristil and after a few beautiful shoots at the “Ispod Ure” Squre, we decided to have our first coffee and a warm tea in a cafe sitting outside (again, that smoking thing). February, at 6:30, we were not the only ones to sit outside for a coffee in Split.
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I left my husband and our daughter at the cafe and went to the only place in Split, where coming at 6:30 is not too early. The Split Green Market. Plenty of life there at this hour. From flowers to meat, everything was already waiting for me. I got what I needed for the quick lunch I wanted to make once, we are back home.
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In the meantime, Split got even more beautiful as the sun was above to come out. We watched a ferry leaving the harbour and waited for ours to come. Split was fully awake by the time the first rays of light reached the Diocletian´s Palace. Another beautiful days in Split was above to start.
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Thank you Split for showing us your early morning face,

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