Have You Tried the Best Sirnica in Split?

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Have you chosen your favorite sirnica in the city yet?

We have finally reached sirnica season here in Split – and we think that the new spring season is reason enough to dust off our sweet tooths from the winter to dig into this sacred Easter bread. 

Now, we know you can get sirnica in Split mostly throughout the year, but as soon as March hits, bakeries, markets, one-stop-shops, and the kitchen windows of every household have the sweet and sour smell of sirnica seeping through their window panes and onto the Split streets. We’re not complaining. 

For those of you unfamiliar with our delicious Easter bread tradition, sirnica usually consists of eggs, yeast, milk, sugar, flour, butter, lemon and orange zest, and is usually dusted with sugar. It is a treat that could be had with your morning coffee, or eaten at the end of your meal for dessert – and now that we think of it, there is never really a wrong time to enjoy sirnica; therefore, you have our full permission to indulge. 

With all of this sirnica talk, one would imagine that there must be so many varieties available to try in the city of Split, how could one ever choose a favorite? While it all comes down to your tastebuds and if you favor sweetness over bold citrus notes, we have been told to try the sirnica from one small Split bakery in particular – Mrvu Slađe. 

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“It is the best in Split!” one friend said to me over the weekend, and to convince me even further, Dalmatinski Portal also wrote that the sirnica from Mrvu Slađe was crowned the best in Split just a few days ago. 

With our curious and tempted taste buds, we knew where we had to go next. 

Mrvu Slađe is a small bakery located across from HNK with a more than impressive sirnica offer. Here, visitors could settle their sirnica cravings with a classic version, a chocolate combination (this was a first), or a braided Easter bread stuffed with candied fruits. 

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Owner Antonia Stipinović revealed why Mrvu Slađe’s Easter bread has been crowned the best in town. 

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“Our sirnica is flavorful, soft, always fresh and we make them using homegrown eggs and citrus. And, for all of our products, we only use quality butter that makes our sweets last longer, which is energetically and nutritiously more valuable. Customers often buy the chocolate and classic sirnica. As for the braided sirnica with candied fruits, mothers and grandmothers have told me they buy it just as a decoration for their tables – not willing to give it away to anyone at home, let alone have anyone taste it,” Stipinović said for Dalmatinski Portal. 

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Sirnica is not the only hit at Mrvu Slađe.

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Visitors to this bakery can also enjoy freshly made doughnuts which are stuffed with the fillings of your choice, from jams to chocolate and Nutella. There are also a variety of pies, strudels, muffins, cookies, burkes, and pizzettas on offer to ensure there is something for everyone to take home. They even offer healthy options like freshly baked bread made with four types of seeds! 

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If you’re sick and tired of mass-produced bakery goods and are yearning for a small mom and pop shop that bakes fresh daily, without the additives and artificial enhancers, then Mrvu Slađe is Split’s shining star of quality baked goods. 

Mrvu Slađe is located at Trg Gaje Bulata 6. 


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