Time To Kill Before Your Ferry? We Know Just What You Should Do!

Daniela Rogulj

We all know about the pains of traveling: the constant waiting, possible delays, language barriers, and utter exhaustion. In Split, being the port city that it is, we see a lot of transportation done by boats and ferries, taking our tourists to the islands of Hvar, Brač, and Šolta, and to cities such as Trogir and Dubrovnik (just to name a few). We know that timing is everything, and sometimes things don’t always go our way, so we are here to give you some things to do if you’re stuck waiting, wishing, hoping and dreaming for your next form of transportation to depart from the port of Split.

  • Do as Dalmatians do and get a drink! Whether it be a cappuccino or a half liter of local beer, we love to kill time sitting at cafes watching the time pass by. The port is lined with cafes and it is almost certain you can sit at one no more than a minute walk from your next ferry departure. If you have a little more time you can take a walk on the riva and have a drink there, but one thing to know for sure: a cafe in Split will never be out of sight.
  • Our local green market, also known as “pazar” is literally across the street from the docks. We’re sure you’ve heard all of this before, but the pazar is one of our proudest establishments in Split. If you have an early ferry, you’ll be happy to know that that’s when pazar is bustling with people, the vegetables have just been picked and you won’t have any lack of options. As the green market closes in the mid afternoon (usually when the selection is gone) don’t be alarmed! Pazar also has souvenir stands with everything from sunglasses to hats, bags and backpacks to traditional Dalmatian clothing. This part is open all day until late in the evening.
  • Another thing Split does not lack (and we almost have too many of) are bakeries and fast food stands. Surrounding the port there should be about 10, and closer to the pazar and riva you’ll find even more! You can get anything from our traditional homemade burek (phyllo dough stuffed with cheese or meat), hot sandwiches, pastries, tortilla wraps, kebabs, Asian wok, and the list goes on! You’ll never get hungry waiting for your ferry, do not fret on that.
  • Lastly, if you have at least an hour to kill and your bags are light or stowed away in luggage storage (there is one located at the port), you absolutely must take a walk through the center. If you have just a quick layover in Split and do not intend on staying, please get lost (but not so lost that you miss your ferry) in the stone built alleyways, take in the beauty of St. Domnius Cathedral, admire the history in the rich architecture of Diocletian’s Palace, and by all means, enjoy every minute you have.

We trust that you’ll take our advice and make the right decision while waiting for your next departure. We promise any exhaustion, anger, or frustration you may have from traveling will quickly be cured by one of these Dalmatian gifts we give to you.

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