25 Reasons to Visit Jelsa in 2016: 17. Ivan Dolac

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Our list of 25 reasons to visit Jelsa this summer continues with Ivan Dolac, a beautiful little village on the southern side of the island.

To get to Ivan Dolac, you will have to take the charming Pitve-Zavala tunnel (as long as you follow the traffic rules and only enter when a green light is on, you will be on the other side in a matter of minutes, don′t worry).
(photo: Ivana Župan)
To me, the southern side of the island is just prettier. Maybe it is the sun, or the endless sea, but getting out of that tunnel and having the amazing view in front of me is always making me smile. I like to be there and I like to swim there.
ivan dolac1
Ivan Dolac is a popular tourism destination. With such beautiful pebble beaches and a variety of options for renting a place to stay (or camping directly above the beach), this small village turns into a busy holiday centre during the summer months.
ivan dolac2
While all those beach-related activities are the most important ones during the summer (locals call Ivan Dolac “Plaža”, which means the beach), there are countless vineyards going up those steep hills, growing the best grapes for the most delicious wines of PZ Svirče and others.
ivan dolac5
Ivan Dolac is such a beautiful place, which I personally love to visit in September to enjoy those beautiful beaches and the warm sea, catching all those pleasantly warm sun rays up to the last one..
See you there!

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