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Magical landscapes, tradition, lake, marina and beaches in the heart of Dalmatia – Rogoznica.

Welcome to Rogoznica Croatia!

When they call Rogoznica the ‘Heart of Dalmatia’, they’re not wrong. Sitting midway along this stretch of Croatia’s coast, Rogoznica marks its special position in several distinct ways. Among them, the Dragon’s Eye lake, the most sheltered bay and marina in Croatia, the most westerly point of Dalmatia into the Adriatic. Oh, and over 50 kilometres of pristine shoreline and crystal clear seas just in this one place. Let’s take a closer look at some of these unique assets.

5 best things to do in Rogoznica

Koprišće bay, Rogoznica
Koprišće bay © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

1) Find the best beach in Rogoznica for you

Through the pines, waters of Rogoznica
Through the pines, waters of Rogoznica © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

Rogoznica is famed for having a huge 52 kilometres of coastline it calls its own. What’s more, this is not just any old Mediterranean stretch of shore. Within it, you’ll see weathered lighthouses, unique, inland lakes and several islands that are very much a part of everyday life. This coastline winds its way around the most sheltered bay for sail ships in Croatia. Similarly, it encompasses the furthest westerly point of the Dalmatian mainland. It juts out into the sea.

From the shadows, a Rogoznica beach view
From the shadows, a Rogoznica beach view © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

Aside from these heralded, major landmarks, the Rogoznica coast also has many softly spoken spots too. Specifically, its quiet coves, bays and beaches. If you prefer the amenities of a town beach, with ice cream and inflatables nearby, then there are lots of places here for you. Similarly, you’ll find a range of watersport offers around busier beaches. But, if you’re hankering after some peaceful seclusion, then definitely you’re in the right place. In Rogoznica, it’s possible to find a small beach that seems like it’s waiting just for you. If you want to check out a full list of all recommended Rogoznica beaches, then see here.

From beneath the shade of trees, a Rogoznica beach view
From beneath the shade of trees, a Rogoznica beach view © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

2) Sports and recreational activities

Morning breaks over Rogoznica
Morning breaks over Rogoznica boats © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

Without question, sailing is one of the very best things you can do in Rogoznica. The town’s marina is one of the most famous in Croatia, built inside a natural harbour renowned for its safety from the elements. Whether you’ve a small sailboat or a grand yacht, you’re in prime sailing waters here.

Locally centrally in Dalmatia, Rogoznica is perfectly placed to be a base for a sailing holiday. Certainly, it should be on the itinerary of anyone sailing around here. To the immediate north, Kornati islands, Tisno, Šibenik and Primošten. To the south, Trogir and Split. Perfect places to explore while sailing.

Things to do in Rogoznica: Bike trail Jelinjak, 15 km from Rogoznica
As shown above, bike trail Jelinjak, 15 km from Rogoznica © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

You’ll be surprised at just how many bike trails exist around Rogoznica. Extending inland, many pass through quiet villages and involve tackling a slight gradient. Your reward? Incredible panoramas of this particularly thrilling section of coast.

Things to do in Rogoznica: cycling trail Jelinjak
As shown above, bike trail Jelinjak © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

If you want to check out all of the cycling routes around Rogoznica and download trail maps, then look here. And, if you want to rent a bike in Rogoznica, find Tomislav / Suzana at Nova XII ulica 5. Telephone: +385 (0) 98 518 375.

Things to do in Rogoznica: Underwater museum
Sunken shipwreck © Deep Blue Diving.

If you want to go diving or learn diving, then contact Deep Blue Diving. Not only do they offer beginners courses but also diving tours and courses for technical divers.

Sunset in Rogoznica bay
Sunset in Rogoznica bay © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

With such a large number of yachts and sailboats moored here, you might expect to find fishing excursions. Indeed, you can. Anglers of every ability love the challenge of trying to land something big here. Certainly, it’s possible – tuna and Marlin are the prize catches, maybe wild sea bass. If you’re interested in a big game fishing excursion, then go ask at Marina Frapa. Or, try one of the recommended charter companies listed below.

Sports centre Marina Frapa
Things to do in Rogoznica: bowling at Marina Frapa Rogoznica
As shown above, bowling at Marina Frapa Rogoznica.

At the Marina Frapa Rogoznica Sports Centre, you’ll find a bowling alley, gym, pool and a large, outdoor chess set. Also, facilities for playing tennis, squash, table tennis and boules.

Things to do in Rogoznica: Tennis
As shown above, tennis court at Marina Frapa Rogoznica.
Paddleboards, jet ski, fly boards, pedal boats
Things to do in Rogoznica: Flyboarding
As shown above, flyboarding with Water Sports Rogoznica.

If you want to rent a pedal boat, then call Gavun on +385 (0) 99 296 3966. Email: [email protected] or find them on beaches Lozica, Sepurina, Gornji muli. For riding inflatables, fly boards, jet ski hire, wakeboarding and, excursions, find Water Sports Rogoznica on Šepurina beach. Telephone: +385 (0) 977 783 820. If you want to go paddleboarding, then talk with Active Rogoznica. Telephone: +385 (0) 91 544 3216.

Things to do in Rogoznica: Paddle boarding
As shown above, paddle boarding with Active Rogoznica.

3) Get to know the real Rogoznica: Dvornica, Kanica, Podglavica, Stupin-Čeline, Ražanj, Stivašnica, Zatoglav, Zečevo Rogozničko

Dvornica and Kanica
As shown above, Kanica, Dvornica © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

Sitting inland, around 91 metres above the sea, cyclists love to get views of the Adriatic from Dvornica. You’ll find the village 8 km east from Rogoznica, between Zatoglav on the west and Šićenica bay on the east. Significantly, the village has its own bay. Here you’ll find its sister village Kanica with beautiful beaches and lots of water sports. Namely, diving, fishing, water skiing, paddle boats and kayaks.

Podglavica and Stupin-Čeline
Podglavica and Stupin-Čeline
As shown above, Podglavica and Stupin-Čeline © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

You’ll find the old village of Podglavica sitting on a hill, overlooking the sea, around 2 km east-northeast of Rogoznica. However, it’s the newer part of the area, on the coast, that you’ll most likely meet. In fact, this strip of villas, beaches, and apartments is better known as Stupin-Čeline. Actually, these are the names of the two bays belonging to this place. Generally, most tourists don’t head into the old village, preferring to stay by the crystal-clear seas. Even fewer head further back still. But, one good reason you should is to visit Vinarija MI, producers of some of the best local wines.

Vinarija MI
Tasting the wines on the terrace at Vinarija MI.
Ražanj and Stivašnica
Ražanj Rogoznica
As shown above, Ražanj © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

Previously, Ražanj was not much more than a sleepy fishing village. Indeed, even nowadays, outside the tourist season, the place only has a few hundred residents. But, in summer, the population increases dramatically. Today, you’ll find Ražanj full of happy holidaymakers, enjoying beautiful beaches, shallow, clear seas, promenades, and piers.

You’ll here find an incredibly rich and interesting coastline, full of quiet coves and bays. Also, the neighborhoods Ljoljinica, Mezaroca, Stivašnica and Varoš and the Movar hill. From there, you’ll get a fantastic view of Rogoznica, nearby islands, a sea lighthouse. Notably, the Stivašnica area is where you’ll find Cape Planka.

In truth, Ražanj is only just over a kilometre south of Rogoznica. But, you have to head inland on the 15-minute journey if making it by car. Although, in summer, you can instead take the regular boat line.

Small, secluded beach in Ražanj
Small, secluded beach in Ražanj © Rogoznica Tourist Board.
From above, Rogoznica
From above, Rogoznica © Denis Peroš.

Not only is Rogoznica the centre of life in its wider area, but also it is by far the oldest settlement here. Clues in mythological writings suggest people could have lived here during the time of ancient Greece. Certainly, we know there was a town here during the 14th century. Although, in 1518, the whole population went to live on the nearby island, to ensure safety from the Ottomans.

Today Rogoznica consists of the mainland section, Kopača and the verdant islet of Kopara. You’ll find them connected by an artificial embankment. In the inhabited area, traditional Mediterranean houses and a timeless feel. By comparison, much of the islet and facing peninsula are thickly covered by pines.

Kopara © Rogoznica Tourist Board.
As shown above, Zatoglav © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

Perhaps the quietest of all seaside suburbs here, Zatoglav is a small place with excellent villas and apartments. As shown above, the seas are here wonderful, crystal clear. Subsequently, this is a great choice for a family vacation. On the land, it’s only 5 km away from Rogoznica town center, and by the sea less than 1 km (to the east).

Zečevo Rogozničko
Zečevo Rogozničko, Rogoznica
As shown above, Zečevo Rogozničko © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

Domestically immortalized in wartime footage (youtube: Oba dva, oba su pala), most visitors instead know Zečevo Rogozničko as the biggest place here (other than Rogoznica). In fact, it connects directly to Rogoznica on its east, much of it standing immediately northwest of the town.

Both Lozica bay and Peleš are two of its key features, as well as 10 kilometres of coastline. Also, the neighborhoods Lozica, Little Zečevo and Old Zečevo. In particular, you’ll see spectacular views of the islands from the elevated and forest-surrounded Old Zečevo. But, without question, nearby Jaz island (pronounced ‘Yaz’) is the part you won’t forget. In fact, it’s located at a distance of only 50 meters from the mainland. Therefore, you can easily swim there to discover its peaceful, pebble beach and pines.

Lozica in Zečevo Rogozničko © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

4) Reveal secrets of the sea: an aquarium in the streets + an underwater museum

Things to do in Rogoznica: street aquarium
As shown above, Rogoznica street aquarium © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

Go and find the aquarium in the streets. From spring until late autumn these fish live on the streets. Children love to get up close. You’ll not miss the tanks. In particular, at night – they are lit wonderfully and young people sometimes like to congregate here.

Several lighthouses visible from the beach attest to a danger for boats lurking beneath the water surface. Indeed, several boats have sunk nearby after colliding with rocks. In fact, there are so many shipwrecks in the region, some refer to it as an underwater museum. Deep Blue Diving will help you find some of them.

5) Visit Dragon’s Eye Lake

Located on the Gradina peninsula and surrounded by vertical rocks, 4 to 24 meters high, Dragon’s Eye lake is among Rogoznica’s most iconic features. The lake’s surface is about 10,000 m², and the maximum measured depth 15 meters. Long has legend surrounded saltwater lake ‘Zmajevo oko’. Whether you believe it was made by a falling meteor or that, indeed, a dragon used to live here, is your choice.

Certainly, what science tells us is it’s a hydrological and geomorphological phenomenon. An uncommon transiency of its living inhabitants occurs sporadically, in response to biochemical changes in the water. Sea creatures leave the lake and head into the open seas, returning with purified waters. Nowadays, its waters invite daredevil divers and swimmers. In fact, one legend claims that if a couple in love swim together in its waters, they will remain faithful to one another always.

Where to stay in Rogoznica? Hotel, Apartments, Accommodation

From the water, Rogoznica
From the water, Rogoznica © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

Rogoznica Hotels

Marina Frapa Resort
Rogoznica Hotel Otok in Marina Frapa Resort
From the water, Marina Frapa Resort.

Holding two accommodation buildings – one on the island, one on the mainland – Frapa Hotel Resort has beautiful views over the Marina and Rogoznica bay. Open all year and with a wealth of restaurant and bar options of its own, you also get access to the sports centre and two outdoor pools. If you want to see prices for rooms and suites, then look here.

Boutique Hotel Life
Boutique Hotel Life, Rogoznica
As shown above, Boutique Hotel Life, Rogoznica.

Sitting just a few metres back from a small bay and beach in Zečevo, Boutique Hotel Life is a lovely, pampered stay. Well-designed and large rooms, two pools, steam bath, Finnish sauna and massages are just part of the stylish offer.

Hotel Perla
Rogoznica hotel Perla
As shown above, Hotel Perla complex.

A thoroughly modern complex, close to the centre of Rogoznica and comprised of both a hotel and apartment blocks. Just look at that sea! If you want to see more of the Perla resort, then look here.

Apartments and rooms

Ružmarin resort
Rogoznica Hotel: Ružmarin
Balconies overlooking the beach at Ružmarin.

A resort of around 200 double rooms and small apartments, you’ll find each at Ružmarin has a balcony, sea views and access to good facilities. Best of all, the beach is just metres away.

Villa Near the Sea
Lucija's Villa Near the Sea
As shown above, Lucija’s Villa Near the Sea.

Literally, just metres from the brilliant blue waters, Lucija’s Villa Near the Sea is a peaceful escape in the Kanica district. Tastefully decorated and with a delightful kitchen, you can take breakfast or dinner on the outdoor terrace, overlooking the sea. Perfect for families or groups, the villa comfortably accommodates up to 5 or 6 people. Want to holiday with a larger group? Contact Lucija and they can probably arrange a neighbouring villa for the same time.

Click here to book accommodation in Rogoznica on!

Where to eat? Restaurants

With so many family summer homes in the area, self-catering is a big part of mealtimes in Rogoznica. However, you’ll find more than enough restaurant options too. If you want to see a full list of the taverns and restaurants in Rogoznica, then look here.

Top 5 day trips


Did you know there are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites just 35km to your north? Both of them, four impressive fortresses and a Michelin-starred restaurant you’ll find in Šibenik. If you want to learn more, then read everything about Šibenik here.


Riva in Split © Grad Split
Riva in Split. © Grad Split.

Around 50km east is Croatia’s second city. Subsequently, Split is a super easy day trip to make. Certainly, everyone should walk around the city’s Diocletian’s Palace once in their life. In fact, Split’s the perfect big city for a one-day trip. Because there’s so much to do and see, yet you’ll definitely catch a big chunk of it. Specifically, it takes around one hour to travel to Split by car. Maybe a little more by bus. If you want to find out more, then read our guide to the city of Split.

Drniš and Knin

Knin © Ivo Biočina / Croatian National Tourist Board
As shown above, Knin © Ivo Biočina / Croatian National Tourist Board.

Certainly, it’s tough to tear yourself away from the clear seas and shores of Rogoznica. But, if you’re hankering after some authentic, traditional culture, head inland. In Drniš, you can see works by Croatia’s preeminent sculptor, Ivan Meštrović. Or, try Croatia’s most distinct prosciutto. By comparison, Knin is a former royal city of Croatia and has one of Europe’s largest historic fortresses. Also, you’ll there discover seven rivers and their epic waterfalls. If you want to know more, read about Drniš here and Knin here.

Krka National Park

Skradinski But at Krka National Park
Skradinski But at Krka National Park. © John Maxwell / Version13.

A series of wide pools, fed by cascading waterfalls, Krka is one of Croatia’s best National Parks. Actually, the park is just over 40km from Rogoznica. If you want to take a boat to an island monastery or swim beneath waterfalls, then do it at Krka NP. Read all you need to know here.


Barbarellas, Tisno and Murter
As shown above, Barbarellas nightclub.

If you want a break from the blissful peace of perfect Rogoznica, then there’s a great option available. Namely, just 60 kilometres north, is one of the most famous summer music festival sites in Europe. Indeed, some of the most famous international DJs descend on the town of Tisno each summer. Both by day and at night, you can catch them playing by the beach or under the stars. If you want to see what’s on or find out about the island Murter that Tisno half sits on, then read here.

5 things you (maybe) didn’t know about Rogoznica

Church of St. Nicholas

Church of St. Nicholas
As shown above, Church of St. Nicholas © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

Technically dated to the 14th century, some archaeologists and historians believe the Church of St. Nicholas to be older. Once it was the parish church for the ancestors of today’s inhabitants, who emigrated from Bosnia around 1301. They arrived with Franciscans, together fleeing from the invading Ottomans.

Around the church you’ll find an early Croatian cemetery with uncommon markings. Specifically, on Stećci tombstones you’ll see astral symbols and traditional tools depicted. Especially interesting, an inscription in Latin, written in Gothic script and a seven-pointed star. Find it in Lozica bay, northwest of the peninsula Rogoznica, in the part called Staro selo or Vecchia Rogoznica.

Wells of Lemišlja (Bunari iz Lemišlja)

one of the wells of Lemislja near Podorljak
As shown above, one of the wells of Lemislja near Podorljak © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

At Lemišlja near Podorljak and Dvornica- there are two wells, popularly known as “Roman” wells. They have circular shape with diameter of five to six meters, are very deep, and walled by the method of ‘suhozidi’ (dry wall, stone to stone without connecting material).

The two wells are next to each other, surrounded by olive groves and fields and there are a few paths leading to them from different directions.

one of the wells of Lemislja near Podorljak
As shown above, one of the wells of Lemislja near Podorljak © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

According to the old stories, they existed at the time of the ancient Romans, and the water was used for drinking. Wells were a meeting place for local people. Young girls were picking the water, and young men were coming to them for a company. Many of them fall in love at this place. In addition to the well, there is also a large puddle, which was used as a source of water for the livestock.

Bunari iz Lemišlja Roman wells
As shown above, the only map currently available detailing the well’s position. In fact, it was made, and is taken from, a brilliant investigation into the wells by students of the elementary school in Rogoznica. If you want to read their study, then look here © Osnovna škola Rogoznica.

Our Lady of Hope

According to legend, in 1722 John Bogavčić-Tuburko, a fisherman working near Cape Gradina saw a strange light. When he approached the light, he found on the rocks there a picture of Mary, mother of Jesus. He took the picture home and placed it in a trunk. But, it mysteriously returned to the same place on the rocks. So the tale goes, this returning to the rocks was repeated three times. Subsequently, faithful locals decided to build a chapel on the site. In 1776, a ceremony was established around the legend that continues to this day.

Previously, the painting was transported by boat from Gradina to Rogoznica. Thereafter, it was taken to the parish church, after being ceremoniously met by higher local clergy. In truth, the original painting was destroyed in a fire. A replacement, made in Vienna in 1888, was stolen in the 1960s. But, the ceremony continues in the same way it long has. You’ll see it if you’re in Rogoznica on July 2nd. The painting remains in the parish church until the first Sunday after the celebration of Our Lady of Carmela. On this day, a huge procession follows the painting back. Both on land and by sea – swimmers and boats.

As shown above, another procession, that of Our Lady of Help (Gospa od Pomoći), held in late May.

Cape Planka, where climates collide

Church of St. John of Trogir at Punta Planka
Church of St. John of Trogir at Punta Planka © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

Two kilometres south from Rogoznica, near Ražanj, lies Cape Planka. Notably, it’s the most outstretched part of Dalmatia into the Adriatic Sea. Also, it is the midpoint of the north and south Adriatic. Here, different winds and sea currents collide. Sometimes, when you stand here, you can see rain on one side, bright sunshine on the other. Similarly, rough, crashing waves on one hand, calm seas opposite.

Significantly, this feature affects the weather in Rogoznica. For example, summer rainfall here is almost three times less than that in Split, just 60 minutes away. The Ancient Greeks knew this climate phenomenon as Diomede’s Cape. Indeed, it is mentioned in writing as far back as the 3rd century BC.

view from Church of St. John of Trogir
As shown above, view from Church of St. John of Trogir © Rogoznica Tourist Board.
St. John of Trogir and Cape Planka

One of the miracles attributed to Saint John, 11th-century bishop of Trogir, is related to Cape Planka. According to the legend, John walked across the water to save sailors shipwrecked here. Subsequently, a chapel was built here in his memory. Indeed, built in 1324, it still stands today. In fact, it is a nationally protected site of religious heritage. You’ll see it’s now encrusted with minerals left over hundreds of years by crashing waves.

Dolphins love swimming in Rogoznica too

If you’re lucky, you may get to see dolphins swimming in the waters here. Indeed, they love coming here for a swim – just like you. In fact, they’re frequently spotted and sometimes videoed, as below. If you want the best chance to see then, then late summer and autumn is often the best time. Although, in truth, they have been known to come at any time.

Rogoznica Weather

Staro selo Sirkovina
Staro selo Sirkovina © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

The climate in Rogoznica is one of its most important tourist elements. Indeed, within the Rogoznica area there are an average of 2600 hours of sunshine per year. Rogoznica lies at the exact point separating the North and South Adriatic. This is expressed in some specific and near-unique climatological behavior. Specifically, on Cape Planka, where different climate, winds and sea currents meet. If you want to see the weather in Rogoznica today and the weather forecast for the next few days, then look below.

Where is Rogonica Croatia? Map

Rogoznica is located in the southern part of Šibenik-Knin County, Dalmatia, Croatia. The main town itself is in a deep bay that is well protected from the wind, only 34 km away from Šibenik. Although the main settlement is within the bay, the wider Rogoznica area is the part of the Croatian mainland that penetrates furthest into the Adriatic Sea. Specifically, at Ražanj, Dvornica, Jarebinjak, Ložnice, Oglavci, Podglavica, Podorljak, Ražanj, Sapina Doca, Zečevo Rogozničko.

How to get to Rogoznica and get around

Flights, nearest airport to Rogoznica
Flights, passenger plane, airport

At a distance of only 33 kilometres, Split airport is the nearest airport to Rogoznica. The journey time takes around 33 minutes. If you want to learn more about flying to Split airport, then look here.

Road, by car
Motorways. How to get there by car.
© Hrvatske Autoceste.

You’ll find Rogoznica located just off the Croatian D8 road aka Jadranska magistrala. You must take this road to reach all Rogoznica destinations. If you’re travelling from Zadar, Zagreb or anywhere north, then it’s quickest to use the motorway to first reach Šibenik. Thereafter, use the D8. From most places in Dalmatia south of Rogoznica, just take the D8. Unless you’re travelling from Dubrovnik. Under those circumstances, your quickest route is D8 to Ploče, then up to the motorway network. Leave the motorway at Prgomet, then drop down onto the D8.

Looking for a fast, reliable and trouble-free transfer to or from Rogoznica? Contact TC transfer partner Adriatic Transfers for your one-stop solution.

Shades of blue © Rogoznica Tourist Board.
Rent a boat

If you want to rent a powerboat/speedboat or rubber boat, then try Email: [email protected]

Charter a boat or yacht

If you’d prefer to charter something larger, like a yacht, then you’ll find several options locally.

Bantours here. Telephone: +385 22 559 741 / +385 22 642 156. Email: [email protected]

Mennyacht here. Telephone: +385 22 559 975 / +386 41 777 494. Email: [email protected]

Pelsys here. Telephone: +385 (0) 99 496 7426. Email: [email protected]

Marina Frapa
Marina Frapa
As shown above, Marina Frapa © Rogoznica Tourist Board.

Both Rogoznica’s unique weather conditions and its deep bay created perfect conditions to build a marina. Accordingly, they built here one of Croatia’s best. Not only is Marina Frapa one of Croatia’s safest, most sheltered marinas, but also one of the best. In fact, it has been awarded Best Croatian marina no less than 15 times.

Marina Frapa Rogoznica
As shown above, Marina Frapa Rogoznica.

Modern and well equipped, it has 462 fully equipped berths in the sea, 10 piers and 150 berth places on a dry dock. Also, a hotel resort, 4 restaurant options and several bars are attached. If you want to explore Rogoznica for a few days while sailing, then it’s the perfect place to stop. If you want to learn more about Marina Frapa, then look here.

Rogoznica Bus timetables
Bus Šibenik
© Autotransport Šibenik.

If you want to take a bus to go explore Split, Trogir or Šibenik, then you’ll find many. However, most buses don’t actually drop down into the centre of Rogoznica. Instead, they drop off and pick up using the bus stop at the main crossroad at the entrance to the town. Specifically, this coastal road is known as Jadranska magistrala. Bus timetables do have the tendency to change and there are many separate operators. Therefore, call at the local tourist office for the latest details. Or, check here.


If you want to take a taxi, then you’ll find several local operators in the Rogoznica area.

Paleka here, telephone: +385 (0) 91 666 0000
Zeba, telephone: +385 (0) 98 322 022
Trans Karlo, telephone: +385 (0) 98 456 203
Matijević, telephone: +385 (0) 98 132 7509

More information

Pozdrav iz Rogoznice
Pozdrav iz Rogoznice © Rogoznica Tourist Board.
Rogoznica Tourist Board

Address: Obala kneza Domagoja 56, 22203 Rogoznica, Šibenik-Knin County, Croatia
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +385 (0) 22 559 253

Ražanj office of Rogoznica Tourist Board (summer only 15.06 – 15.09)

Working hours: 8:00 – 14:00 (Sunday – closed)
Telephone: +385 (0) 22 555 167

If you want to follow the latest news from Rogoznica and Šibenik-Knin County, then check out Total Croatia News here.


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