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How to get to Split, how to get from Split to the islands, how to get around the town?

Split Croatia Map

Detailed maps of Split, Split historical centre and the suburbs are available for download on the website of Split Tourist Board. Follow this link to access the downloadable .pdf files.

How to get to Split


Airplane is as very popular mode of travelling to Split. Split International Airport Resnik (SPU) handled 3,3 million guests in the year 2019. This made it the second busiest airport in the country. The numbers in the first half of 2021 are far from 2019 because of COVID19 related restrictions. Still, it is the belief of many that Split will soon bounce back to the recent numbers of passengers. Perhaps even increasing those of 2019.

If you are landing in Split airport, you will most probably have no problems making your way around. It is a small airport and easy to navigate. Outside of the arrivals section you will find local taxis and the airport shuttle bus. Shuttle bus will take you to the city’s main bus station. Tickets cost 35kn and are available to purchase online from the operator’s website.

Public buses are also available and they go from a nearby bus stand. Bus lines number 37 (Split – Trogir) and number 38 (Split Airport – Kastel Stari – Split) are both stopping there. You can find the timetable for all the lines here.

In addition to this, all the detailed information about getting to and from Split airport can be found on our dedicated page.

Split Airport

Split Airport Resnik is around 19km away from Split due north-west. It is in the town of Kastela, very close to the historical town of Trogir. The first airport serving Split area was actually in the town of Sinj. It was opened in 1931. Split would get most of its passengers from here or via a seaplane port in Divulje village close to Trogir. It was in the sixties that the new airport was established in Resnik. The year of opening was 1966. Since then, Split airport grew and was modified. The latest and most important development was finished in 2019. In 2019 the airport expanded to accommodate up to 5 million guests per year. An important addition is the bridge connecting the airport to the bus terminal and parking lot.


If you are traveling to Split from the direction of Zagreb or Rijeka and Istria, the easiest way will be to use the Croatian motorway network. A1 motorway leads you all the way to Dugopolje village where you need to transfer to the local road leading you down into the city. Drive from Dugopolje and entrance to Split can be affected by heavy traffic, but overall it is not a long drive. It is around 20km in length and usually takes around 25 minutes.

If you are travelling from Kvarner or Istria via motorway, you will use A6/E65 motorway to get to Bosiljevo junction where you will transfer to A1 and continue to Dugopolje/Split.

zagreb to split motorway

If you are travelling from Dubrovnik, you will be able to transfer to A1 at Ploce town, some 100 km due north-west of the city. To get to Ploce you will use D8 Adriatic Highway (Jadranska Magistrala). Once you transfer to A1 motorway, simply follow the signs for Split and get off the motorway at Dugopolje.

Anywhere along the coast between Dubrovnik and Rijeka you are travelling from, you can use D8 as an alternative to the motorway. Places like Sibenik, Zadar, Crikvenica and already mentioned Dubrovnik and Rijeka are all connected via D8. Without a doubt, it is a beautiful route with plenty of options for stopping and sightseeing. It can, however, be painfully slow as it goes through countless settlements, villages and towns. If you are driving, here are some useful things to know.

Looking for a fast, reliable and trouble-free transfer to or from Split? Contact TC transfer partner Adriatic Transfers for your one-stop solution.


Split Train Station is in the centre of the city, adjacent to the bus station and the ferry port. It is also very close to the historical centre. The most popular line to Split is from Zagreb, but you can get to Split via train from many other smaller stations. The train operator is the national carrier Hrvatske Zeljeznice. Check out their website for departure and booking information.


split to hvar krilo

Split has always been a busy port. With many populated islands in its vicinity, local traffic is very active. So is the traffic from the rest of Croatian coast. Split is connected with Dubrovnik by high speed catamaran. Kapetan Luka Shipping Company operates two lines details of which you can find below:  

Split – Milna, Brac – Hvar – Korcula – Pomena, Mljet – Dubrovnik

Split – Bol, Brac – Makarska – Korcula – Sobra, Mljet – Dubrovnik

More info on getting from Split to Dubrovnik is available on our dedicated page.

Jadrolinija, national ferry company is very active in Split. This is their route map with blue line standing for car ferries and dotted yellow line depicting fast passengers only boats:


For all the detailed information on all the lines, check out their official website.

Jadrolinija also connects Split to Ancona in Italy via their international line and this is the schedule:


Their detailed price list for ferry to Ancona is here.

For more options and detailed information about connections between Croatia and Italy, check out our page.

Split to Hvar, Vis, Brac, Solta

When it comes to local archipelago of Split, options abound. Having a vacation in Split and missing out on the surrounding islands is nothing short of silly. As seen from the image of local Split area Jadrolinija lines in the previous section, this carrier offers the most options. Do check out Jadrolinija’s Split routes on the following link.

Aside from Jadrolinija, Kapetan Luka (Krilo) is also a popular option. Their lines connect Split to Hvar and Korcula. For more information check out the links below:

For more information, Total Croatia has prepared special guides (for all modes of transport) to and from the city: from Dubrovnik; from Zagreb; from Zadar; and from Hvar.

How to get around

The old town and riva is pedestrianised, and therefore getting around on foot is the best option. Distances are not far, and it helps that the ferry, bus, and train terminals are all close by and next to each other.

Split Public Transportation

Split public transportation company is called Promet Split. Its buses connect all the different districts of the city, but also the surrounding area. Split has a large suburban zones gravitating to the city. It connects the areas of towns of Solin and Kastela, all the way to Trogir on one side and down to Stobrec and Omis on the other side. Inland, Promet Split lines reach all the way to the town of Drnis. They also cover the island of Solta. For detailed maps of their city and suburban lines, as well as ticket prices, check out their official website. Most of the locations within Split fall into Zone 1 in the company’s price list. Zone 1 tickets for a single ride cost 9kn when bought on the kiosk, 11kn when bought in the bus. Daily ticket is 30kn.

For more detailed instructions on using Split public transportation, check out an intro guide from TCN on using the bus in Split.

Taxis, Uber

There are plenty of options when it comes to taxis in Split. Bigger local companies include Radio Taxi and Zuti Taxi (Yellow Taxi). Other options are the national taxi companies Cammeo and Eko Taxi, and Bolt.

Taxis in Split can be expensive (and you should ALWAYS make sure their meter is on should you use them), so here’s what their official pricelists say:

Radio Taxi


Zuti/Yellow Taxi (eng: year round)




Eko Taxi


Bolt Taxi


Uber is another option that is always among the most popular. Their prices are usually very competitive, but they do change to reflect the demand and supply. Make sure to check both UBER and taxi options when searching for a ride.

Whenever possible, use taxi apps in Split. They usually offer significantly cheaper options with the click of your mobile phone. Uber, Zuti Taxi, Bolt, Eko Taxi and Cammeo are just some of the taxi apps you can download. For one thing, we promise they will make your life much easier.

Car rental in Split

Car rental companies are many in Split. Most of them offer reliable and decent service and many are franchises of globally known companies like Sixt, Last Minute, EuropCar and similar. There are also very good Croatian companies that are important players in the market like Nova Rent a Car and Oryx.

Of course, just because these companies are good and trustworthy doesn’t mean you don’t have to perform your due diligence when hiring a car by giving it a detailed inspection. Go over your contract and don’t be shy about asking questions, especially when it comes to insurance coverage.

Split Parking

As many other coastal cities in Croatia, parking can be a struggle to find in Split. There is, however, street parking and plenty of garages around. In fact, we’ve made a full 2019 TCN city parking guide two years ago that is still mostly accurate. Split Parking is the city company in charge of street parking and many of the garages. Here is the link with the map with all the garages and here is the one with street parking (you have to zoom in a bit to get the exact locations). New addition to Split Parking’s arsenal is the mobile app. It allows you to search for available spots, access navigation to the parking and purchase tickets. Some of the reviews don’t sound too good, but it is still worth a try. Follow these links for Android and iOS.

Top 5 day trips from Split

Walking Tours

With a city of such pedigree and rich history, you know walking tours are going to be popular. Historical tours are the most popular, but are also a great way of getting to know the layout of the city centre. We recommend doing them as soon as you arrive. With a good local guide, the city will let you in on its many secrets, legends and stories. Group walking tours are very affordable and simple and hiring a private guide will give you the most opportunity for customization.

Game of Thrones filming locations are also a popular addition to walking tours, although for real fans of the show, they are best combined with a visit to Klis Fortress outside of the city. Other walking tours include food and culinary tours.

Boat tours, charters, cruises

These are some of the most popular day trips out of Split. With so many beautiful islands around, it is hardly a surprise island hopping is such a popular choice. With regular ferries to Solta and Brac which take just an hour, a day trip to the islands on a budget is more than feasible.

Most, however, opt to go just that little bit further. Hvar, Vis and the Blue Cave on Bisevo remain the most popular options, and every tour agency will have a planned excursion. There are group options with bigger boats and ships that will see you enjoying your day out without spending too much. In larger groups you are also likely to meet interesting people and socialise during the tour. Private boat charters are also very popular as they enable you to discover less known and less crowded areas.

Wine Tours, Countryside Exploration

Around Split there are some amazing wineries and vineyards. Centuries long tradition of wine making has made local vintners into masters of their craft. Some of the most exciting wineries can be found around kastela, in the town of Skradin, and in Sibenik and Split hinterland. Croatian varieties are the most popular in the area and among them you will find the world famous Zinfandel, locally known as Crljenak Kastelanski.

Wide and diverse countryside region of Dalmatia is also full of interesting local eateries, countryside estates and food producers. Culinary tours or simply long weekend lunches away from the city are very popular with locals and tourists alike. Many Croatians will swear the best food is found away from the urban areas. Along with beautiful setting and clean air, this type of dining experience is one you shouldn’t deprive yourself of.

Nearby Towns and Sights (Sibenik, Trogir, Zadar)

Again, the choices are almost too numerous to handle. Close to home, Klis Fortress is better known as Meereen to Game of Thrones fans (here is how you get there by bus from Split), and Inland Dalmatia is a fascinating cultural and adventure playground, just 30 minutes by car from the coast. Many locals have little idea what is ‘behind the mountain’. Here are 25 things they are missing – and you are, too. The UNESCO town of Trogir is just the other side of the airport, while the magnificent Krka National Park is an hour away by bus or car. Many make it a national park double by taking in Plitvice Lakes as well.

For a comprehensive look at the nearby interesting detonations, check out our list of places within an hour of driving (pretty much) from Split.

A bit further away to the north you will find amazing historical towns of Sibenik and Zadar. Other popular day trips are to Dubrovnik, Mostar, and Medjugorje (don’t forget your passport for all three) – long but rewarding days, and they all add to the diversity of the tourist offer of Split.

Active & Adventure Tours

One thing you will undoubtedly notice with Split locals is how everyone seems to be very fit. This is not just in your head, Split is probably one of the most active cities in this part of Europe. Sports and physical activity of all kinds are very popular, so it makes sense active guests can find something for them during their vacation in Split. Aside from all the activities you can do on Marjan Hill or in local sports and fitness centres, there is quite a selection of active day trips to consider as well.

Nearby Cetina river provides great options for rafting or canoein trips. There are also extreme canyoning experiences for those brave and fit enough. There is a zip line over Cetina as well with the views that will leave you breathless. Sea Kayaking tours and stand up paddle tours are growing in popularity in Split area. Rock climbing is popular in Omis area. There are bicycle tours on island of Hvar and in the hinterland and hiking is great just about anywhere in the area. Snorkelling and scuba diving are also among the most popular activities. For those not looking for much physical strain, ATV safaris, jeep safaris or sailing might be better options.

Top 5 Day Trips

Our quick choice for five specific best day trips out of Split goes like this:

Boat tour to Brac and Solta
Wine tour on Hvar Island
Krka Waterfalls tour (combined with Sibenik or local winery visit)
Cetina River rafting
Combination of Split history and Game of Thrones filming locations tour (with Klis Fortress)


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