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Croatia’s most accessible island and a town of world-renowned music festivals: Tisno and Murter.

Welcome to Murter and Tisno Croatia!

Often, when you’re choosing your vacation, you have to makes some sacrifices. If you pine for the peace of a secluded beach, then you might have to venture off the beaten track. Alternatively, if you’re looking for all the thrills and choices of a major seaside resort, then you maybe shouldn’t expect to find there your solitary spot in the sun. But, in Tisno and Murter, you need to make no compromise. You really can have it all.

The perfect island?
Sailing under the bridge in Tisno, a traditional wooden fishing boat. You can find out how they're made at the museum in Betina
Sailing under the bridge in Tisno, a traditional wooden fishing boat. You can find out how they’re made at the museum in Betina © Romulić & Stojčić.

18km2 of beautiful coastline and see-through seas, connected to the mainland by a short road bridge, Murter is one of Croatia’s most accessible islands. With just four major settlements, the rest of its shoreline is given up to beaches, campsites, restaurants and bars. Sometimes, they’re sheltered in coves. Often, they have their own harbour, a welcoming invite to passing sailors. Every day you can choose a different bay, beach or restaurant here and not once be disappointed. All of the peace, relaxation and pristine nature of the perfect family vacation are at hand.

Earthenware shades of Betina rooftops
Earthenware shades of Betina rooftops © Romulić & Stojčić.

And yet, travel less than a kilometre from the Tisno road bridge and in a secluded cove, you’ll find one of the most famous party sites in Europe. Young people from across the globe come to join the fun at the summer-long season of dance music festivals in Tisno. By day, hundreds congregate on the beach or embark on big boat trips, serenaded by DJs wherever they go. At night, they dance beneath the stars at one of Europe’s greatest open-air nightclubs. When you’re away from the crowds, enjoying the calm of a quieter part of Murter, it’s often difficult to believe that, just around the corner, you can catch some of the world’s most famous DJs.

The island of Murter contains four main settlements. Let’s have a brief look at each, so you know exactly where you are.

As shown above, the small harbour at Betina © Betina Tourist Board.

Located in the northeastern corner of the island, Betina is a village rich in heritage, customs and tradition. In truth, it’s only a few hundred metres walk from the town of Murter, so there’s no excuse to miss it. Agriculture, fishing and boat building are among the traditional undertakings of residents. You can see this reflected today in the traditional taverns (konoba) around its harbour. Also, in a fascinating museum dedicated to their history of wooden boat building. Often, you’ll see the traditions of Betina spill out onto the streets, thanks to KUD Zora. As the oldest folklore society in the Šibenik region, they preserve the song, dance and costumes of this distinct corner of the island.

From above, Jezera © Jezera Tourist Board.

Situated on the east of the island, the bay of Jezera is here the centre of everything. With berths for over 200 boats, it is a popular base for sailors and those on sailing holidays. Coming ashore, you can here visit three fascinating tiny churches. In another, Saint John of Trogir, you’ll find a local heritage exhibition. Perhaps best of all, the beautiful interior, wooden altar, belltower and garden of Parish of Our Lady of Health. Jezera also has some distinct local dishes, which you can try at several of its taverns.

Tisno bridge
Residents gather on both sides of Tisno bridge for an event © Tisno Tourist Board.

Compared to Murter’s other settlements, Tisno is distinct in several ways. Firstly, it’s the only Murter town that’s half on the island, half on the mainland. In fact, its bridge grants the sole road access to island Murter. Secondly, Tisno is the site of world-renowned music festivals. However, with two great campsites, many restaurants and town events that long predate summertime’s newcomers, there’s actually a lot more to the town.

the town of Murter
From above, the town of Murter © Murter-Kornati Tourist Board.

The main settlement that’s fully on the island of Murter is also called Murter. If you’re heading to a music festival in Tisno, then this should be the number one place you also come and see. Why? Well, Murter is an escape from the English language and modern holiday trappings that will surround you during festival season. It’s a drop in gear to a relaxed pace. Stroll the stone-paved streets or walk along the harbour. Soak up the atmosphere of truly traditional Dalmatia. Afterwards, drop into one of the town’s great restaurants – Murter has some of the best on the island. If you’re lucky, then you might also catch some music or folklore on the streets.


Best things to do in Tisno and Murter

1) Hit the beach, swim in crystal clear seas

In the municipality of Betina, Kosirina beach
In the municipality of Betina, Kosirina beach © Romulić & Stojčić.

You’ll find lots of places in Croatia boasting of their beautiful, clean waters. Generally, that’s because it’s very true. In fact, Croatia’s Adriatic is such a draw for swimmers, sailors, watersports fans and visitors in general, that countless Italians from the opposite shore holiday here. However, truly there is something special about the beaches and waters of Tisno and Murter island. Beautiful coves, lined with shading pine forest close around turquoise, see-through seas. Countless idyllic scenes wait for you to discover them, enjoyable all day. Also, too, framed by epic sunsets.

beach at high season
Crystal-clear seas of Murter beaches © Romulić & Stojčić.
Best beaches in Tisno

Both Jazina and Hostin campsites have arguably the best beaches in Tisno. In fact, during high season, the Hostin camp becomes the Garden Resort, host site to the music festivals.

Murter’s best beaches

You’ll find great beaches all over island Murter, in Betina, Jezera and around Murter itself. Try not to miss Slanica beach, a short walk from the centre of Murter. Also, Čigrađa beach, a little further south, is very special plus Kosirina beach and Podvrške beach too. In particular, these last three are notably more peaceful than others.

2) Savour the best Mediterranean food


Tisno and Murter don’t shout too loudly about their gastro offer. Certainly, many more will have heard of the Michelin-starred Pelegrini (in nearby Šibenik) than about any Murter restaurant. But, that’s changing. In fact, Murter itself now boasts one Michelin-recommended restaurant. On an island where tourism is integral to the local economy, competition is high. Subsequently, restaurants here try that much harder to get – and keep – your custom. If you love the freshest seafood platters and traditional Mediterranean cooking, then you’re in the right place. You can get recommendations for some of the best places to eat in our Tisno and Murter restaurant guide below.

3) Enjoy the nightlife and music festivals

Barbarellas, Tisno and Murter
As shown above, Barbarellas nightclub.

Previously, the seaside town of Tisno was a quiet, idyllic, and a rather sleepy place. However, since several international music festivals set up camp in a secluded bay around the corner, Tisno has become an epicentre of clubbing and nightlife. Not only do the beach parties last all day, but also at night they inhabit one of Europe’s best open-air clubs. Indeed, so integral is the nightlife and festivals to the Tisno of today, you’ll find below a whole section dedicated to these assets.

4) Activities

A sailor's paradise
A sailor’s paradise © Romulić & Stojčić.

Certainly, you’ll love relaxing on the beach and swimming in the seas in Tisno and Murter. But, if the sedentary lifestyle gets too much, there are lots of great ways to get active. You’ll find cycling one of the best ways to get to know Tisno and Murter. Go discover a beach you’ve not been to yet or even a completely different side of the island. At only 18 kilometres2, Murter is easily manageable by bike. Also, too, for those who like to walk or hike. But, surrounded by islands, one of the best things to do in Tisno and Murter is to go sailing or on a boat ride. You’ll find several marinas and harbours across the island. Simply have a walk around to check out what’s on offer. Or, see the local tourist board for recommended services.

Snorkeling and Diving on Murter

If you like snorkeling, then you’re going to fall in love with the wonderfully clear waters around Murter. You won’t be alone. In fact, there are several diving groups and tour operators here, for those who like to swim deeper. If you want to go diving on Murter, then contact Tramonto Diving here. However, one of the real prizes for divers visiting Tisno and Murter is exploring the nearby Kornati National Park. If you want to do that, then you must take a tour with an outfit sanctioned by the park. All authorized diving companies are listed here, Tramonto being one of them.

5) Discover some of Croatia’s best natural assets

If you’re holidaying in Tisno and Murter, then you’re very close to two National Parks and one Nature Park.

a) Boat trip to the Kornati islands
Telašćica Nature Park
As shown above, Telašćica Nature Park © Ivo Pervan

For those who like to sail, the Kornati islands a paradise. An archipelago of 140 islands, your view is never the same for more than a few minutes. To the south, one section is protected as Kornati National Park. And, to the north, you’ll find Telašćica Nature Park with its stunning topography of forests and lakes. If you want to know more about Kornati, then read here. And, if you want to charter a boat for a Kornati trip, then call Tisno Rent. Alternatively, ask at the harbour nearest to you, or at the local tourist board.

b) Take a day trip to the waterfalls of Krka
Skradinski But at Krka National Park
Skradinski But at Krka National Park. © John Maxwell / Version13.

After travelling a long course down from the mountains, the rivers Cikola and Krka meet in Krka National Park. At this point, they cascade down a series of dramatic waterfalls as they rush to embrace. If you want to read more about Krka National Park, look here.

Garden Tisno Festival: Home of the best nightlife and Croatia music festivals

Hospitality on the Beach, Festivals in Tisno and Murter
© Hospitality on the Beach.

Over the last decade+, Croatia has become arguably the best place in Europe for summertime dance music festivals. Certainly, they’re not for everyone, because the music is very specific. But, to a distinct set of worldwide clubbers, Croatia has become an epicenter of their scene. In truth, several places in Croatia have previously vied for the title of summer music festival capital. But, with the move of Dimensions and Outlook festivals to the Garden Resort, there’s no longer any contention. Unquestionably, the summertime clubbing capital of Croatia is Tisno.

If you want to swim in a crystal-clear bay, soundtracked by DJs, then this is where you should head. By night, dance beneath the stars, surrounded by like-minded peers. Usually, events run through the entire peak season. In detail, here’s a rundown of what’s coming up.


With a heritage that goes back over three decades, Suncebeat is a passionate festival of soul, disco and house music. DJs travel from all over the world to play here and they’ve hosted the Croatian debuts of some very big names; Masters At Work, Roy Ayers, Mr Fingers (Larry Heard). Its audience, who are slightly more mature than at other events, are extremely friendly. They love nothing better than coming here.

Next event: 21 – 29 July 2021

Suncebeat website here

Outlook Origins
Outlook Origins

A festival built around soundsystem and DJ culture, with a soundtrack of urban music. Specifically, drum n’ bass, reggae, dubstep, hip hop and modern electronica sometimes crossing through all these.

Next event: 29 July – 3 August 2021

Outlook Origins website here

Defected Croatia

A truly international audience comes here for Defected. They’re attracted by the reputation of the biggest independent house music label in the world. Accordingly, the soundtrack is 100% house music.

Next event: 05 – 10 August 2021

Defected Croatia website here

Dekmantel Selectors
Dekmantel Selectors
As shown above, Dekmantel Selectors.

The smaller, sister event to the famous Dekmantel festival in Amsterdam, this one sees the team hit the beach. They do so accompanied by a carefully selected group of lesser-known, but absolutely top-rate DJs. Generally, their collective musical palette is extremely wide and you can hear many styles here. Namely, soul, reggae, house, jazz, disco and techno.

Next event: 26 – 30 August 2021

Dekmantel Selectors website here

Dimensions Festival

Something of a partner event to Outlook, it’s run by the same team. However, the music is very different, Dimensions’ soundtrack arguably being more linear. Specifically, you’ll hear techno, underground house, disco, reggae and DJs playing across the board.

Next event: 2 – 6 September 2021

Dimensions website here

Love International
Love International Festival
As shown above, Love International Festival.

Markedly, the crowd who come here fall in love with the event and many return every time. Subsequently, you may find it difficult to get tickets for this one. Significantly, the crowd is open and very friendly. Also, it includes perhaps the most visible gay contingent of all events here. Music ranges from loved-up disco and house to reggae, hip hop and techno.

Next event: 13 – 19 July 2022

Love international website here

Barbarellas nightclub in Pirovac

Barbarellas nightclub in Pirovac
As shown above, Barbarellas nightclub in Pirovac.

Unquestionably, one of the best open-air nightclubs in Europe, Barbarellas in Pirovac is unmissable. Certainly, this is because it’s usually full of high-spirited British clubbers who’ve waited all year to come. Usually, some of the most famous (and best) DJs on the contemporary circuit visit here each summer. Although, the music is often very specific. Namely, underground house music, some techno and disco, depending on the event.

If you haven’t bought a festival ticket, then no worries. You can still go, just like many locals do. Simply go to the club and buy a ticket on the door. Although, single entry tickets may be limited, so go as soon as it opens.

Murter accommodation: Tisno apartments, Tisno hotels, Tisno villas

Accommodation on Murter island and in Tisno

Without a doubt, the main industry on island Murter is tourism. Accordingly, you’ll find bountiful accommodation options all across the island. Both budget and top-rate hotel stays are available. Therefore, to check the options, look at the booking platform options below.


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Tisno hotels
Hotel Tisno
As shown above, Hotel Tisno.

If you’re completely averse to self-catering, then Tisno has several hotel options. Specifically, 4-star Hotel Tisno and 4-star Hotel Borovik, the largest and oldest hotel on the island. Although, if it weren’t for strict Croatian classifications, Villa Nina might also be described as a hotel.

Hotel Borovik
As shown above, Hotel Borovik.
Tisno villas
Villa Mirta
As shown above, Villa Mirta.

Both a private pool and gym/games room come as part of the offer at Villa Mirta. In detail, there are five modern apartments within this villa complex. Therefore, you might share facilities, such as the barbeque. But, the friendly hosts will help you work it out.

Tisno apartments
Guesthouse Mila
As shown above, Guesthouse Mila.

If you’re looking for an affordable option with friendly hosts, then try Guesthouse Mila. Not only do you get sea views, but the apartments are all spacious, clean and well maintained. But, the real USP here is the hosts, an incredibly welcoming family from Slavonia, east Croatia. It’s around 10 minutes walk from the centre of Tisno, 30 minutes walk from the music festival site.

Dvor Maraca
As shown above, Dvor Maraca.

A lovely oasis of (almost) perfect tranquility, you’ll find a small pool in the delightful courtyard here. Lots of greenery offers shade from the morning sun. If you’re wondering why the tranquility is only almost perfect at Dvor Maraca, then look above. Yes, that church has a bell that sounds regularly, including early in the morning. Although, you will attune to this. Moreover, some actually don’t mind it.

Apartments 5M
As shown above, Apartments 5M.

Beautifully furnished, modern, luxury apartments in a quiet street, very close to the music festival site. You’ll enjoy hanging out on the 5M terrace, not least because of the property’s lovely garden.

Where to eat: Restaurants in Tisno

Prova restaurant in Tisno and Murter
As shown above, Prova restaurant in Tisno.

Tisno restaurants: Good for dinner

Generally, the food you’ll eat in Tisno restaurants ranges from standard to good. Certainly, it’s unusual to be served a bad meal here. Because, simply, so many restaurants are competing for your visit and reputation goes a long way. Therefore, it’s perhaps best you take the following recommendations simply as highlights. For all of the following, you should book in advance during peak season.


Without a doubt, the most highly rated meat restaurant in town is Tereza. If your priority is the best possible food and wine above having a sea view, then this is for you. Both seafood and meat dishes are good and also you’ll find the courtyard setting pleasant.

Prova restaurant
Restaurant Prova
As shown above, Restaurant Prova.

Over 20+ years, Prova restaurant has earned a reputation for the best seafood in town. If you want to impress your seafood-loving date, then this is the place for you. Both sea views and a wonderful ambiance are part of this great gastro experience. Also, the restaurant has one of the biggest wine and champagne lists on the island.

Tisno restaurants: Good for both lunch and dinner

Restaurant Carmen in Tisno and Murter
As shown above, the wonderful Restaurant Carmen in Tisno. If you want to sit right on the water, then booking in advance is essential.

Not only is Carmen the closest restaurant to the music festival site, but also it’s a brilliant choice. Arguably, chef Slaven is the best in town. Moreover, the whole family pitch in, with Slaven’s wife a great hostess and son, Ivan, the best waiter. Perfect seafood, salads and steaks, served right on the water’s edge. A wonderful, unforgettable experience, especially for groups of friends.

Konoba Brošćica in Tisno and Murter
As shown above, Konoba Brošćica.

Very much the traditional Dalmatian tavern, right down to the red and white checked tablecloths. Both affordable and of a great standard, you’ll find return visits to Brošćica very easy indeed.

Cheap eats: Lunch in Tisno

Srdelica in Tisno and Murter
As shown above, Srdelica fast food in Tisno.

Being that Tisno earns most of its income in summer, you’ll find cheap eats difficult to discover. Of course, unless you count the bakery. But, in Srdelica, Tisno has the perfect fast food option. Not only are meal prices very affordable, but the standard is very good. Both extremely informal and very quick, here you can grab fresh, cheap seafood in a matter of minutes. Little more than a hole in the wall, with tables and chairs set outside, find them on the Murter island side. In detail, they’re near Brošćica on the D121 road. If you’re a seafood fan, then you’ll love the sardines, whitebait (papaline) and squid (lignje).

Where to eat: Murter Restaurants

From above, Murter by night
From above, Murter by night © Romulić & Stojčić.

In the same fashion, you’ll find Murter restaurants also of a generally good standard. Also, your choice of meal on Murter is often best dictated by how you choose to spend your day. If you’ve found your perfect spot on the beach, then is it really worth driving across the island for lunch? Or, will the local pizza and platter place suffice?

However, if you’re something of a gastronaut, certainly there are some dinner options not to miss. Not only is advance booking advisable for these, but also – in peak season – it’s essential.

Restaurant Tic Tac
Restaurant Tic Tac, Murter
As shown above, Restaurant Tic Tac in Murter.

Sat right on the water of Murter’s marina, you’ll struggle to find a prettier setting for dinner than Tic Tac. In summer, book ahead to secure a table on the water. Although, the interior is actually decorated delightfully – a real flavour of Dalmatia! Don’t miss their inventive cold starters. Specifically, octopus served with sir iz mišine; tuna with mint; swordfish with capers. If you want to try a traditional brodetto, then there are few better places. Not only do they make one with monkfish, but also one with squid. Both are delicious! Also, oven-baked squid with potatoes and a black polenta with prawns. In particular, families and groups of friends will never forget this restaurant experience. Creating lasting memories for 50 years on this location, Tic Tac is a treat you simply do not want to miss.

Konoba Boba
Konoba Boba, Murter
As shown above, Konoba Boba.

While called a ‘konoba’ (an informal Dalmatian tavern), you’ll not find anything informal about the food at Boba. Set back from the sea, with a lovely courtyard setting, you’ll remember this meal as a highlight. Not only are the food and wine options exemplary, but also this is Murter’s only Michelin-recommended eatery. Accordingly, you’ll be letting yourself down if you don’t wear a shirt for this experience.

Where to drink

Ninkasi Beer Bar, Tisno and Murter
As shown above, the draught craft beers of Tisno’s Ninkasi Beer Bar

As has been noted, you’re not short on restaurant options anywhere in Tisno and Murter. If you’re having a meal, then most will let you linger for as long as you want, enjoying your drinks. Therefore, if you find a restaurant where you like the view, settle in, enjoy the sunset and the rest of the night.

In fact, if you’re visiting out of season, or at a quieter time of day, some restaurants are happy for you to just order coffee or beer. But, you can’t do this in a busy restaurant, at lunch or dinner, in peak season. Luckily, you’re not short of bars in Tisno and Murter either. Again, just find one you like and settle in.

In particular, special mention must go to Ninkasi Beer Bar in Tisno. If you’re looking for a place to try Croatia’s best craft beer, then this is for you. Moreover, they do take-outs of draught craft ale, so you can take some back to your place. Find them at Velika Rudina 12, 22242 Tisno.

From above, Tisno © Tisno Tourist Board.

Murter and Tisno Weather

If you’re visiting Tisno and Murter in summer or early autumn, then you’re guaranteed sunshine. The climate is typically Mediterranean – warm and temperate. Generally, rain falls most during November, April and the winter months. However, you’ll occasionally get strong, but very brief rainfall or a storm in summer. Don’t worry, it won’t stick around and everything will soon be dry. Both July and August are the warmest and sunniest months. But, you’ll find it warm and sunny here through September and early October. If you want to see the weather in Tisno and Murter today, then look below. Also included is a weather forecast for Tisno and Murter for the next few days.

Where is Murter? Where is Tisno? Map

The island of Murter is just off the mainland of Croatia, about midway up the country’s main coastal stretch. Specifically, it is in Šibenik-Knin County in northern Dalmatia. By comparison, Tisno is actually a town and municipality, half on the mainland, half on Murter. If you’re travelling to Murter by road, then you must first pass through Tisno. Because the town’s short bridge is the only road connection to Murter. In detail, GPS coordinates for Tisno are 43.7975° N, 15.6421° E.

Where is the Garden Tisno festival site? Festival entrance

However, if you want the Garden Tisno festival site, then look for it on the left, just before you reach the town. Both the camping area and stages are visible before the entrance, so you won’t miss it. In detail, GPS coordinates for Garden Tisno festival site entrance are 43.8017° N, 15.6555° E.

How to get to Tisno and Murter and get around

Flights to Tisno, Murter and Tisno nearest airport

Flights, passenger plane, airport

You’ll find Tisno and Murter easy to reach from several major airports in Croatia. In fact, Tisno and Murter are near equidistant between Zadar airport and Split airport. At a distance of 75km, Zadar airport is the nearest airport to Tisno and Murter. Generally, the journey time takes less than one hour. However, the much larger Split airport is just 88km from Tisno and Murter. By comparison, this journey time takes just over one hour. If it looks like a long way from Zagreb airport to Tisno and Murter, then don’t worry. At around three hours travelling time, this 340km distance passes very quickly by car or bus (a bit longer). If you want to know more about these airports, then check Split here, Zadar here and Zagreb here.

Road, by car

Motorways. How to get there by car.
© Hrvatske Autoceste.
From the south

If you’re travelling from Split, then the quickest route to Tisno and Murter is to take the A1 motorway. Turn off the motorway at the Pirovac junction and follow the signs for Tisno and Murter. You’ll find the journey takes around one hour ten minutes. If you want to avoid the motorway tolls, then, again, head towards the A1. But, in Prgomet, take a left, following signs for Prapatnica. At the end of the road, turn right onto the D58 and take the road to Šibenik. Thereafter, get onto the Jadranska Magistrala to Tisno and Murter.

If you’re travelling from anywhere west of Split, south of Murter, then simply take the Jadranska Magistrala. Specifically, this includes journeys from Rogoznica, Primošten and Šibenik.

Looking for a fast, reliable and trouble-free transfer to or from Murter and Tisno? Contact TC transfer partner Adriatic Transfers for your one-stop solution.

From the north

If you’re travelling from Zadar to Tisno and Murter, then, again, you have the choice of motorway or Magistrala. However, in this case, the time saved is negligible. Therefore, unless you’ve specifically heard about excess traffic on the Magistrala, take that route. But, if you’re travelling from Zagreb, take the A1 motorway. Again, turn off the motorway at the Pirovac junction and follow the signs for Tisno and Murter.

Bus to Tisno and Murter

Travelling intercity by bus in Croatia is a fast, popular and reliable option. Indeed, you can easily reach Tisno by bus from anywhere in Croatia. Specifically, you’ll find direct buses from Zadar, Split and Zagreb to Tisno. If you want to ensure your bus takes you direct to the centre of Tisno, then check when you’re buying your ticket. Otherwise, you’ll be dropped at the bus stop called Tisno Magistrala.

Bus to Tisno Magistrala
Restaurant Kapela
As shown above, the crossroads at the Tisno Magistrala bus top, seen from Kapela. Actually, they don’t look dissimilar from the crossroads you imagine American blues guitarist Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil. But, don’t worry. You’ll not be stranded here for long © Restaurant Kapela.

Certainly, the greater number of buses between Split/Šibenik and Zadar go very close to Tisno and Murter, but do not drop down to leave you in the centre. Instead, they will drop you on the Jadranska Magistrala (Adriatic Highway) by Tisno restaurants Kapela and Marin. Specifically, this bus stop is called Tisno Magistrala (some locals call it ‘Kapela’). If it looks on your GPS like you’re still quite a way from Tisno, then that’s correct. Certainly, it’s quite the walk. But, don’t worry.

Walk a few metres down the road heading south, towards Tisno and stand on the right-hand side. Wait here for a local bus (slim chances). Or, better still, stick out your thumb and flag down a passing car. Sometimes, you’ll find hitchhiking is not easy in Croatia. However, all residents of Tisno and Murter are very aware of this significant intercity bus stop at this quite desolate-looking place. Accordingly, many passing residents will stop, pick you up and helpfully take you to Tisno. Certainly, from experience, it’s never known for anyone to remain stranded for long here during daylight hours. But, you must have the courage and gumption to stick your thumb out and request a ride.

If you want to learn more about travelling through Croatia by bus, then look here.

Getting around Tisno and Murter: Taxi, Boat, Public transport

ko to tamo peva
© Radio Television Belgrade.

Generally, public transport on Murter ranges from negligible to non-existent. As a result, you have limited choices for travelling across the island. If you want to explore or find an alternate beach, then a bicycle is a great daytime option. But, if you want to travel from Tisno to Murter for a fancy dinner, taxi or boat taxi may be better choices.

Murter and Tisno taxi

Long aware of the thousands of festival goers in summertime Tisno, taxi drivers make a beeline here. There’s good money to be made in this couple of months. Fares are well above what locals pay for the same distance. By all means, see if your Uber picks anything up (Bolt is a similar app option here). But, be aware you won’t be the only one trying and they’ll be swamped. If you have to take a taxi, then following a few simple rules will benefit. Firstly, ask and agree a price with the driver before you even get in the car. Secondly, be aware of how much your money is worth. Only a prize doughnut agrees a fare price without knowing how much a kuna is actually worth.

Boat taxi

If you want to avoid the generally grumpy experience of a taxi, then boat taxi is a good option. Not only are there set prices for boat taxis, but you’ll arrive in style. You’ll find several pick-up points around Tisno. Specifically, transfers to the festival site, Murter for dinner or Barbarellas club in Pirovac are popular options. If choosing the latter two, then be aware it’s quite the distance. Also, the boat goes very fast across the cooling sea, so you may find the ride chilly. Therefore, you might want to wear a hoodie for your boat taxi ride. But, be aware you’ll be stuck with it for hours afterward if you do.

If you want to book a boat taxi during Tisno summer music festival season, then call Tisno Rent. Telephone: +385 95 853 1000.

More information

Light hits Betina with the sun low in the sky
Light hits Betina with the sun low in the sky © Romulić & Stojčić.
Tisno Tourist Board (Visit Tisno)

Address: Istočna Gomilica 1a 22240 Tisno, Šibenik-Knin County, Croatia
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +385 (0) 22 438 604
Website: tz-tisno.hr/en/home/
Facebook: facebook.com/Visit-Tisno-200977150029901/

Murter-Kornati Tourist Board

Address: Rudina bb, 22243 Murter, Šibenik-Knin County, Croatia
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +385 (0) 22 434 995
Website: tzo-murter.hr/en/home/
Facebook: facebook.com/Murter-Kornati-Tourist-Board-141014382642915/

Jezera Tourist Board (Visit Jezera)

Address: Put Zaratića 3, 22242 Jezera, Šibenik-Knin County, Croatia
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +385 (0) 22 439 120
Website: tzjezera.hr/index.php/en/
Facebook: facebook.com/visitjezera/

Betina Tourist Board (Visit Betina)

Address: Dolac 2a, 22243 Betina, Šibenik-Knin County, Croatia
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +385 (0) 22 436 523
Website: tz-betina.hr/en/
Facebook: facebook.com/turistickazajednica.mjestabetina/

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