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Business Incubator and POS Flats to Be Constructed in Vrlika

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The town of Vrlika, located in the Dalmatian hinterland, plans to begin the construction of a business incubator and POS ...


An Evening of Singing, Dancing, and Folk Customs in Vrlika Tonight!

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Saturday, July 16th will hold an evening of singing, kolo dancing, and folk customs at the Vrlika Česma (park). Organized ...

Opera Ero is Coming to Vrlika

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The most popular and most frequently performed Croatian Opera Ero is coming to Vrlika this summer!

How to Toss your Partner while Dancing the Vrlika Round Dance

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  Vrlika is famous for its folk traditions. One of them is the Silent Round Dance (Nijemo Kolo), which is ...

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Old Postcards and Photographs: The Vrlika Folk Costume

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The Vrlika Folk Costume is one of the greatest national ethnographic treasures of Croatia. According to the Vrlika tourist board:

Where to Fly Fish in Dalmatia? Peruča Lake in Vrlika!

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Sports come in many forms and shapes. And while the Vrlika area is famous for offering a variety of adventure ...