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April 16, 2020 – A Croatia COVID-19 overview of the latest health, travel and stats news on the coronavirus crisis, with live updates in English, powered by

There are currently 1791 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 50 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 529 patients have recovered. Thirty-five people have died. 31 patients are on ventilators. There are 1227 active cases.

You can now track the progress of the curve of cases and recoveries on the official homepage. (You can also follow it into the English version here, which has less content but covers the essential information).

Note that is now mapping cases by county instead of town/city. will update their map after the 14:00 CET daily press conference.

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Index also has a very useful breakdown of cases by town and city. Please note that these numbers may not correspondent to the total number, as the locations of some cases are usually confirmed later. We will update this information as we get it. 

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Index has now added two more stat counters – unemployment numbers and a more detailed look at the curve with new cases by day. 

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More than 134,685 people are dead from the virus, which originated in Wuhan City, China. Over 2.084,735 cases have been confirmed globally. USA has the highest number of recorded cases (644,348) and has now overtaken Italy the highest number of deaths (28,554) deaths.

UPDATED: April 16, 2020 – 08:00 CET – With apologies in advance if the translations are not perfect. With very limited resources and plenty of pressure, we are trying to get the updates done as quickly as possible, so a little help from Google Translate is necessary. We thank you for your understanding. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to lack of resources, rather than the live feed service so far, we will be updating this page in the morning by 08:30, then again at 11:30, then real-time updates of the press conference at 14:00, then again at 18:00. We thank you for your understanding.

19:05 Krunoslav Capak said that he would wait a little longer to loosen measures. He also explained what the tourist season would look like this year, saying that social distance would also have to be maintained on beaches. 

19:00 Why is Istria so successful in fighting the coronavirus? All infected must go to the hospital. More on Index

18:31 There are no new cases in Udbina for two days and the focal point of COVID-19 is calming down, said Vice Nekic at a press conference in Gospic and thanked everyone in the quarantine for responsible behavior and patience.

17:40: Kolinda stated that it was not true that she was leaving the office and that she did not understand who and why she was marketing such things. More on Index

17:31: PM Opposition seeks interest-free moratorium on loan repayment for one year. More on Index

16:49: See a graph showing the number of new cases per day and the number of fatalities per day, the number of coronavirus deaths by city, and the age structure of the deceased.




16:23 N1 reports that former President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic is stepping down from office, and the reason is, among other things, linked to the coronavirus pandemic. More on Index

15:00 Minister Bosnjaković said what would happen with the enforcement. More on Index

14:55 It is unknown how the infection entered a home in Zagreb.

14:30 “The summer is approaching, but the situation is unknown. We do not know what the situation will be in Europe. If this is the case, other countries will have a worse situation than we will, in any case, not allow tourists to come. This activity will no longer look like it did before, epidemiologists will decide what it should look like. If we have a good picture, our citizens will be able to come to the sea,” Capak said, adding that the arrival of foreign tourists would depend on the situation in their countries. 

14:20 Nearly 30,000 citizens and 9500 businesses have asked for a loan deferral. More on Index

14:15 Communication expert Marko Rakar posted on his blog a post about how much the state actually gives to companies in crisis. More on Index

14:00: National Civil Protection Headquarters press conference:

50 new cases in the last 24 hours, 1791 cases in total. Two fatalities since yesterday, one in Dubrovnik and one in Zagreb. Both had chronic illnesses. 31 patients are on ventilators. 529 have recovered.

“Deaths are more common in chronic patients. When a person has a chronic illness, then the cause is the coronavirus and the person died with the coronavirus. If the person did not have chronic conditions, then he died of the coronavirus,” Beros explained.

Minister Bedekovic commented on the situation in nursing homes in Zagreb.

“I cannot comment on the measures implemented by the City of Zagreb. I can only comment on the measures implemented by the Ministry. On February 27, we banned visits to nursing homes for the elderly and infirm.”

Asked if they had any information about how long the residents in Zagreb had symptoms, Capak says: “The first three infected people had symptoms. The rest of the infected people have no symptoms to this day. At the first alert, we went to the. scene. Everyone was sick in the hospital, everyone else was fine. They were not infected by staff who communicated with other parts of the home. The situation is under control. “

When asked how the infection got into the home, Capak says it is unclear for now and that it will be very difficult to determine. 

About the nursing home in Split

Minister Bedekovic commented on the Split nursing home.

“The inspection was on Friday. On the spot, we inspected the situation in the home and talked to relevant persons. The documentation is being analyzed and a report is being prepared, which will be submitted to the National Headquarters. Work and analysis are underway,” says Bedekovic.

Beros added that the finding is expected in the middle of next week.

On loosening measures by county

“There has been increased attention and measures for nursing homes. There are tests on every symptom, there are a lot of them, but in most places they are negative. In other homes, the situation is stable,” Capak says.

“We are discussing loosening measures, but we have not yet decided,” Capak added.

13:50: State Property Minister Mario Banozic says all state property users will be written off their rental bills if they have not laid off their workers and if their profits are plummeted by the coronavirus pandemic and the earthquake that hit Zagreb. > More

13:50: State Property Minister Mario Banozic stated that all users of state property would be billed for rent if they did not lay off their workers and their profits were in decline due to the pandemic of the coronavirus and the earthquake that hit Zagreb.

13:30: A man from Nova Gradiska repeatedly violates self-isolation, quarantined. More on Index

13:20: Virovitica-Podravina County civil protection headquarters report that a dangerous coronavirus scam is spreading.

“In the area of ​​Virovitica-Podravina County, COVID 19 tests are performed only and exclusively at two addresses, at the outpatient clinic in Cabuna and at the Virovitica General Hospital. There are no ‘at home’ tests in Virovitica and nowhere else,” emphasized Dr. Miroslav Venus, Director of the Public Health Institute of Virovitica-Podravina County and a member of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the VPZ.

13:05 In the last 24 hours, there are no new patients in Sisak-Moslavina County.

Several samples are being processed, ie laboratory testing for SARS-CoV-2 virus and will be reported to the public if there is a change.

The isolation unit “Dr. Ivo Pedisic” in Sisak accommodates six patients. Out of twenty-eight patients from the area of ​​Sisak-Moslavina County, six patients have recovered (three from Sisak, two from Petrinja and one patient from Novska), and there are now twenty-two positive patients in our county area.

13:00: Karlovac County Civil Protection headquarters has released new information:

“For the fourth consecutive day, we have no new patients in Karlovac County. A total of 28 are still positive, 4 have been hospitalized while one has been discharged for home treatment. There are now 16 at home, two for treatment in Zagreb,” said the director of the Karlovac County Public Health Institute.

12:40 The headquarters of Dubrovnik-Neretva County announces new data on the number of infected people.

“Unfortunately, we have one death, our fellow citizen from Ploče has passed away. We extend our condolences to the family,” said Nikola Dobroslavic.

There are no new cases in Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

12:30: These are the questions the HQ must urgently answer. More on Index

12:23: Government Session. More on Index

12:13: According to the Zagreb County Institute of Public Health, 118 people have been registered in the Zagreb County area by Thursday at 11 am, who have been confirmed coronavirus positive. Compared to yesterday, there are 2 more cases.

So far, 17 people have been cured and three have died.

12:06: The headquarters of Krapina-Zagorje County announced that two new cases have been confirmed in the last 24 hours. One is from Pregrada and the other is from Zlatar Bistrica, writes

So far, 113 cases have been confirmed in this county. Of that number, four have recovered.

12:02: The civil protection headquarters of Međimurje County informed the public that in the past 24 hours, 13 persons have been tested, or in the last two days a total of 34 tests have been carried out. All findings are negative and there are no newly infected persons.

After the treatment, another person recovered so that in Međimurje, out of a total of eight coronavirus infected persons, three recovered and the number of infected persons is five.

Four people are still hospitalized, but are in good general condition and are not on a ventilatoe, which proves a favorable epidemiological situation.

12:01: There are no new cases in Varaždin County in the last 24 hours. The numerical conditions have thus remained unchanged from yesterday, eVaraždin writes.

The total number of patients so far is still 32, and a total of 19 people have recovered. There are 12 people in Varaždin General Hospital who are well treated, while one is on a ventilator at the Infectious Diseases Clinic ‘Dr. Fran Mihaljević’ in Zagreb.

Statistically, Varaždin County still counts three additional people who have a registered place of residence here but live in Zagreb where they have been tested and treated.

11:59: Zagreb headquarters press conference begins. 

19 residents of the nursing home are coronavirus positive and 4 employees.

11:58 Two cases of domestic violence have been reported in Dalmatia. More on Index

11:48 There are no new cases in Lika-Senj in the last 48 hours. A total of 191 tests were made, of which 153 were negative, 14 were positive and 24 are yet to come.

11:37: In Split-Dalmatia County, there are 13 new cases, 9 people are on ventilators. More on Index

11:24: Minister Josip Aladrovic spoke about loosening the measures. More on Index

11:19: There is one new case in Šibenik-Knin County, bringing the total to 80.

“At the Šibenik Hospital Infectology Department, 12 people have been hospitalized, one of whom is on a ventilator. One patient has been discharged for home care and two are still on a ventilator at KBC Split. Since the outbreak of the pandemic to date, 16 have recovered,” said the headquarters of Šibenik Knin County.

11:10: Two new cases in Zadar, bringing the total to 79.

“As of this morning, we have two new people in Zadar County, so the number of coronavirus positive people in our area is 79.

There are 8 people in the COVID department of the Zadar General Hospital, 1 of which is on a ventilator,” HQ said at the session.

11:00: A new case has been reported in Osijek. That’s 108 in total.

Chief of HQ Goran Ivanovic said there had been one new case in the last 24 hours. It is a total of 108. Two more have recovered, for a total of 15. There are five fatalities. Currently, 26 people are hospitalized.

10:53 A Hungarian national who has lived in Croatia for seven years and has three companies here, and among other things, owns a beauty salon in a Zagreb hotel, which was forced to close in March when the hotel stopped operating due to the coronavirus pandemic, said she had applied for state support measures for entrepreneurs but was not entitled to them because she was a foreign national. 

10:51: In the last 24 hours in Brod-Posavina County, one new patient was recorded. Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a total of 20 coronavirus-positive people infected. One person passed away and one was healed.

10:40: The global health crisis caused by the coronavirus will end by finding a vaccine, but it may take a long time, said one of Croatia’s leading man in infectious diseases, Vladimir Krajinovic.

In an interview Thursday by Dnevni avaz in Sarajevo, Krajinovic, who works at the Zagreb clinic Dr. Fran Mihaljevic, said he was pleased that the search for the vaccine was at a stage where it was already being treated on humans, but said it would take a long time to produce the quantities needed to protect the huge number of people. 

10:34: Police officers from the Zadar Police Department have conducted a criminal investigation into a 28-year-old woman, who is suspected of publishing and spreading false news on social networks about the danger of infection, as well as those suffering from coronavirus.

A 28-year-old has been charged with a misdemeanor under Article 16 of the Law on Misdemeanors Against Public Order and Peace – fabricating or spreading false news that disrupts the peace and serenity of citizens.

10:32 Today, for the fourth consecutive day, there are no new cases in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

There are 47 active cases.

10:30 One nursing home in Dubrovnik is in quarantine. Employees cannot go anywhere for days. 

10:16: Vukovar-Srijem County has no new cases

In the Vukovar-Srijem County for the second day, there are no positive cases, and thus the total number of cases remains at 36.

In the past 24 hours, 17 people have been tested, which makes a total of 552 tested so far in the county. There are 4 people in the quarantine facilities and no one in the truck driver quarantine facilities.

Vinkovci County General Hospital has 4 hospitalized people positive for COVID-19, while the rest are home-based because of milder symptoms of the disease. Out of the total number of positives in Vukovar-Srijem County, there are 11 positive health workers, including 4 doctors, 3 nurses/technicians, 3 other health care workers, and 1 non-health care worker.

10:15: There are no new cases in Virovitica-Podravina County.

“On the fifteenth day without the newly infected COVID-19 patients, you, our dear residents of Virovitica-Podravina County, are thanked one hundred times for keeping to the epidemiological measures. All samples submitted in the last 24 hours were negative for COVID-19, and our county continues to record two diseased spouses who no longer have any symptoms of the coronarvirus, but need to be in self-isolation for a few more days (158 people have been tested so far, 156 of which were negative).

In the last 24 hours, police officers have been to 41 addresses of persons in self-isolation. One of them was not at home … At the checkpoints, 2,897 vehicles were controlled, in which there were 3,639 persons. 12 of them had no passes … This is a battle for us all. Let’s endure to live,” a post on the county’s Facebook page reads.

09:50: “As soon as the epidemic started, it was clear that people with chronic diseases were more severely affected, in the first place it was diabetics, heart patients, and especially those with chronic lung diseases because the virus attacks the respiratory system, so the virus is coming attacks the already damaged and the complications are the hardest. Often these are older people, but those with chronic diseases, regardless of age, are much more sensitive,” said Jasna Valic, an epidemiologist from Istria. 

09:30: There are no new cases in Bjelovar-Bilogora County

There are no new cases in Bjelovar-Bilogora County today. So far, 200 people have been tested at Bjelovar General Hospital and 10 have been tested for the coronavirus. Patients who were positive for the coronavirus more than two weeks ago were also tested. Of the four tested, three were negative, and one was still coronavirus positive.

09:25: Two new infections have been reported in Istria. More on Index

09:20: New information on the coronavirus in the nursing home in Zagreb is leaking. More on Index

09:10: There are no new cases in Virovitica-Podravina County for 15 days. 


08:40: How does Croatia’s curve compare in the region? More detailed charts and data from


08:40: An encouraging graph from on new cases v recoveries. The balance has shifted in recent days.

08:25: “I am pretty sure that there will be abuse of workers’ compensation, but as a State we will respond,” Labor and Pension System Minister Josip Aladrovic told Croatian Radio this morning as one of the first to respond to warnings by SSSH President Mladen Novosel about possible abuses.

Minister Aladrovic and trade union leader Mladen Novosel argued on the HRT program. More on Index

07:55: Former HDZ Education Minister Ljilja Vokic commented on N1 television yesterday. More on Index

07:40: Last night’s HTV programme Otvoteno (Open) discussed the economic crisis and whether wage cuts in the public sector.

Drazen Oreščanin from the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association says that the statement on salary cuts to doctors, nurses, firefighters, the military, the police and all emergency services is a perfidious spin with the aim of defying us all.

“We always say in the Voice of Entrepreneurs that these are the people on the front line of defense against coronavirus and that they should not be left with the same pay, but should be rewarded for what they do,” he said, adding that funds should be drawn from the reallocation of funds.

When asked what he would do, he replied that there are a lot of services that do not work or work at a minimum.

“These are, for example, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Regional Development, the Hydrocarbon Agency, various other actions, judges who do not hold hearings. I would not reduce their salaries, but would give those who work part-time a part-time salary. For them, there should also be no overtime.”  More on Index

07:02: The lowest number of new cases in more than three weeks was recorded in Croatia yesterday.

07:00: Last night, Beros spoke to RTL Direct about loosening the measures.

“Today we have discussed these concessions at the European level as well, it is clear that the epidemiological situation in each country is the factor that will decide on the relief of the measures. We have some reflections on how many people should be affected daily, but we are waiting for the criteria in the European Union to be balanced. Coordination is very important because in case of inadequate treatment, there can be re-infection and spillovers from one country to another.

06:35: The new numbers will be announced at the regular press conference at 14:00. 

06:30: Welcome to the TCN daily update on COVID-19. We start the day with 1741 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 37 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 473 patients have recovered. Thirty-three people have died. 31 patients are on ventilators. There are 1234 active cases.

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Entry into Republic of Croatia

As of midnight on March 19, 2020; crossing the border of the Republic of Croatia is temporarily restricted. Croatian citizens and residents will be allowed to return to Croatia, which means that they may go to the country where they work and reside and must follow the instructions and measures of the Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ) upon their return. These measures went into effect at 00:01 on March 19, 2020 and are valid for 30 days. More information and exceptions here.

For the latest Croatia travel advice in these uncertain times, click here.

Social Distancing Measures Implemented

Also as of March 19, 2020; it is compulsory to strictly adhere to anti-epidemic measures and strict social distance measures. A strict measure of social distance requires avoiding close personal contact at a distance of at least:

  • Two (2) meters indoors
  • One (1) meter outdoors

The anti-epidemic measures required according to this decision include a ban on holding all public events, gatherings of more than 5 people in one place and the suspension of all retail and trade activities. EXCEPTIONS and details can be found here. These measures were strengthened today March 21, 2020. Residents are being ordered not to leave home except to get food or medicine. 

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UPDATED: April 15, 2020

17:44: The tax administration released a data analysis showing a comparison of invoices issued at the time of the coronavirus crisis and the same period last year. More on Index

17:27: Social Policy Minister Vesna Bedekovic said on Wednesday that no entitlements from the welfare system would be cut in this budget year, while stressing that any temperature breakthrough was an alarm for fast-moving viruses into nursing homes.

16:47: Slovenian President Borut Pahor paid a visit to a military-police unit on the border with Croatia on Wednesday, and supported the idea of ​​the Janez Janša government to actively involve the army in border control because of the possible increase in illegal migration.

Due to the coronation crisis and its economic consequences in areas where illegal migrants come from, there will be increased attempts at illegal entry into Slovenia, Pahor said, adding that the Slovenian army should, therefore, be given additional powers to assist police at the border.

The Slovenian president said that he, therefore, supported the government’s proposal to activate Article 37 of the defense law, which was adopted at the time of the great migration crisis of 2015/2016. It can grant police authority to the military if at least two-thirds of the MPs present vote in parliament.

“It is not necessary to wait for the last day, then, when it is already quite obvious that sending an army to the southern border is inevitable,” Pahor, who visited the mixed police-military unit stationed with the Minister of Internal Affairs Ales Hojs and Defense Minister Matej Tonin, told reporters. the village of Breg near Sinji Vrh, on the part of the interstate border along the Kupa River.

16:12: President Zoran Milanovic has called on banks to offer a 12-month moratorium, without interest calculation, to workers, self-employed, craftspeople and micro-entrepreneurs affected by the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, according to clearly defined criteria. 

16:10: Most COVID-19 infected people in Croatia die with the virus, not from the virus, Health Minister Vili Beros said, responding to parliamentary replicas. 

15:53: ​​A meeting with the heads of social institutions was held on Wednesday at the headquarters of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in Rijeka and an enhanced surveillance system in nursing homes was agreed with epidemiologists.

All nursing home employees who are on duty every 14 or seven days will be tested for the coronavirus. Upon departure, the on-call team will be tested as well as the team on arrival, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County reported.

When receiving new residents, the epidemiological circumstances, contacts of the person and other details relevant to the creation of the epidemiological picture will be examined. The use of protective equipment has been identified in accordance with exposure to possible contagion, and nursing home staff will be educated on swabs taken.

Medical care will be provided in the homes to avoid the risk of users going outside, and those users who need dialysis will be admitted to the hospital.

15:44: The number of deaths in Croatia is not 34, but 33 people. Namely, at the press conference of the National Headquarters today it was said that three persons died in relation to the figures published on yesterday’s press conference, but it is true that two persons died. A man was reported dead in Dubrovnik today, but his death was announced at yesterday’s press conference. The headquarters also corrected the data on the official website, where it was initially announced that there were 34 dead in Croatia (4 of them in the Dubrovnik area), and now on it says that 33 are dead and three in the Dubrovnik area.

Unofficially, the National Headquarters collects data on the sick and the deceased until 12:45 every day. The announcement of the death of a man in Dubrovnik arrived at 1.30 pm yesterday and the Headquarters has released information about his death. 

15:28: The Rent-a-Car Coordination of the Croatian Employers Association (HUP) on Wednesday welcomed the Government’s package of measures to help the economy, but also proposed four more urgent measures for the sector, relating to a longer moratorium on leasing, airport leases, vehicle registration and suspension of the RTV fee.

“The rent-a-car industry in Croatia generates as much as 90 percent of its revenue from tourism leases, and because of the crisis, the entire sector is completely blocked. The HUP’s car-rental coordination, therefore, proposes the adoption of urgent additional assistance measures for the sector, in order to ensure the retention of employees and the maintenance of rent-a-car companies until business normalization,” the statement said.

Four emergency measures are being proposed to preserve the rental car industry.

Thus, they propose that the leasing moratorium be negotiated for a realistic feasible period of 18 months, through changes to the moratorium and the loan repayment program of all those affected by the crisis.

Another measure proposed by the HUP’s Rent-a-Car Coordination is the suspension of airport lease payments during commercial flight suspension and its percentage reduction after the commencement of passenger traffic.

It is also requested to extend the duration of vehicle registrations from one to three months, as well as to extend the deadline for registering a new vehicle.

The fourth emergency measure is the suspension of RTV fees.

15:13: Of the 50 people tested in Karlovac County yesterday, none were positive for COVID-19, which is the third day without new patients, the Civil Protection Headquarters of Karlovac County announced on Wednesday.

So far, 727 people have been tested, 28 are infected, five of whom were hospitalized at Karlovac General Hospital, two at the Zagreb Infectious Diseases Clinic, 16 undergoing home treatment, four cured and one fatality.

There are 87 people in self-isolation.

15:13: The competent Civil Protection Inspectorate and the Police Directorate will inspect the liturgy at the Orthodox Church of Daruvar despite the ban on gathering during the coronavirus pandemic, announced the head of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, Davor Bozinovic.

“I’ve heard about this and the Pakrac case. The competent Civil Protection Inspectorate and the police departments in charge of these posts will go and see what really happened,” Bozinovic, the interior minister, said at a press conference of the National Headquarters.

The journalists were interested in whether the priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Djordje Ostojic, would be criminally charged for holding the liturgy, despite epidemiological recommendations.

15:11 Plenkovic talks about economic measures.

Regarding pay cuts, Plenkovic said it was a matter of talking to social partners. He says some panicked announcements are being made in the media.

He talked about measures.

“The measure for March is compensation to employers. The second silo is tax exemption. The third silo is the possibility of favorable loans,” Plenkovic said. 

15:00 In the middle of a pandemic, Opara wanted to hire tourist informants at Marjan. More on Index

14:50: Branimir Nestorovic, Vucic’s expert who called the coronavirus the most ridiculous virus in history, commented on today’s press conference:

“Croats do unreliable, fast tests. They have a false number of negative findings. We didn’t even want to take these cheap tests. We decided to do diagnostics with the best PCR tests, the results of which take longer, but they are the only correct ones,” he said. 

14:46″ Is Andrija another attempt by the government to start monitoring the cell phones of citizens? More on Index

14:44: There are 22,749 more unemployed in Croatia than in April last year. 

14:40 Domestic tourists cannot save the tourist season in Croatia because their share in the total turnover in the last two record years has been around 12 percent, but tourism certainly counts on them when they loosen coronavirus protection measures, which is decided by the civilian headquarters, said Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli. 

14:35 Parliament’s opposition on Wednesday vehemently responded to Branko Hrga’s (HDS) quarrel as to whether it was “really more important” for Health Minister Beros to be in the chamber and listen to MPs “outwit” or do “much more important work”. 

14:30 HDZ MPs President Branko Bacic on Thursday rejected the SDP’s proposal to shift the authority of the National Civil Protection Headquarters to the government because, as he said, the crisis management model so far has proven to be good and effective.

“Thanks to the National HQ and the measures proposed by the Government and adopted by the Croatian Parliament, we have responded qualitatively to a health threat that Croatia and the world have not faced in recent times. Therefore, we have adopted amendments to the Civil Protection System Act, in which we are Article 22, enabled the Civil Protection HQ at the time of special circumstances, namely the ones that arose and caused the Minister of Health to declare an epidemic on March 11, and provided that the HQ should make decisions and instructions that civil protection members must implement at the level of local, regional and regional self-government units,” Bacic told reporters. 

14:00: National Civil Protection Headquarters press conference begins:

In the last 24 hours, there are 37 new cases, which is 1741 cases in total. 897 tests were done in the last 24 hours. 31 patients are on ventilators. There have been 3 fatalities in the last 24 hours and 473 recoveries – 58 more than yesterday. 

“We have 37 new cases, a total of 1741 cases. There are 31 patients on ventilators. Three more have died, one in Zagreb, one in Split and one in Dubrovnik,” said Maja Grba Bujevic.

The following are questions from journalists

“One person died who was on a ventilator and one was taken off the ventilator,” Grba-Bujevic replied.

Is Knin hospital a focal point?

“It’s not a new focal point. The situation has worsened a little, there are more positive employees. First, it was only in the physical ward and then internally. Epidemiologists are permanently present there. It is true that there are more health professionals who are positive. Fortunately, there are no positives in this palliative work. In the hospital part, we have more staff and patients here who are positive. But the situation is under control,” Capak replied.

About the nursing home in Zagreb

“How the virus entered the home at this time I do not know. It is a private home that has 30 residents. The first two residents were taken to the hospital, and then another came. All staff members were tested. The results will be known by the end of the day. In the afternoon, tests will be given to all the residents of the home. As soon as it was found out, four epidemiologists immediately went out to the field and the situation was under control,” Capak replied.

About Murter

“The national headquarters supported the decision of the local headquarters to quarantine. It turned out to be very good because there were about 30 people there and it turned out that the majority were positive. When we are sure that there is no local transmission then the decision to end quarantine will be made. Still, some findings are taken today, the results will be known tomorrow. The quarantine will be decided by the experts there,” Capak said.

“The local headquarters will make the decision in consultation with us,” Bozinovic added.

About Bandic’s call for employees to come to work

“I told Bandic yesterday, I pointed out to him the decision to organize work from home wherever possible. He informed me that it was not a decision to return people to work, but to determine the exact number of people who could work from home, and they didn’t need to, or vice versa. I think he introduces more order actually,” Bozinovic said.

About the priest 

“The competent inspection will decide the case,” Bozinovic said.

How many health professionals are cured?

“There must be cured doctors. They have to be tested before returning to work. I don’t know the exact number of them,” Capak said.

About WHO

“Trump estimated that they were too concerned with China and that they would end up paying WHO. Their contribution is huge, without those resources, WHO will find the means to function. I think WHO is functioning well, I don’t think it was managed by the situation in China, even though the leader was in China. China has resolved the coronavirus situation relatively quickly and successfully. And I think everything is in line with their statute, all WHO recommendations must be global,” said Capak.

How many laboratories participate in testing and how do they work?

“There are two laboratories working 24 hours. 20 hours a day.”

13:10: Citizens’ Initiative: We demand the abolition of compulsory membership and membership fees in all chambers. More on Index

12:49: In the last 24 hours, there are no new cases in Varaždin County. The numerical conditions thus remained unchanged from yesterday. The total number of patients so far is still 32, and a total of 19 people have recovered. There are 12 people at the General Hospital in Varaždin who are in good health and one person is on a ventilator at the Infectious Diseases Clinic “Dr. Fran Mihaljević” in Zagreb. Statistically, Varaždin County still counts an additional three people who have a registered place of residence here but live in Zagreb, where they have been tested and treated.

12:30: At 12:30 the headquarters press conference in Dubrovnik begins.

12:15 The Krapina-Zagorje County Civil Protection Headquarters reported that they have a total of 111 coronavirus cases in the county. 

12:07 The coronavirus has broken into a nursing home in Zagreb.

Four new cases have been reported in Zagreb, three from one nursing home.

“As of this morning, the coronavirus has broken into a nursing home, three are positive, and there are 110 people there,” Zvonimir Sostar said.

Thirty residents have been tested and 10 employees are awaiting results.

It is a private home, it has been said.

More on Index

11:58 The 32nd coronavirus victim in Croatia passed away in Split.

The Split-Dalmatia County press conference revealed that another person died in Split, an elderly woman born in 1922. It was not until the afternoon of the day of her death that she was found to be coronavirus positive.

“A female elderly woman (1922) who passed was tested positive for the coronavirus in the afternoon of the day she passed away at KBC Split. The deceased was not from a nursing home and suffered from a series of illnesses. chronic diseases including heart disease,” the HQ said.

According to a report from the Institute for Public Health of the Split-Dalmatia County, out of a total of 170 tests, another 20 were infected in Split, 6 from Split (5 of them from the nursing home on Vukovarska Street in Split), Kaštela 2 (one of which is from a nursing home on Vukovarska street in Split), Makarska 4, Sinj 1, Solin 3 (from the nursing home on Vukovarska street in Split), Trilj 1 (from the nursing home in Split), Trogir 1 )from the nursing home in Split), Sestanovac 1 (from the nursing home in Split) and Zagvozd 1.

More on Index

11:51 Šibenik-Knin County has a total of 2 new cases, and 79 cases in total.

11:50 Zagreb County has 4 new cases, and 116 in total.

11:49 Krapina-Zagorje records 1 new case today, and 110 cases in total.

11:28: In the last 24 hours, there are no new cases in Vukovar-Srijem County. That is, out of a total of 26 samples tested, all were negative, so the county still records a total of 36 patients.

11:26: Bulj: Boban brought the virus to the nursing home in Split via his uhljebs. More on Index

11:26: Reiner: There is no proposal to cut the 20 percent pay in the public sector. More on Index

11:20: In the last 24 hours, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County registered no new cases. Currently, there are 48 coronavirus cases in the county, with 20 recoveries.

11:01: Press conference in Osijek begins. There are no positive test results out of the 128 people tested. The total is still 107 cases. 22 people have recovered.

10:52: dm, in conjunction with Glovo’s fast delivery platform, has enabled customers to order almost 1,000 products including baby products, hygiene products, food products, face, body and hair care products and cleaning products. Delivery is available in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Zadar and Osijek, and the list of products available for orders can be viewed and selected through the Glovo app.

10:33: According to a statement from the Civil Protection Headquarters of Istria County, out of a total of seven swab samples tested, all are coronavirus negative.

10:24: Employers Association: We hope the GDP decline will be less than 9 percent. More on Index

10:14: According to the Headquarters in Brod-Posavina County this morning, there are no new cases for the fifth consecutive day.

9:52: Croatia Airlines canceled 3,200 flights. What are the rights of travelers when this happens? More on Index

9:50: The Minister of Administration Ivan Malenica said on the broadcast of Croatian Radio “Now the Government” that on the first day there were about 30,000 users on the “Andrija” app and more than 75% said they were satisfied with it.

9:28: Virovitica-Podravina County has no new cases.

9:27: No new cases in Zadar County.

8:37: Protective equipment arrived from China, and one box that arrived in Virovitica reads “Forward Croatia”.

08:30: Some of the latest TCN articles:

Croatia Launches Andrija, First COVID-19 Digital Assistant

Glas Poduzetnika Surveys: Using the Croatian Government’s Economic Measures

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Krunoslav Capak on Loosening Measures in Croatia, and When

08:20: Online schooling has been a reality in Croatia for almost a month now. How are the teachers coping? The view of 5 teaching professionals, from a primary school teacher and headmaster to a university professor (TCN feature)


08:10: Index has published the latest unemployment figures. Another 1,249 people lost their jobs yesterday.

08:00: Alemka Markotic, Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic, Dr. Fran Mihaljević, is a guest of on N1 Television. The show starts around 8.35pm

Follow her interview and viewer questions in this text.

About yesterday’s higher death toll

“It follows how many people are on respirators, what their condition is. The fact that yesterday was 6 does not mean that there will be more today. When there are huge numbers like in America, Italy, Spain, then the trend is followed, here this is not the case.”

About the measures

“We are talking about ways to approach relaxing the measures. All the time, we are also talking to, seeking input from the professionals. As soon as there is a significant decline for at least 5 to 7 days, we will be able to go into relaxing the measures, gradually.”

“Recommendations will have to be made. Not every hair salon is the same, nor is every store the same. There will be general instructions that employers will need to tailor to themselves and their premises.”

“I understand the desire of certain countries, people are tired, they are growing impatient. Everyone wants to get better. For this to pass it as soon as possible. Shall we people that we are going to alleviate the pressure, as say in some countries. I think it is more correct that it doesn’t promise people something we’re not sure we can fulfill … That’s why we can’t commit to dates on relaxing measures.”

Is there any polical pressure?

“I didn’t feel it. At no point did any of us feel that politics was pushing us and making some decisions that we disagree with.”

About public transport

“It has to start coming back, but well planned. Surely our lives will be different for a long time.”

About trust

“As long as we are understood, as long as we are honest, I think there will be confidence. We constantly have a sense of less value than other Western countries. And we have shown many times that we are strong and in solidarity.”

About residential care homes

“Each country has its own statistics. There are 800,000 people in homes in Germany, 600 people have died in one home in Bergamo, even in Spain they found a home with the dead. We are not perfect, we are aware of bad scenarios, we are trying to respond immediately we are doing well “

About those who have recovered

“A total of about 400 and some people have recovered. Overall, about 900 have been in some type of home recovery. Most patients are milder and can be home and treated at home without burdening the system.”

06:35: The new numbers will be announced at the regular press conference at 14:00. 

06:30: Welcome to the TCN daily update on COVID-19. We start the day with 1704 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 54 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 415 patients have recovered. Thirty-one people have died. 35 patients are on ventilators. There are 1258 active cases.

UPDATES from April 14, 2020

17:59: Although the response of the National Civil Protection Headquarters on the initiative of the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO) was expected today about the possibility of continuing training of top athletes under safety conditions, the director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ) Krunoslav Capak said a unified position of the HQ members had not been reached on the subject so far and that the option remained under consideration.

HOO president Zlatko Matesa announced such an initiative at a time when speculation was made about the postponing the Tokyo Olympics. Now he has made that view more concrete by the fact that the Sinkovic brothers or Sandra Perkovic and other representatives of individual sports, athletics, sailing, archery, swimming or martial arts, can train in training facilities only with coaches, without the presence of spectators.

Aware of the complexity of the current situation, Damir Segota, the head of the Olympic Program for Olympic Games, is an advocate of the idea that only beginning Olympians from individual sports can be trained in or at the sites of the parent clubs. In the event the general situation improves in the country and in the world in relation to the coronavirus pandemic and the possible mitigation of the measures currently in force, it may be permissible to return to training all HOO athletes of the First and Second categories (athletes with international success), and these are in the system of the National Olympic Association 220 nationwide. Of course, the other group of athletes should be very patient.

And who might be affected by the proposal of the Croatian State Office of Sport and the HOO, which mentions top athletes, is not difficult to know from an insight into the list of Olympic candidates:

ATHLETICS – Sandra Perkovic, Sara Kolak, Filip Mihaljevic, Bojana Bjeljac

GYMNASTICS – Tin Srbić, Ana Đerek

SAILING – Tonci Stipanovic, Sime and Mihovil Fantela, Elena Vorobjeva

KAYAK – Matija Marinic

KARATE – Ivan Kvesic

SWIMMING – Franko Grgic, Marin Mogic

TABLE TENNIS – Andrej Gacina, Tomislav Pucar, Frane Tomislav Kojic

SHOOTING – Josip Glasnovic, Snjezana Pejcic, Petar Gorsa, Miran Maricic

TAEKWONDO – Matea Jelic, Kristina Tomic, Toni Kanaet

ROWING – Damir Martin, Valent and Martin Sinkovic

There are also three teams (national teams) on the list of potential Olympians for Tokyo – handball with 18 representatives, water polo (15 athletes) and basketball (14 athletes). Of course, it is too early to say names at a time when even Olympic qualifications have not been completed.

16:52: As confirmed by the Ministry of Labor and the Pension System for N1, at the end of April a list of employers using government assistance measures, ie the possibility of paying 4000 kuna a month for job preservation, will be publicly announced.

According to the latest data, 96,000 employers reported their 560,000 workers for the Coronavirus (COVID – 19) job preservation measure, which provides for 4,000 kuna for workers’ salaries.

According to the Ministry of Labor and the Pension System, they have provided more than HRK 9 billion for the measure, and so far HRK 1.3 billion has been paid.

16:16: The Civil Protection Headquarters of Sisak-Moslavina County on Tuesday considered a proposal to expand the area of ​​free movement in the county, which was restricted to local government units by a valid decision of the National HQ.

Ivo Zinic said the need for the removal of administrative barriers has emerged due to a large number of smaller municipalities and the vitality of the locals with neighboring local units.

As an example, he cited the connection between the City of Sisak and the neighboring municipalities of Lekenik, Martinska Ves and Sunja, as well as the case of the Moslavina cities of Kutina and Popovača and the municipality of Velika Ludina.

He announced that the proposal would be met at the city and municipal council meetings, after which the National Headquarters’ consent would be sought to expand the area of ​​free movement, and in the event of a positive response, agreements would be signed.

15:57: Checkpoints are being set up at the roads of Udbina, the focal point of COVID-19, which is a quarantine station, from which delivery vehicles are being disinfected today as they exit the town, Deputy Chief of HQ of Lika-Senj County Vice Nekic told Hina.

Also, to prevent the spread of the infection, residents of Udbina who are suspected of being infected can no longer go to Gospic.

In Lika-Senj County, two more cases were confirmed in the last 24 hours, both in Udbina, which has a total of ten patients, and two in Novalja. Laboratory findings for another 18 people are expected.

12:50: Twelve residents of the Home for the Elderly and Disabled in Makarska, who were found to be coronavirus-negative by testing, will be transported for self-isolation to the Biokovka Medical Rehabilitation Hospital, Blazenko Boban said on Tuesday.

At that hospital, everyone will be in their room. Moving people to Biokovka will be easier, said Boban. He added that all 54 pensioners who were transported from the Split home on Vukovarska to Biokovka were not affected by the coronavirus.

15:45 The Director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Krunoslav Capak, said that any predictions about holding the State Matura were very ungrateful at the moment, but that there was always a way to implement it with the respect of appropriate epidemiological measures.

“If the epidemiological situation is favorable, the graduation exam can be held with the implementation of certain epidemiological measures, social distancing, testing in a way that does not come into close contact and does not communicate with each other, which can be organized with certain technical difficulties,” he said is Capak on Tuesday at a press conference with the National Civil Protection Headquarters.

15:30: The results of members of the Karlovac County Civil Protection HQ, who are self-isolated on suspicion of being infected, are negative as the repeated result of a member of that HQ was initially positive, so the test will be repeated, a press conference revealed on Tuesday.

Thirty people from the HQ and their associates have been tested and are in self-isolation. All members of the HQ tested negative, and there are still pending results for the assistants and informants tested today.

Head of the HQ Vesna Hajsan Dolinar doubts the first positive finding of the Director of the Emergency Medicine Institute as false positive because his repeated test is negative, as well as the results of his family members and all his other “contacts”.

A new member of the HQ, deputy director of Karlovac General Hospital Hrvoje Cvitanovic, said with respect to the reliability of the tests, these are tests that prove the presence of fragments of RNA viruses in the swab and that their reliability is quite high, around 85, 90 or 95 percent.

“Testing reliability is never 100% accurate, and precisely because of the possibility of false-positive and false-negative findings when declaring healthy COVID patients, we take two negative findings as a criterion for the diagnosis of a cure,” he said.

15:20: The first death has been confirmed in Primorje-Gorski kotar County, which is a 69-year-old woman who had severe cardiovascular and vascular problems and has been on a ventilator since coming to the KBC in Rijeka.

The director of the KBC in Rijeka, Davor Štimac, told reporters that the woman had need on a ventilator for 27 days, and all attempts to repair her condition were not successful, primarily due to serious comorbidities.

He reported that there were currently 14 people infected at the hospital and one patient was taken off the ventilator and transferred to Pula.

All patients at the Infectious Diseases Clinic have moderate to mild symptoms, Stimac said.

There are no patients at another location for coronavirus patients in the KBC Rijeka Hospital – Otolaryngology Clinic building.

Patients with or without mild symptoms are located in the Crikvenica Thalassotherapy section.

15:03 WHO says the vaccine can only be expected in 12 months, maybe later. 

15:00 Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Gordan Jandrokovic said that all those who try to use the current situation for their own benefit should be most severely sanctioned and publicly condemned, and said that in the next period everyone will have to give up something.

“I think that all those who try to make a profit in this situation should be sanctioned most severely and strongly,” Jandroković said after a parliament session when asked about possible abuses of government measures.

14:55: Capak commented on the situation in Udbina.

“The situation in Lika-Senj is at least good. They have a very small number of patients, and now Udbina had a rise. The infection in Udbina came after the Zagreb earthquake by one person who infected two families. Among those infected are people from two families, one of which is affiliated with the firefighting community.

The IMF expects the Croatian economy to fall by nine percent. > More

14:00: National Civil Protection Headquarter press conference:

54 new cases, 1704 cases in Croatia total. Six new fatalities since yesterday. 35 patients are on ventilators and 415 have recovered.

“We have 54 new cases, bringing the total to 1704 cases. The percentage of positives is 9.28. The average age is 49.94 years, and women make up 51.3 percent. As of yesterday, we have 6 new fatalities. All had chronic illnesses,” said Minister Beros.

Beros then spoke about the number of cases per one million inhabitants:

Spain 3690, Italy 2638, Austria 1568, Serbia 464, Slovenia 578, Croatia 402 patients per million inhabitants.

Beros spoke about Andrija:

“We aim to open a new communication channel for young people. Infobip donated its knowledge for 6 months. This platform will allow interactive contact. With an educational component, we will have some information on who to contact at any given moment. Those who wish can provide information on the situation in their family to competent services.”

About the number of fatalities and condition in nursing homes

“The Minister can tell the details of the deaths. As for the more stringent measures, you know that the coronavirus broke into a nursing home in Split, where we had to react quickly and strongly. Of course, we were considering whether the measures were sufficient, so we also brought new measures. We did not have information on how much we will burden people in other homes because of these measures, and now some modifications to the measures are underway,” Capak said.

About the salaries of doctors and nurses

“The question is repeated day by day. I made my decision on 2.4 describing days off instead of paid overtime,” Beros said, reading the document. “It is stipulated that the employer is to pay overtime to each worker, and if the worker wants, they can request a day off. I think it is very clearly written and I ask all directors to follow these instructions,” he added.

Nursing home staff not using masks?

“To the best of our knowledge, the Civil Protection Headquarters has distributed security equipment. Whether it is used or not, we do not know because we are not out to check it. After this, your question will be checked. If something is missing it will be distributed. We think that there are no shortcomings at this point, but we will check. “

About graduation

“In order to start relaxing our measures, we need to have a few days with a drop. We do not have that now. We do not know when this will be. I am sure that there is a plan in the ministry. It will surely consult us about whether those measures are ok. Any kind of prediction is too early, there is always the possibility that something will be done with the implementation of the measures,” Capak said.

“The experts will agree on everything,” Beros added.

60 tons of medical equipment, how much is it?

“The quantity that meets our needs for 10-15 days is 9600 boxes with different equipment, 2-3 categories of masks, with cloaks, disinfectants,” Trut said.

About athletes

“We’ve received some suggestions. We’ve talked to some federations and we’ve got suggestions so those top athletes can train. We think we need to work out a little bit more, we’re in touch with them and we’ll make it happen,” Capak says.

Bozinovic thanked the postmen

“Thank you to all Croatian Post employees who are in daily contact with other persons and are on the front line. Post employees deliver pensions to homes of senior citizens,” Beros said.

13:50: According to a report by KBC Split, another coronavirus positive person has passed away in the morning. This is a person who has been housed in the Dicmo nursing home. In total, 4 residents of the Nursing Home for the Elderly and Disabled in Split (on Vukovarska Street) who were positive for the coronavirus have. passed away.

Of the 123 tested residents of the Home for the Elderly and Disabled in Split, 54 have tested positive for the time being, while of the 80 tested employees, 11 have so far tested positive.

13:49 The National Headquarters will release new information on the coronavirus in Croatia at 2 pm

13:30: 9 new cases were confirmed Tuesday in Šibenik-Knin County, all linked to an infection that has spread at the Knin General Hospital “Croatian Pride”.

13:00: A press release from the Dubrovnik headquarters said that an 83-year-old man had been infected with the coronavirus.

12:50: Bandic’s press conference: Five new cases in Zagreb, worker killed in Trnje. More on Index

12:36: A beneficiary of a home for the elderly and infirm on Vukovarska Street in Split, born in 1935, passed away this morning at KBC Split. She was COVID-19 positive. In addition, she suffered from chronic hypertension, complications of diabetes, and kidney inflammation.

According to the report of the Institute for Public Health of Split-Dalmatia County, there are 16 new cases in the County, from Split 6, Solin 3, Sinj 1 (infected from the nursing home on Vukovarska), Trilj 1 (infected from the nursing home on Vukovarsla), Trogir 2, Podstrana 1, Prolozac 1 and Solta 1 (from the nursing home in Dicmo). 

12:25: In the last 24 hours, there are no new cases in Varaždin County, and three have recovered. Thus, the total number of patients so far is still 32, and a total of 19 people have recovered. There are 12 people at the General Hospital in Varaždin who are in good health and one person is on a ventilator at the Infectious Diseases Clinic “Dr. Fran Mihaljević” in Zagreb. Statistically, Varaždin County still counts an additional 3 people who have a registered place of residence here but live in Zagreb, where they have been tested and treated.

12:18: The eighth coronavirus case in Međimurje County was also reported. It is a 55-year-old woman, according to the County Civil Protection Headquarters.

11:47 “Just as the virus did not enter the home by itself, neither did Director Škaričić. He was placed there by HDZ, as a completely incompetent person burdened with affairs, and without competition. Prefect Blazenko Boban should have dismissed Skaricic already, and not hope that a lengthy investigation by several different commissions will cast this case into oblivion. Because of such behavior and procrastination, he must bear the responsibility himself, “commented Marijana Puljak from the Pametno party.

11:42 According to the data of the Zagreb County Institute of Public Health in Zagreb County, by Tuesday at 11 am,  112 people were confirmed coronavirus-positive. Compared to yesterday, there are 2 new cases. So far, 15 people have recovered and three have died.

11:36: With 8 new cases, in total there are now 109 cases in Krapina-Zagorje County, and 4 people have recovered. This means that the number of active cases is 105. Of these 4 recoveries, 3 are from Pregrada. So far, 677 swabs have been taken.

11:35: Education Minister Blazenka Divjak said on Tuesday, ahead of a video conference with her European counterparts at which she would exchange views on state graduation and distance education, that it is likely that Croatian graduates will take the national graduation in June. 

11:28: First case of COVID-19 coronavirus in Prolozac

The first case of COVID-19 in Prolozac is confirmed. “A person with a milder form of the virus has been infected and we hope he will be cured quickly. All those who have been in close contact have been put in isolation. The Prolazac Municipality Civil Protection Headquarters is in contact with family, epidemiologists and other services.

The Proložac Municipality Civil Protection Headquarters calls on all citizens to be accountable and adhere to measures aimed at preventing infection and its spread, a statement on the website of Proložac Municipality said.

11:15: Minister of Labor and the Pension System Josip Aladrovic said in an interview with Vecernji List that there were 17,000 more unemployed in Croatia and that some of them could also work in agriculture. 

11:10: Commercial accommodations in February saw a rise in tourist arrivals and overnight stays by 5.4% and 11.1%, respectively, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

11:01: Of the 75 samples tested in the last 24 hours, there are two new cases in Osijek-Baranja County. Both were in isolation and these are controlled situations. One is from Osijek and one from Beketinci. There are a total of 107 cases in the county. The number of recovered is 13, the number of deceased is 5.

10:57: There are 48 active cases in Primorje Gorski Kotar County, and they have had 68 cases so far.

10:36: “One person has recovered and there are no new patients so far,” Ante Cvitkovic, director of the county’s Department of Public Health, told SBOnline.

10:33: Coronavirus appeared in Croatia 50 days ago. What has changed since then? More on Index

10:28: “As of yesterday, we had 9 new patients, three of whom were from a nursing home in Makarska. We took all the swabs, of tenants and staff. As for the home on Vukovarska street, we have results for about 110 residents, 50 of which are positive, and out of 80 employees, 11 are positive. We have further analyzed some 150 tenants and 50 employees. Some will be finished today, some tomorrow,” said Željka Karin of Split Public Health Institute for N1 Television.

10:19: There are five new patients in Zadar County, bringing the total to 77 cases. More on Index

10:14: Croatian scientist Gordan Lauc shared on his Facebook news about the coronavirus that was published yesterday in the New England Journal of Medicine. This molecular biologist further explained what this information means. More on Index

10:14: 13 people have been identified for supporting the priest in Split. They held Ustasha inscriptions, burned flares. More on Index

9:50: Virovitica-Podravina County has no new cases for the 13th day. 

9:40: Pulmonologist and SDP Health Council Coordinator Sasha Sric was the guest on N1 where he answered questions about lifts. “Like public transport, elevators are very risky, because it is a small and narrow space. Tenants’ representatives should be warned and they should be disinfecting regularly.”

8:49: Situation in Istria this morning

“The news is good this morning too. We have zero cases from the 12 swabs we took yesterday. We do not expect any further problems, although we are still actively working,” said Chief of the Civil Protection HW of Istria County, Dino Kozlevac.

How did you manage to get the situation under control?

“Our area was particularly vulnerable to the migration of hundreds of thousands of people. We also had a situation with two events that burdened our situation. But the experts looked at the situation and proposed a solution to put in place rigorous measures as soon as possible and we have the situation as we have it,” he added. “These were two events independent of each other. There was no need for quarantine. The experts did a good job. We introduced the drive-in testing seven days before Zagreb. We covered hundreds of people and contacts.”

About disagreements with the National Headquarters

“There may have been a little disagreement with the dynamics at first because we wanted to close schools and kindergartens immediately, but we asked for it because we were in a special situation because of Italy,” Kozlevac said.

“Quarantine is the worst-case scenario. Our approach was to go as far as possible to cover and take samples from a wide range of people. We recognized all the contacts, we don’t have any infected in our area today without knowing how they were infected, that’s the most important thing,” claims Kozlevac.

About mitigation?

“It could be sooner, but epidemiologists, the experts and the National Headquarters must communicate that. Istria is not an island. We will not achieve total success if the environment around us continues to be bad. We all care that the environment is good so that we can relax. We have introduced more stringent measures this weekend. Our citizens have listened to this, and I thank them,” Kozlevac said.

8:44: “We have been quarantined for almost 25 days now, it’s finally over. I hope the tests will show that we are all clean. We have people in self-isolation and healing and life will soon normalize,” said Toni Turchinov of

When can the quarantine be terminated?

When we have no new cases for 7, 8 days. I think it will be soon. I hope epidemiologists will come up with a solution. It’s mentally difficult to stay inside for 30 days. It’s all normal for us these days with food deliveries and medicine, we have teams that were transporting it from home to home. We were a little tired and exhausted from it all. It wasn’t easy.”

08:25: In Lika-Senj County there are 10 infected, mostly in Udbina. “We will defeat the coronavirus in Udbina. There is no change from 6pm last night. We expect 18 more results throughout the day. And probably due to the epidemiological situation we can expect more positive ones. The epidemiological situation on Udbina is unfavorable. We cannot detect a zero patient. You have to know that Udbina is the largest spatial municipality in the county. That is why we decided on additional quarantine and surrounding villages on the first day,” said Darko Milinovic this morning in Studio 4 of the HRT.

07:55: The Government is presenting a digital assistant to Andrija today.

“We are aware in the government that social awareness is the answer in these challenging times and in the fight against viruses, and we have been looking for a way to reach our citizens who use a lot of cell phones. The idea of ​​communicating through the Whatsapp platform was born. And so the digital assistant Andrija was born. “It’s not a magic wand, but it can answer some questions. This assistant helps and reach institutions, and it will also help epidemiologically. Many Croatian companies have participated in this.” Beros said. More on Index.

07:44: “And the WHO leader stressed that premature indulgence could bring chaos back. But many life activities can be adjusted to the conditions of operation. This balance of gradual introduction of measures will have to be adjusted and then we will relinquish measures. This is the recipe. I cannot say when it is tied to any deadlines, since it is impossible to predict the behavior of the virus, I cannot say what the deadlines are, as much as it might give some hope. But we simply cannot,” Beros said.

“There are no problems at this point, but there may be potential ones. From the beginning, we think about how to keep the health care professionals safe. So we immediately decided that half of them were home and half were working. Therefore, we have agreed to work and rest by the thirds and be prepared for other health care institutions. There have been several times of entry into the system, but these foci are quickly isolated. Now, the first healthcare professionals are starting to work again, “Beros said. .

About the Split nursing home

“Such institutions are the places where viruses enter, these groups are more exposed. We have already given clear instructions on how to deal with such cases before. It is hard to expect that despite all measures, we will prevent entry into the system. This has happened in Germany and elsewhere. One needs to be very fast, so as soon as one gets the temperature, one has to react and think about the virus. It will happen in the future because it is impossible to prevent the virus from entering that population, “Beros said.

07:42: “We did about 2,600 surveillance on Saturday, and we did the same on Sunday and Monday. We had no complaints about major violations. We had sporadic violations. and some of the shops were not fully prepared, but through a little pressure from the civil protection team, this was all settled. We had some thinking about access to public spaces. We appealed to citizens not to go out and stay at home no matter the weather. We had those walking, biking, having a break, no grouping … The vast majority of people were at home, “said Damir Trut, deputy chief of the National Civil Protection Staff together with Beroš, he is a guest on HRT.

Is it time for relaxation measures?

“The professionals have to decide. What direction we are going and at what pace we will go. We all of course want to relax the measures, but it will all be in line with the moment and the level of danger at that moment. We think about it, but decisions will be made based on analysis of the situation. “

07:32: “Our strategy is very clear. The goal is to slow the rapid growth of the sick, because in this way we can provide health care. If more cases occur, we may not be able to provide the care we need,” Beros said. “What awaits us is the thought of relaxing measures so that all life flows and economic activities can come to life,” Beros told HRT this morning.

“For this kind of threat, you have no prescription for how to organize the system. We tried to manage and changed our strategy. We transformed our thinking,” Beros said.

“At first, we witnessed everyone go to the Hospital for Infectious Disease. It was certain that we would not be able to do that for long. That is why we created the COVID health posts. Now the most important thing is that the system is not overloaded,” Beros said.

07:28: The temperature at the entrance to Dubrovnik General Hospital is measured by everyone


06:35: The new numbers will be announced at the regular press conference at 14:00. 

06:30: Welcome to the TCN daily update on COVID-19. We start the day with 1650 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 50 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 400 patients have recovered. Twenty-five people have died. 34 patients are on ventilators. There are 1225 active cases.

UPDATED from April 13, 2020

18:06: Bishop of Dubrovnik Mate Uzinic referred to the incident in Split. More on Index

18:05: Igor Berecki, Intensive Care Pediatrician at the Intensive Care Unit at the KBC Osijek, commented on superhuman efforts by medical staff across Croatia to fight the virus. More on Index

17:53: There are no new cases in the Zadar area, so the number of positive cases is still 72.

16:45: In Lika-Senj County, a total of ten people are coronavirus-positive as of Monday, eight of them in Udbina (five from earlier and three new cases). Udbina remains quarantined, but the villages around it are longer quarantined.

No one can get out of Udbina, except for drivers who bring goods. 

At a press conference on Monday in Gospic, Darko Milinovic said that the entire Municipality of Udbina had been strictly quarantined from Friday until today, but by decision of the County Civil Protection Headquarters, it is now only a quarantined municipal center, and the villages along Udbina are no longer quarantined.

16:35: The Split Police on Monday conducted a criminal investigation into five people who, last night after an incident in front of a church in Sirobuja, displayed a banner of support for the pastor in front of the church, which contained inappropriate content.

A Dalmatinski Portal journalist and N1 cameraman were attacked in front of St. Leopold Bogdan Mandic church in Sirobuja, where, despite the ban, the parish priest Josip Delas held mass in an open church on Easter and Palm Sunday.

A few hours after the incident and attacks on media representatives at around 6.30 pm, about 20:30, supporters arrived in front of the church with a banner that read “With don Joz to the grave” and “Journalists are Worms” and raised a scarf that said “Za Dom Spremni”. They also lit a flare and, and in the middle of mostly masked men, was Josip Delas.

16:18: There are no new cases in Dubrovnik-Neretva County, so the total number of cases is still 98, and two people have recovered bringing that number to six in total, the County Civil Protection Headquarters reported on Monday.

The director of the County Institute for Public Health, Dr Mato Lakic, said that the situation in the Dubrovnik Nursing Home is ‘relatively good’ given the number of residents, but also that one cannot know for sure who introduced the virus to the institution.

“The situation is under control. They do not leave the rooms and are brought food. Common areas are disinfected and the rooms are disinfected throughout the day. A smaller number of employees who were not in contact with the patients, who were negative for the coronavirus, can work again, and a larger part of the employees who were in contact, and also negative, are in self-isolation,” Lakic said, and noted that one user and employee will be retested today.

15:53: ​​Capak announced stricter market measures, explaining why shops no longer work until 8 pm.

“The headquarters’ intention was to provide people with pre-Easter food to get fresh Croatian food products. Of course, we need to take care of the economic aspects of this crisis, all the while balancing to let certain economic activities take place, that people can meet their personal needs and epidemiological measures that we think we can limit the spread of the virus. More on Index

15:29: The Split-Dalmatia Police Department is working intensively to identify those who gathered outside the church in Split on Sunday and insulted journalists, said Interior Minister and Head of the National Civil Protection Headquarters Davor Bozinovic.

“I am not the one who is conducting the investigations and who should know something about them, but because of the public interest in the occasion, I got acquainted with the Deputy Chief of the Split-Dalmatia Police Department. The police department is working very hard to identify the people who took part in it and, according to what I was told, it is certain that there will be a person to identify and prosecute,” Bozinovic said at the press conference.

15:28: The cause of death of a man who died in Rogotin near Ploce on Saturday night is not because of the coronavirus, according to part of the local public, but probably a blow to his head on asphalt, police from Dubrovnik-Neretva reported on Monday.

15:12: “We inform the public that no new COVID-19 infections have been recorded in the area of ​​Koprivnica-Križevci County in the past 24 hours and that all the epidemiological findings of the contacts of persons previously identified with the COVID-19 infection are negative.

The first case of COVID-19 recovery been confirmed today. It is a patient who, after the required time and repeated negative epidemiological findings, is the first confirmed person in the County of Koprivnica-Križevci to be cured of the coronavirus,” the county confirmed.

14:58: The coronavirus is in several homes in Croatia. Split, Ploce, Dubrovnik, Makarska, Seget Vranjic, Dicmo, Koprivnica …

In Ploče, we have 12 employees and 4 coronavirus-positive employees. In a Dubrovnik home, we took 133 swabs. Among them, there are 6 positive, of which 5 are residents and one employee, and before we had one resident. At the Florence home, we also have one positive case. We have 3 residents and one positive in Makarska. We have 2 positive in Dicmo, and we still have the home in Koprivnica,” said Capak.

14:50: Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic “Dr. Fran Mihaljevic” Alemka Markotic made a guest appearance on FACE television in BiH. More on Index

14:25: There are no coronavirus cases in retirement homes in Sisak and Petrinja, the Sisak-Moslavina County Civil Protection Headquarters confirmed on Monday, following surveillance conducted in those homes.

The HQ says that in the Petrinja Retirement Home, no occupants have a fever, and in the Sisak Home, three residents were found to be subfebrile mainly due to their primary illness.

There are no new cases in the county in the last 24 hours, so the county has recorded 26 patients since the epidemic began.

Headquarters warned that this morning they noticed the gathering of people in large groups of 20 to 30 people around apartment buildings, disregarding the distances and other prescribed and recommended measures.

“Such inappropriate behavior compromises all efforts so far, so the Headquarters urges all residents to adhere to the issued instructions,” said Roman Rosavec, Chief of the County HQ.

14:00: National Civil Protection Headquarters press conference begins:

50 new cases, bringing the total to 1650 in Croatia. In the last 24 hours, there were two fatalities at KBC Split. 34 patients are on ventilators. 

“We have 50 new cases, a total of 1650 cases. 50.7 percent are women. Of those tested, we have 9.27 positives. We have two deceased, unfortunately. One is a femlae born in1941. We have 34 patients on ventilators. A total of 400 have recovered,” said Beros.

About the nursing home in Split

“I have no news regarding the investigation. We do not know who first brought the virus into the home. So far, 119 swabs have been taken, 50 of which are positive, and 80 employee swabs, 11 of which are positive,” Capak said.

In Ploče, we have 12 employees and 4 coronavirus-positive employees. In a Dubrovnik home, we took 133 swabs. Among them, there are 6 positive, of which 5 are residents and one employee, and before we had one resident.”

“We have a good ratio, a high percentage of recoveries. We can be pleased.”

“I was in contact with an Austrian colleague, we were comparing numbers. Our criteria have been somewhat more stringent and now we have more recovered in the last few days. We expect a further increase in the number of recovered in our country,” Beros said.

About the mass in Split on Sunday

“All those involved spoke at the press conference in Split about the priest, the mass and the masked people who sang. What marked yesterday and today is that of the 600,000 parishes in the Republic of Croatia, the largest majority acted in accordance with the instructions of the headquarters. Believers, I thank you for that. As far as Split is concerned, you know that the police reacted in a manner which is in accordance with the law, in the way that a criminal complaint was filed for violent actions against your colleague and corresponding misdemeanor charges. I spoke to Boban this morning, and I do not have all the details. The fact is that there were 15 people there and the recommendation is that no more than 5 people should be gathered anywhere.”

13:39 Pensioners in Stobrec sit on benches. More on Index

13:28 In Karlovac, 13 members of the HQ and one journalist are in self-isolation. More on Index

13:11: In the last 24 hours, there are no new cases in Varaždin County, and four people have recovered. Thus, the total number of patients is still 32, and a total of 16 people have been cured. There are 15 people undergoing treatment at the Varaždin General Hospital, while one is being treated at the Infectious Diseases Clinic “Dr. Fran Mihaljević” in Zagreb. Statistically, Varaždin County still counts an additional 3 people who have a registered place of residence here but live in Zagreb, where they have been tested and treated.

13:00 Split Headquarters press conference begins, confirming that two more nursing home residents have passed away. More on Index

Two infected residents of the Home for the Elderly and Disabled in Split died yesterday at the Split Clinical Hospital, the Split-Dalmatia County Civil Protection Headquarters reported on Monday.

“Both were positive for COVID-19, but they also suffered from serious chronic illnesses,” Mestrovic said at the press conference.

On behalf of the KBC, he expressed condolences to the families of the deceased.

According to him, there are currently 80 patients with COVID-19 at KBC Split, 45 of them from the Vukovarska nursing home, four from other nursing homes, and 31 not from nursing homes.

“Of these hospitalized, 9 patients are on ventilators, six of which are in a more serious condition,” said Mestrovic.

“There are six new cases. In the meantime, we have received three positive test results from Makarska, so that is a total of nine,” they said.

12:28: Dubrovnik press conference: Six new cases since yesterday. A total of 6 people have recovered, which is 2 more than yesterday.

12:09: Three residents of the Home for the Elderly and Disabled in Makarska are positive for the coronavirus, confirmed the Civil Protection HQ chief Drazen Nemcic for Makarska Danas.

11:48: No new coronavirus cases have been reported in the Zagreb County area in the last 24 hours, the County said. 

11:45: Bishop of Dubrovnik: To threaten others with their irresponsible behavior is a crime. More on Index

11:15: The Split-Dalmatia County Civil Protection Headquarters will hold a press conference today at 1 pm, including Julije Meštrović, Director of KBC Split, Željka Karin, Director of the NZJZ, Helena Bandalović, Deputy Head of the Managing Board for Health, Social Welfare and Demography, Marko Srdarević, Deputy Chief of the Split-Dalmatia County Police Directorate.

11:00: Of the 69 tested, there are two new cases in Osijek-Baranja County. One person is from Osijek, one from Cepin. One of them is a nurse.

10:57: Primorje-Gorski Kotar County has two new cases since yesterday.

10:45: In the past 24 hours, 11 people were tested from Vukovar-Srijem County, one of whom was positive for the coronavirus, and the total number of infected people increased to 35, the County Civil Protection Headquarters reported on Monday.

10:44: There are no new cases in Bjelovar-Bilogora County. So far, nine people have been tested positive for coronavirus at Bjelovar General Hospital, eight of them from the Bjelovar-Bilogora County, while one person lives and works in Zagreb and is being treated in Garešnica self-isolation, the county said.

10:41 The Zadar headquarters reported that they did not have any new cases.

10:39 “Regardless of the positive trend, we must keep to the measures. Our close and further environment must have a positive image. This is only a prerequisite for normalization,” said the Istrian headquarters conference.

They do not have a single patient in hospital in Pula.

10:38: Two teacher groups from Facebook sent a statement to the media and the government on the announced pay cuts to public and civil servants. They say that information about the cuts comes exclusively through the media, but that a timely response is needed because of the potential for very serious consequences if a pay cut occurs. They say that they are in favor of solidarity, but that they should not be privileged, such as those receiving privileged pensions.

They also say that they are not in favor of reducing salaries for example doctors, but that care should be taken to reduce entitlements in other public services. 

10:20: A resident of a nursing home located in Stari Grad on Hvar, suspected of having a coronavirus, is negative, Dalmacija News reported this morning.

10:16: In Istria County, there are no new COVID-19 patients, the county civil protection headquarters reported.

10:10: Mass is held in Sirobuja where a journalist was attacked yesterday. More on Index

10:05: A total of 101 coronavirus-positive residents have so far been recorded in the Krapina-Zagorje County, the county said.

Compared to the day before, 1 person (Krapina) has been newly registered as of today. They are waiting for the results of 8 people, 6 of them in self-isolation at home. So far, 646 individuals have been sampled.

In terms of cities and municipalities in the area, the number of cases is as follows:

36 in the City of Pregrada area

19 in the area of ​​the City of Krapina

7 in the municipality of Hum na Sutli

6 in the city of Oroslavje

4 in the municipality of Jesenje

4 in the municipality of Petrovsko

6 in the City of Zabok

2 in the City of Donja Stubica

1 in the area of ​​Bedekovčina Municipality

2 in the Municipality of Đurmanec

6 in the municipality of Desinić

1 in the municipality of Krapinske Toplice

1 in the municipality of Radoboj

1 in the municipality of Gornja Stubica

2 in the municipality of Stubičke Toplice

2 in the municipality of Lobor

1 in the Tuhelj Municipality

From 12 to 13 April 2020, from 07:00 to 07:00 am, a violation of the leaving residence and place of residence in Croatia was recorded. In relation to the aforementioned Decision, 19 violations were found by citizens (they did not have passes).

10:00: Brod-Posavina County Headquarters announces new data on coronavirus in their area. In the last 72 hours, they have no new patients.

9:43 A coronavirus-positive caregiver in a nursing home in Seget Vranjica had no symptoms. More on Index

9:20: Virovitica-Podravina County has not had a new case for 12 days. More on Index

9:00 Međimurje County told HRT this morning that they still have 7 confirmed infected. They are all in good overall condition.

8:18 Marko Kutlesa is the head of the Department of Intensive Medicine and Neuroinfectology of the Infectious Diseases Clinic “Dr. Fran Mihaljević” in Zagreb and the team leader in the current coronavirus pandemic fighting for the lives of the most seriously ill patients, those placed on ventilators. More on Index

7:44 “Serology tests are coming next week, but we have to introduce and revise them. Part of it has come, but we have to see how it will work after validation and then it will be used widely in Croatia. We need to keep in mind that these tests measure antibodies, and we detect the virus here. It’s very important, detect the virus as soon as possible to prevent transmission, “Jasmina Vranes, head of the Clinical Microbiology Department, told HRT’s Good Morning Croatia. She said that drive-in cannot only be tested, but that a doctor or epidemiologist can only be sent for testing.

7:30: Cecilija Rotim, head nurse of the Public Health Institute “Andrija Stampar”, told HRT that there are currently about 15 people quarantined by the City of Zagreb, including Zagreb citizens and foreigners. In total, 30 people passed through the city quarantine, she added.

“A quarantine person can come if they are unable to provide self-isolation at home. In agreement with a competent epidemiologist, they are then placed in one of the two quarantines of the City of Zagreb. The person is then provided with food from the Red Cross and we provide medical care,” Rotim said.

“The conditions for quarantining, for example, are that they do not have a secure room at home where they can be self-contained,” Rotim added.

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Corona Voices in the Croatian Diaspora: Ana from Dalmatia in Queens, New York


06:45: How much testing is Croatia doing for COVID-19? This and many other detailed charts can now be found on

06:35: The new numbers will be announced at the regular press conference at 14:00. 

06:30: Welcome to the TCN daily update on COVID-19. We start the day with 1600 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 66 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 373 patients have recovered. Twenty-three people have died. 36 patients are on ventilators. There are 1204 active cases.

UPDATES from April 13, 2020

18:42: The first of about fifty people from the Nursing Home on Vukovarska Street in Split arrived at the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation in Makarska on Sunday around 5 pm and the rest should arrive during the day.

17:33: Chief of the Civil Protection Headquarters of Šibenik-Knin County Nikola Blažević has been in self-isolation since Sunday, and Mayor Goran Pauk takes over as Chief of Headquarters, according to the HQ on Sunday afternoon. Based on the epidemiological surveillance, due to contact with a coronavirus positive health worker from the Šibenik General Hospital, six staff members of the Šibenik hospital and the head of the Šibenik-Knin County civil protection headquarters have been released under health surveillance measures today.

17:15 Two residents of the Koprivnica nursing home for the elderly and infirm who were infected with the coronavirus were transported from the hospital in Koprivnica to the Dubrava hospital in Zagreb and placed on a ventilator, the County Civil Protection Headquarters reported. Also, another person from the county’s health system is positive for COVId-19, so everyone she has been in contact with will be tested during the day, according to a statement. A total of 25 people are now infected with the coronavirus in Koprivnica-Križevci County.

16:50 As a result of contact with a coronavirus positive health care worker from Sibenik, as of today, six staff from the Šibenik hospital and the Chief of the Civil Protection Headquarters of Šibenik-Knin County are in self-isolation.

16:25: The evacuation of 150 residents of the Nursing Home on Vukovarska Street in Split has begun to the Biokovka Medical Rehabilitation Hospital in Makarska. 

16:12: Head of Lika-Senj Headquarters Darko Milinovic held a press conference at the entrance to the Udbina Municipality, which was in isolation because of five infected people last night, emphasizing that they should not condemn any of those infected, but that they should give support. “Until now, five COVID-19-positive people have been confirmed in Udbina, twenty-two people are in self-isolation, another 40 are awaiting results, so that in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic, it is necessary to keep the entire Udbina quarantine, an isolated space,” said Milinovic. 

15:35: The Archdiocese of Split-Makarska apologized on Sunday for the behavior, statements, and attitudes of the priest, Don Josip Delas, who, despite the ban this morning, held an Easter Mass in the parish church Leopold Bogdan Mandic in Sirobuja during which an attack on journalists took place. 

14:56: Good news from Medimurje – in the last 24 hours there are no new cases, all tests are negative. 

14:00: National Civil Protection Headquarters press conference:

In the last 24 hours, there are 66 new cases, bringing the total to 1600. There have been two new deaths, bringing the total to 23. 34 people are on ventilators. 373 people have recovered. 

“Families today could not gather around the family table and at church, but they could think. Special thanks to all who work today; the police officers,” Bozinovic said at the start of the press conference.

“Happy Easter to all those who celebrate. I would like to celebrate this holiday with an incentive to protect our lives. We have 66 new patients in the last 24 hours in Croatia. 690 tests have been done in the last 24. As of yesterday, we have two fatalities in Zagreb, a male and female, and a total of 23 have passed away. We have two new people on ventilators. There are 10 more hospitalized than yesterday. A total of 373 have recovered in the Republic of Croatia,” Beros said.

Journalists asked about the incident in front of the Split church. Why wasn’t the police on the scene at the start?

“The epidemiologists’ instructions are more than clear these days, however hard to follow for the greatest Christian holiday. The vast majority have found a way to celebrate Easter. Those who have no understanding of this face their conscience first and foremost. I strongly condemn the attack on the journalist in Split who was attacked only because she did her job. The police work in two directions. The first is reporting to the State Inspectorate, the County Headquarters, and the Archdiocese, and the second is a criminal investigation into the attacker on the journalist who was injured,” Bozinovic said.

“The police did not have a message that something like this was going to happen at 10am today, but I also spoke to the SD County HQ and asked for everything they knew about the behavior in that church and asked for supervision to be organized there as well as in other places. My expectation is that something like this will not happen again, and the police will do their part,” Bozinovic said.

Capak commented on the situation in nursing homes: “The situation in Split is known to the public; at this moment, a number of residents of a nursing home on Vukovarska street are moving to a health facility in Makarska. In Split, there is another nursing home in Seget, where we have a coronavirus-positive resident. In Makarska, there were a few temperature reports on the residents, swabs were taken, the results are not known yet. All 12 residents of the smaller nursing home in Ploče are positive. In Dubrovnik, we have 88 residents in a nursing home where one is positive. Yesterday, swabs were taken during the day.”

Božinović: The measures are generally respected

“Both the police and all the civil protection operatives are on the ground and working. What we can see from the report for today is that fewer people are out, fewer people are out in the open. There are incidents like the one in Vinkovci yesterday, but what worries me most is that there are people who do not understand that by violating measures they do not show courage but endanger others. The local headquarters reports that the measures are generally respected. The people who violate the measures are prevented from further work. The situation is difficult, but we can only succeed together in this,” Bozinovic said.

Capak spoke about the infected in the healthcare system

“The number of infected healthcare professionals is slowly increasing, with a total of 212 positive. Technicians and nurses 101, pharmacy 11, doctors of medicine 75 infected, 11 dentists,” Capak said.

Beros: Let’s be responsible

“Let’s act responsibly and prevent the need for protective equipment,” Beros said, commenting on a shipment of 60 tons of protective equipment from China, which arrived in Zagreb today.

13:18: There are no new cases in Virovitica-Podravina County for the 11th consecutive day, the Virovitica-Podravina County Civil Protection Headquarters reported on Sunday.

Two patients are infected, they are in self-isolation and no longer have symptoms, according to the County Headquarters.

In the past 24 hours, 17 samples have been tested, which is significantly more than in the past days. So far, in a single day, they have never sent more than 9 samples to the Infectious Diseases Clinic Fran Mihaljević.

“There’s nothing unforeseen happening. We started testing health professionals, and there were some preventive tests at Borova Dom. Otherwise, depending on the situation, we slightly increased the number of tests, after Easter, we will intensify successively in nursing homes. Every day will be more samples,” explained epidemiologist Dr. Miroslav Venus, director of the Public Health Institute of Sveti Rok in Virovitica-Podravina County.

13:14: In the area of ​​Split-Dalmatia County, there are 14 new cases – from Split 7, Makarska 1, Omiš 1, Solin 1, Vrgorac 2, Otok 1 and Seget 1.

There are no health care workers among the new cases, while 7 of the new cases have been in self-isolation. 85 people are hospitalized, 8 are on ventilators – 4 from Split-Dalmatia County, 1 from Dubrovnik-Neretva, 1 from Šibenik-Knin and 1 from Zadar County. 108 health professionals are in self-isolation. There are 22 people quarantined at the Zagreb Hotel; of which 7 are foreign nationals.

As of April 12, 2020, a total of 327 people were coronavirus-positive, the Split Headquarters reported.

12:55 After a mass was held at a church in Split’s Sirobuja today, despite a ban on religious gatherings, and a journalist was attacked, the National Civil Protection Headquarters also announced.

Recall that this morning, although the pastor of the church in Sirobuja, Don Joseph Delas, had been announcing for days that a mass would be held despite the ban on holding religious (and all other) gatherings, she was not in front of the church in question. > More

12:40: Dubrovnik-Neretva County press conference:

Nikola Dobroslavic said the situation was serious and pointed out that there were seven new cases, which means that there are 92 cases in total.

“Things were stable, but it has been hampered because the coronavirus broke into the home for the elderly in Ploče and Dubrovnik. We hope to curb the spread of the pandemic, we are waiting for more results from Zagreb,” Dobroslavic said.

The head of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County Civil Protection Headquarters, Deputy Mayor Josko Cebalo, said that 866 samples had been sent in total since the beginning.

“31 people were hospitalized, eight in the student dormitory and the rest in the hospital. As for the nursing home in Ploče, all 18 were positive for the coronavirus. Epidemiological treatment was done in the dormitory in Dubrovnik. We have 12 results that are negative as far as employees are concerned. Last night, a shipment of 55,000 surgical masks arrived to be distributed to healthcare facilities,” he added.

The director of the Public Health Institute of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Mato Lakic, said that of the 7 newly infected, the majority were from Ploče and one from Konavle and Slivno.

12:37: In the last 24 hours there are no new cases in Varaždin County. This kept the situation unchanged from the day before. The total number of patients is still 32, and a total of 12 people have recovered. There are 19 people at the Varaždin General Hospital and one at the Infectious Diseases Clinic Fran Mihaljević in Zagreb.

“Twenty-two people were tested in our County yesterday, and the total number of those tested is 686. There are 1665 people in self-isolation, 49 of them registered yesterday. 70 people were in contact with infected people,” said the county.

12:28: The entire Civil Protection Headquarters of Karlovac County has to go into self-isolation because one of its members is coronavirus positive.

Namely, this is Niksa Antica, the director of the Institute for Emergency Medicine in Karlovac County, reports KAportal.

“The members of the Headquarters of Karlovac County were most exposed to the possibility of contagion on a daily basis since they were on the “front line” of the defense and the virus broke into the Headquarters,” they added.

12:19: Three more coronavirus positive cases have been registered in the area of ​​Šibenik-Knin County in the last 24 hours. Today, the number of patients in the county has risen to 67. All newly diagnosed patients are at OVB Croatian Pride Knin, reports Š

12:14: According to the data of the Zagreb County Institute of Public Health in the area of ​​Zagreb County, by Sunday at 11 am, 110 people were coronavirus positive.

Compared to yesterday, this is 5 more people. So far, 15 people have recovered and two have died, according to Zagreb County.

12:10: Police have confirmed to Dalmatinski Portal that they were not in front of the church in Sirobuja this morning.

12:00: It has been known for days that a Split priest would hold mass at a church in Sirobuja. A journalist was attacked there today. Why wasn’t the police on the scene? More on Index 

11:42 According to the Vukovar-Srijem County website, there are two new cases from Vinkovci. In total, 34 people are infected.

In the past 24 hours, 48 people have been tested, a total of 498 in the county.
There are 476 people in self-isolation in the area of our county. There were four reports of self-isolation violations yesterday, of which 1 was found to be well-founded.

11:37: Today, 60 tons of protective equipment has arrived from the Chinese city of Shanghai to Zagreb, the Croatian government announced.

“Today, 60 tonnes of protective equipment has arrived from Shanghai to Zagreb by direct flight for services involved in efforts to curb COVID-19,” the government announced on its official Twitter. 

11:27: Out of the total of 77 samples tested yesterday from the Osijek-Baranja County, none were positive again, reports Osijek-Baranja County.

In the last 24 hours, a total of 105 samples (77 from the Osijek-Baranja region and 28 for the Vukovar-Srijem County) were tested at the Clinical Hospital Center Osijek and the Public Health Institute of the OBZ.

At the KBC Osijek, there are 26 patients, three of whom are on a ventilator, but after confirmation by double negative tests, the number of patients treated for COVID in the county has increased to a total of 11.

There is still only one person undergoing treatment at Nasice General Hospital.

There are a total of 209 people in self-isolation, which is 9 less than the previous day.

11:21: From the Split police, we learned that two people were taken to the police station for an incident at a church in Sirobuja, and more information will be released as soon as the criminal investigation is completed. More on Index

11:12: According to information from the Zadar County Civil Protection Headquarters, as of Saturday, there are no new positive cases, so the total number of cases in Zadar County is 72.

So far, a total of 643 people have been tested in the Zadar area. Of the 72 positive people, nine are in the COVID department of Zadar General Hospital, 2 of which are on a ventilator.

In the past 24 hours, police officers conducted 326 inspections regarding the self-isolation measures in the area of the Zadar Police Department and found that one person did not adhere to the imposed measures at that time, reports

11:00 In the last 24 hours, there are no new cases in Brod-Posavina County, and a total of 19 coronavirus infected patients have been reported so far in the county, the County Civil Protection Headquarters reported Sunday.

The county has previously had one coronavirus-positive person, the headquarters added.

So far, a total of 24 persons have been placed in quarantine in self-isolation, of which 10 persons have quarantined after 14 days of self-isolation.

Currently, there are 14 people quarantined, of which 7 people arrived from Germany and one each from the Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, France, Finland and Croatia, said Stjepan Bosnjakovic, the county head.

10:45: Bjelovar-Bilogora County has no new cases, they reported on Facebook.

“Bjelovar-Bilogora County continues to be at the top of the Croatian counties’ list when it comes to the number of people infected with the coronavirus.

Yesterday, two people were tested at Bjelovar General Hospital. One finding is negative and another is expected throughout the day.

So far, 9 people have tested positive for coronavirus at Bjelovar General Hospital, eight of them are from the county, and one person lives and works in Zagreb and is currently being treated for self-isolation in Garešnica.

There are 510 people in self-isolation in Bjelovar-Bilogora County, and 35 cases of self-isolation violations have been reported. It is a number that has not increased significantly for days owing to our fellow citizens being in self-isolation adhering to all the measures and instructions they have received, and this is something to be commended, but also to emphasize that must continue on this way,” they said with a congratulatory message.

10:41: The director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Krunoslav Capak, on Sunday repeatedly urged citizens not to frequently transmit false information on social networks about people infected with the coronavirus.

“No one is to blame for those infected and we should show some empathy for those who happen to be infected and not condemn them,” Capak reiterated yesterday’s appeal via an official Twitter message from the National Civil Protection Headquarters.

10:31 Although all major gatherings in Croatia have been banned by a decision of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, mass is still being held in Sirobuja today.

This is a parish run by Don Josip Delas, who has already received a misdemeanor charge for verbally assaulting police officers.

Dalmatinski Portal reports that a journalist was attacked by filming the gathering of believers in a church in Sirobuja.

Police said police proceedings are ongoing and have no further information so far. More on Index

10:19 Former President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic sent an Easter message via Twitter.

“To all who will celebrate Easter this Sunday or next Sunday, I congratulate the greatest Christian holiday and wish you all well from my heart, along with my family,” Grabar-Kitarovic wrote, adding that the past Lent and this Easter has been especially marked by the corona pandemic. 

10:18: Amazing scenes were shot this morning in the Zagreb neighborhood of Savica. Namely, despite the ban on holding religious gatherings, one priest decided to hold a street mass in the neighborhood. More on Index

10:15: In the Krapina-Zagorje County area, a total of 100 coronavirus patients have been recorded so far, reports

Compared to the day before, there are four new cases; 1 from Djurmanac, 2 from Krapina and 1 from Stubičke Toplice. They are awaiting the results of 10 people, 6 of them are in self-isolation at home. So far, 618 individuals have been tested.

10:13: Of the last 52 samples taken from individuals from the Istria area, all are coronavirus negative.

The headquarters reported that there were no new patients. In addition, eight recovered.

9:45: The Vukovar-Srijem police report on an incredible incident that happened in Vinkovci yesterday afternoon. Specifically, a group of people grilled and drank along the coast in Vinkovci, and when interrupted by the police, one of them told the police that he was infected with COVID-19, refused to give his ID, and then attacked the police officer. More on Index

9:30: 86 immobile residents will stay at the nursing home in Split. More on Index

9:20: The evacuation of 105 residents of the Nursing Home on Vukovarska Street in Split began on Easter morning. Police are securing the building and transporting them by ambulance one by one to a quarantine facility in Duilovo, where they will be isolated. All will be tested, according to the HQ.

09:05: Ana was supposed to be spending Easter on her native Dalmatian island, but has not left her apartment in Queens, New York since March 18, the epicentre of the pandemic. Read Ana’s story in the latest in our series Corona Voices from the Diaspora.

09:00: On the official Twitter of the National Civil Protection Headquarters this morning a video message was posted by HZJZ Director Krunoslav Capak reminding citizens that no one is guilty of being ill and that the infected should not be stigmatized. “Let’s show empathy every day, and especially today. Happy Easter to everyone!”

08:15: Because of the coronavirus pandemic, churchgoers cannot go to Mass this Easter, but Mass can be watched on TV and YouTube. More on Index.

08:00: There are 32 patients on respirators, two less than on Friday, and 82 people have recovered at home, so that a total of 323 people have recovered so far.

On Saturday morning, it was announced that the coronavirus had entered another nursing home in Croatia, the one in Dubrovnik, and that almost all residents of the Ploče home were positive. Seven more residents of the Split nursing home are positive.

06:35: The new numbers will be announced at the regular press conference at 14:00. 

06:30: Sretan Uskrs and welcome to the TCN daily update on COVID-19. We start the day with 1534 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 39 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 323 patients have recovered. Twenty-one people have died. 34 patients are on ventilators. There are 1190 active cases.

UPDATES from April 11, 2020

16:59: From the Zadar County Civilian Protection Headquarters, 5 more Coronavirus positive findings have been reported during the day, so the number of people infected in Zadar County has risen to 72. These had contacts with the Orthopedic Hospital in Biograd na Moru. At the moment, 857 people are in self-isolation and 1416 people have completed supervision.

16:33: In the area of Krapina-Zagorje County, a total of 96 coronavirus-positive persons with residence in the county have so far been recorded. Compared to the day before, 3 new people have been registered as of today; 1 from Tuhlj, 1 from Desinic and 1 from Lobor. The findings are waiting for 52 people, 26 of whom are at home alone. So far, 590 individuals have been sampled.

16:00: Two coronavirus people fell ill yesterday (not three), so a total of 23 people were infected in the Koprivnica-Križevci County, said County Chief of Staff Ratimir Ljubić.

15:48: A coronavirus test was performed in the immediate vicinity of the Dubrovnik Retirement Home without a tent, announcements and warnings. The director of the Health Center says everything is according to regulations. More on Index.

14:35: “Don’t visit each other tomorrow”

“I call on you again: do not visit your parents tomorrow. Parents, do not visit your children. It is difficult for all of us, but I am sure we can and must win,” Bozinovic said at the end.

14:30: On the possible closure of Jarun, Bundek and other public places

“I don’t know about that. I got a police report on rallies across the country. It’s true that there are people, but the fact is that people are sticking to the measures, which means there is a gap and there is no grouping of more than 5 people. That’s one It is also a fact that it is an instruction from the profession, that our instruction is still to stay at home We all monitor the situation and if it is noticed that citizens do not comply with these measures, then it is possible that some of these public spaces will be closed temporarily. This is unpopular, the services are making an extra effort to influence people to keep a distance, to respect what the profession has set out so they do not have to close certain spaces. We want to be in solidarity in all of this, we appeal to all citizens in this. We are in this together and on a path that we can win. This is a marathon race in which we need to preserve our nerves and morals and in which we can only succeed together,” Bozinovic said.

14:25: Can mosquitoes transfer the virus?

“The official view is that mosquitoes cannot transmit coronavirus infection,” Capak said.

About lower salaries of some healthcare professionals

“I cannot say at this point, as a minister I am not doing the payroll. Given certain issues, I have issued instructions on self-isolation and overtime. I would not like to put finances in the forefront, everyone will be paid everything they have earned. it is open to everyone, but I reiterate that the directors are in charge of the payment. I have not yet received any complaints on this topic, but we will definitely check everything” Beros said.

How are our patients treated? Are there any relapses?

“We have no information that someone got the disease. What is called relapse in other countries, we should be careful to see exactly what it is about. At the outset of the epidemic, people with a milder form of the disease would be released early and then It was not a return, it was only a deterioration. All information about relapses is taken with reservations. For a long time, a finding can be positive, and a swab alone does not have to mean that it is an active virus at that point. I have no information on relapse in Croatia. But we saw that we had a mild illness and then the condition worsened, “said Markotic.

14:15: Capak on those infected

“We welcomed more buses from Tyrol last night, a total of 91 people were transported. One swab was taken, one of them was a positive resident of the County of Istria. I can say that out of 360 people we screened, we had 3 positive ones during our organized return.”

“Split has had some of these breakthroughs, the so-called peaks, this last one is certainly a consequence of the events in the nursing home. They have an increased number. But if you look at the numbers, Krapina-Zagorje has the largest number by population, then only Split-Dalmatia.”

About the procession in Hvar

“I can talk about the epidemiological aspects of this event: the island is isolated, they have no contact with the continent. The risk of disease is close to zero and we considered epidemiologically speaking there are no obstacles. I cannot speak about other aspects. Those shots I saw were kept all measures, I hope it was so ” TCN was at Za Krizen from start to finish – this is how things were in reality through the eyes of someone who was actually there. 

About passes

“It is a new system for the sake of obtaining certain information. It is subject to analysis, at this point it is fulfilling its purpose. Its main message is that citizens do not have to travel except in emergencies. How necessary are all these cases to be analyzed in the days to come It is not realistic for everyone who works at a company to receive a pass You will agree that this is a sensitive question What is important to us is that the number of positives seeking a pass decreases From yesterday to today there is only one searched, “Bozinovic said.

14:05: Beros: We have 39 new cases, now the number is 1534.

“I thank everyone for the results like this. I also thank the critics for helping us realize our thinking about the measure.

We have 39 new cases, a total of 1534 cases. 32 patients are on respirators, two have been taken off, 357 were hospitalized, which is 14 more than yesterday. 241 were fired. 323 were recovered, 92 more than the last data.

There must be no relaxation. Now are holidays, but let’s endure it.

I thank the pharmacists’ action Call for Health, “Beros said.

Bozinovic: Thank you all

“I also thank everyone, especially those who are on the front line of fighting the virus. Thank you citizens, the vast majority of whom adhere to the measures, because if it were not so we would not have the results we have.

The facts show that people go to the hills, to parts of Our Beautiful, to carry out some of their activities. The request of HGSS is to stay home, because at the moment it is really a luxury to go on such mountaineering hikes in Croatia.”

13:00: Latest info from regional headquarters. The official update nationally will come at 14:00.


         Osijek-Baranja: 0 new. Total 103
         Zagreb County: 4 new. Total 105
         Koprivnica-Križevci: 3 new. Total 24
         Krapina-Zagorje: waiting
         Primorje-Gorski kotar: waiting
         City of Zagreb: waiting
         Brod-Posavina: 0 new. Total 19
         Šibenik-Knin County: waiting
         Karlovac: 0 new. Total 25
         Varaždin: 0 new. 32 total
         Dubrovnik-Neretva: waiting
         Lika-Senj: 1 new. Total 4
        Sisak-Moslavina: waiting
         Požega-Slavonia: waiting
         Split-Dalmatia: 17 new. 313 total
        Virovitica-Podravina County: 0 new. Total 2
         County of Istria: 1 new. Total 82
         Vukovar-Srijem County: 0 new. Total 32
         Međimurje County: waiting
         Bjelovar-Bilogora: 0 new. Total 9.
         Zadar: 1 new. Total 67

12:58: In the last 24 hours, four more coronavirus positive people were registered in the area of ​​Šibenik-Knin County, so that today the number of patients in the county has risen to 64. Among the newborns there is one employee of the Šibenik hospital, civilian civilians said. protection of Šibenik-Knin County, reports

12:43: The Dubrovnik headquarters announced that today they have as many as 15 newly ill people and that the virus has also entered a nursing home in the city.

12:14: There are no new patients in the Karlovac area.

12:12: In the County of Lika-Senj there are four infected. “With regard to the newly emerged coronavirus situation, to date, a measure of self-isolation has been pronounced for a total of 626 people, 130 persons are under active surveillance, coronavirus testing has been carried out over 63 of which 40 are negative, 4 are positive and results are expected for 19 samples “The clinical picture of the infected person from the Udbina municipality has not been changed, ie the clinical picture is of medium severity and the patient is in the isolation unit of Gospic General Hospital. The other infected persons are in good general condition,” the headquarters said.

12:02: Yesterday, the number of positive cases in Zagreb increased to 393, ie for 11 new patients. There are still 5 infected at the Psychiatric Hospital. There were 224 tested yesterday.

11:50: Civil Protection Headquarters of the City of Varaždin is awaiting the Decision of the National Headquarters of the Central Committee of the Republic of Croatia, which will confirm the agreement of the headquarters of the cities of Varaždin, Novi Marof and Varaždin Spa and fourteen municipalities on the movement of citizens without passes in this area will continue to issue passes for so far.

Citizens who have to leave their place of residence or residence for justified reasons must request a pass through the national online e-Pass service or, as a last resort, contact [email protected]. On weekdays from 10am to 12 noon, on-call duty was also organized with the phones 402-513 and 402-500.

11:48: The owner and another user of the Ploče Nursing Home are positive for coronavirus, Ploce City website reported, and earlier the infection was confirmed by a caregiver and the patient, so that there are now four infected people from that home. 

11:41: We have no new coronavirus patients in Varaždin County in the last 24 hours, and five have recovered. Thus, the total number of patients is still 32, and a total of 12 people have been cured. There are 19 people undergoing treatment at Varaždin General Hospital, while one is undergoing treatment at the Infectious Diseases Clinic. Fran Mihaljević in Zagreb.

11:38: In Zagreb, there are four new infected people, 105 in total.

11:02: There are 103 cases in Osijek-Baranja County, which means that there are no new patients today. Osijek has one positive doctor and three nurses.

10:58: In the last 24 hours in Brod-Posavina County there are no new patients.

10:57: In their column “Healthy Living at Home”, the Croatian Institute for Public Health highlighted the importance of choosing foods that will provide sufficient nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals.

10:55: There are no new cases in Istria. A total of 22 patients have recovered.

10:35: The county of Zadar has one newly infected person. And she is affiliated with Biograd Hospital.

10:10: There are no coronavirus infected in the Vukovar-Srijem County area in the last 24 hours and the total number of infected is still 32, the County Civil Protection Headquarters reported.

10:09: There are no new cases in the area of ​​Bjelovar-Bilogora County. According to the headquarters, nine people have been tested positive for coronavirus at Bjelovar General Hospital, eight of them from Bjelovar-Bilogora County, one lives and works in Zagreb and is currently being treated for self-isolation in Garešnica.

10:00: In the Virovitica-Podravina County for the tenth day in a row there are no positives for coronavirus. Two patients, who are in home self-isolation, without symptoms of COVID-19 disease, are still ill.

09:50: On Brac there is one case, 23 in self-isolation.

09:40: Supetra Mayor: I’m shocked by calls for a public lynching over coronavirus. More on Index

09:16: The director of the Split hospital Julija Meštrović is on N1 television. “There are no changes in patients compared to yesterday. Most patients have mild and moderate symptoms. One person is more severe. But each time we have to take into account older people and those with chronic illnesses, they are at risk of life.” Other patients in the Split hospital are still the same, 9 are on a respirator, their condition is unchanged.

Meštrović answers the viewer’s question.

How many children are infected in Croatia?

The number of infected children in Croatia is 76. This is just over 5 percent of the total population of children between the ages of 19 and 19. Children generally have milder symptoms, these are usually general symptoms, fever, malaise, sore throat, cough, may also have diarrhea, vomiting. Most often the milder the symptoms, the fewer children can develop a more severe clinical picture.

How long is the hospital stay on average?

It depends on what stage patients are admitted to the hospital. It takes two to three days without symptoms to perform a surveillance test.

How can children go outside?

For children, the same rules apply as for adults. A physical distance of at least two meters should be maintained. That’s the most important thing. If children are indoors it is better to have masks. It is best that children do not even enter such spaces. Do not send children or take them to stores.

09:03: Is Stubičke Toplice a new hotspot? Findings for about 30 patients from the hospital in Stubicke Toplice should be made public today. Epidemiologist Ivan Lipovac of the Public Health Institute of the Krapina-Zagorje County said it was to be expected that there would be a percentage of infected people among staff and patients.

08:52: A statement has arrived from Zadar saying that it is not true that the Headquarters duty phone will not be available during the holidays, as announced on the official website and Facebook yesterday.

08:40: Croatian Scientist: There is no return to normal life until a vaccine or cure is found. More on Index

08:30: A Split priest carries a cross through the city. People were kneeling by the road, some were following him. Video on Index


07:57: This is a picture of a doctor from Cakovec after rescuing a coronary-suspect patient. More on Index

07:50: Did Headquarters make the first big mistake before Easter? More on Index

06:45: Allowing the Za Krizen procession to take place has been controversial. Some perspective from one of the only people to witness it live from start to finish. Jelsa Za Krizen, Croatia Not Wuhan & Cabin Fever Perspectives

06:35: The new numbers will be announced at the regular press conference at 14:00. 

06:30: Welcome to the TCN daily update on COVID-19. We start the day with 1495 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 88 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 231 patients have recovered. Twenty-one people have died. 34 patients are on ventilators. There are 1243 active cases.

UPDATES from April 10

19:20 Zdravko Maric appeared on HRT and RTL. He spoke of government economic measures, spending cuts and citizens’ credit. More on Index

18:40 Police launch an important campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence. More on Index

18:22 Split SDP seeks replacement of the head of Nursing Home where coronavirus has spread. More on Index

18:20 In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the County of Zadar is shutting down the telephone of the Civil Protection Headquarters. Because of Easter.

The County of Zadar has reported that the Staff’s duty phone will not be available on the official website and Facebook. Instead of a hotline, they recommended – email. > More

17:47 Ministry of Internal Affairs launches an important campaign: Report violence to 192. More on Index

17:40 Retired agronomist Ivan Glavota is the chairman of the governing council of the Center for the Elderly and Disabled in Split, which also includes a home in Vukovar, where 50 and paramedics suffered from COVID-19. He decides on Skaricic. More on Index

17:30 The Preoporod union, which brings together thousands of teachers, has vigorously attacked caterers and business owners. More on Index

16:33 Minister of Labor and the Pension System Josip Aladrovic assessed the union’s claims that the payments to employers are not controlled by the irresponsible and malicious, saying that any manipulations of aid will be sanctioned with the help of the State Inspectorate. More on Index

16:26 How does the HDZ save on Mljet? By reducing the pay for firefighters. More on Index

16:25 HTV today hosted the controversial physicist Davor Pavun, known for his bizarre public appearances, who did not disappoint with his theories about the coronavirus and the impact of the pandemic on civilization. 

16:15 Yesterday an elderly man entered the post office in Zapresic and lied that he had a coronavirus. Police intervened to find that he did not have the coronavirus and was reported.

15:55 In Koprivnica-Križevci County, three new people are infected with the coronavirus, bringing the total to 24. After the test results came from Zagreb, this was confirmed for Glas Podravine i Prigorja from the Koprivnica-Križevci County Civil Protection Headquarters.

Among the newly ill are another protégé and one employee of the Koprivnica Nursing Home and one person from the health system. Everybody, they say at Staff, is feeling fine.

Epidemiological treatment is also underway for all persons who have been in contact with the three new patients.

15:50 This is the situation by day


15:35 About 5000 people were left without work in Croatia this week alone. 

15:30 The Istrian police will report to the State Inspectorate a misdemeanor of a 54-year-old owner of a Pula hair salon who provided hairdressing services on Friday, the Istrian Police reported. 

15:05 Extraordinary press conference of Civil Protection Headquarters of Dubrovnik-Neretva County begins.

The head of the DNZ Civil Protection Headquarters, Josko Cebalo, said that they have a positive case that is the guard of a nursing home in Ploce. It is a home in which one employee is positive. Nine tenants are housed in the home, they are self-contained and tested. All employees will also be tested.

“Unfortunately, we have to inform that we have one coronavirus-positive person from a private nursing home in Ploce. This is a home whose employee is already positive. There were 12 occupants in total, two were transferred to the OB Dubrovnik, while third-party transportation is ongoing. The other 9 residents are still housed in the home, are in self-isolation, and their testing is underway. All staff will be tested,” Cebalo said.

In all, 70 people in the county are coronavirus positive.

Head of the Department of Infectology and Dermatovenerology, Dr. Stjepan Djuricic, said that another person from the home is on its way to OB Dubrovnik.

Two residents were admitted to the hospital, are in serious condition and have pneumonia. Otherwise, there are seven coronavirus patients at that hospital. The third will be taken to the hospital.

Two seniors came to the hospital yesterday evening and are awaiting results, said Dr. Stjepan Djuricic.

14:00 National Civil Protection Headquarters press conference:

“In Croatia, in the last 24 hours we have 88 new cases, which means that at the moment there are 1495 infected. The average age is 49 years and for the first time, we have more sick women than men, 52.2 percent of them. As of yesterday, we have one death, and this is a 93-year-old woman from KBC Split, a resident of the nursing home on Vukovarska,” said Beros.

“We are reaching a critical stage and we need to think carefully about visiting our elderly family members during the Easter holidays, but also about going shopping. People from the nursing home have been evacuated and placed in a hospital, where they will certainly have better care. A total of 70 employees were tested today and we will know the results tonight or tomorrow throughout the day, and we will continue to see what we will do with them. Until now, when our people came from abroad, we put them in self-isolation, and they came out early because they had to return to their jobs abroad. Now I have to tell you that because our data repository is functioning, we will no longer allow them to return abroad without the permission of epidemiologists,” Capak said.

Bozinovic later said that five buses arrived from Croatia last night with 82 Croatian and two Slovenian citizens, and said yesterday that no major irregularities in the way the market was functioning were identified.

Capak then commented on the procession on Hvar.

“We provided information on the procession, we think that everything went well. You probably saw in the footage that it was maintained according to the instructions we gave,” Capak said.

Minister Beros said that at this time there had been no reallocation of funds because there had been enough for the health system so far, but to think about it for the future.

“The Epidemiological Service responded that it is epidemiologically necessary that people who are healthy should not be tested before entering a safe house,” Capak answered when asked if women entering a safe house should be tested.

After that, Beros commented on the information that two sisters were allegedly removed from Srebrnjak, who warned about the condition with the equipment.

“Srebrnjak is an institution owned by the City of Zagreb. I know that the Ministry of Health has received a letter about it, but I do not know anything about the events within that institution, nor can I take care of it. The City of Zagreb is obliged to provide personal protective equipment. On April 2, an additional thousand masks and gloves were sent to assist. I am sure that the City of Zagreb is taking care of the funds, and for other details, I do not have relevant information,” said Beros.

The health minister then said that all frontline medical staff deserved stimulation and thought, but it was questionable how objectively possible it is at this point was. Bozinovic also added to Beros’ statement, saying that he hoped that a time would come when all these people and police officers could be adequately thanked.

“We have said many times that we are not for repressive measures and that we are adopting measures that we consider necessary for human health. My colleagues have informed me that the behavior of people in shops is quite similar to the times when there was no pandemic. If that continues, we will take repressive measures,” Capak said.

Capak then said that the suspicions raised in about 15 senior care homes across Croatia have proven to be inaccurate. So far, coronavirus-positive residents have been detected only in homes in Ploče and Koprivnica, of course, in addition to those in Split.

“There are not enough epidemiologists to cover all the facilities, although we prioritize nursing homes for the elderly. We have now increased that attention, so I can say that I am pleased with the approach of the epidemiologists,” Capak said.

13:25 The Dubrovnik-Neretva County Civil Protection Headquarters will hold an extraordinary press conference in front of the OB Dubrovnik, today at 3 pm.

13:03 In the Krapina-Zagorje County area, a total of 93 coronavirus positive persons with residence in the County have so far been recorded.

Compared to the day before, 5 new people have been registered as of today; 2 from Desinic, 1 from Pregrada, 1 from Oroslavje and 1 from Zabok. They are still awaiting results of 37 people, 17 of whom are in self-isolation at home. So far, 539 individuals have been sampled. So far, 1 person has recovered and 1 passed away.

In terms of cities and municipalities in the area, the number of cases is as follows:

35 people in the City of Pregrad

16 persons in the area of ​​the City of Krapina

7 persons in the area of ​​Hum na Sutli municipality

6 people in the city of Oroslavje

4 people in the municipality of Jesenje

4 people in the municipality of Petrovsko

6 people in Zabok 

2 people in the town of Donja Stubica

1 person in the area of ​​Bedekovčina Municipality

1 person in the Municipality of Đurmanec

5 persons in the municipality of Desinić

1 person in the municipality of Krapinske Toplice

1 person in the Radoboj Municipality

1 person in the municipality of Gornja Stubica

1 person in the municipality of Stubičke Toplice

1 person in the municipality of Lobor

13:01 In the last 24 hours, there are no new cases in Varaždin County. The total number of patients is still 32, with a total of 7 people recovering. There are still 24 people undergoing treatment at Varaždin General Hospital, while one person is still undergoing treatment at the Infectious Diseases Clinic “Dr. Fran Mihaljević ”in Zagreb.

12:59 Croatian Post Office will extend the working hours of 41 post offices in 12 cities.

12:38 Dubrovnik-Neretva County press conference:

“According to the latest available information in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, the total number of cases is 69, and of the 35 samples sent on Wednesday, we have two new cases: one from Dubrovnik and one case in the Slivno municipality. There are still 33 samples sent to analysis on Thursday.

There are 48 coronavirus positive people in home isolation. 16 positive patients were hospitalized. Ten of them are in OB Dubrovnik, and six are in the secondary hospital building, ie the student dormitory. Of the four patients who were previously placed on a ventilator and transferred to Split, three were removed from the ventilator, two were returned to the OB Dubrovnik for treatment yesterday, and one will be returned today in the afternoon. One person is still at the Infectious Diseases Clinic Fran Mihaljevic in Zagreb, and his general condition is good. Also, one person had passed away earlier and two have recovered. To date, a total of 636 samples have been sent for analysis”

12:10 Zagreb press conference is in progress.

Sandra Sikic said that 222 were tested and 10 were positive, and another 25 were in isolation. She said those numbers show a decline, but urged everyone to comply with the measures.

12:00 Split-Dalmatia County Headquarters press conference:

The coronavirus is confirmed in three nursing homes in Croatia. 42 residents of the Split home are positive, and the director of the Croatian Institute for Public Health, Krunoslav Capak, announced last night that the infection had been confirmed in eight employees of the Split home where the infection had spread.

At least 50 people have been infected in the nursing home so far, and unfortunately, the numbers are likely to get worse. Two of the residents of the nursing home are in serious condition. According to a press conference, one has passed away.

There are 50 more cases of infection in the entire county today, compared to the data released at yesterday’s press conference, most of which are related to the nursing home. The total number of cases is 296.

11:47 First case on Brac confirmed, Brac Headquarters reported.

11:38 At the Zagorje headquarters press conference, it was announced that they have five new cases in the area of Krapina-Zagorje County.

11:32 According to the data of the Zagreb County Institute of Public Health in the area of Zagreb County, until Friday, 101 people were confirmed to have the coronavirus. Compared to yesterday, this is 4 new cases. So far, 13 people have recovered and two have died.

11:21 The entrance for vehicles at Kamenjak is closed in Medulin, and outdoor barbecues are banned during Easter weekend in Medulin. More on Index

11:00 There is one new case in the Osijek-Baranja region, bringing the total to 103.

10:38 There are no new cases in Virovitica-Podravina County either.

10:34 When will the peak of the pandemic hit our region? Here is what the head of the HZJZ says. More on Index

10:33 A new case in Bjelovar-Bilogora County has been confirmed today, so that there are now nine coronavirus-positive people in the county, according to the Headquarters of Bjelovar-Bilogora County.

Today, Brod-Posavina County has 19 coronavirus cases and 18 cases are active. It is a middle-aged person who has been in contact with an already infected person, according to the local SBonline portal.

10:22 Suspicion of the coronavirus in a Sisak Nursing Home has been eliminated after a negative test result was confirmed for one patient who was hospitalized in the Sisak hospital for asthma. The director of the home, Ruzica Cakshiran, said today that they had tested all residents of the home who were suspected of being infected, but all the findings so far turned out to be negative.

10:05 There are no new cases in Istria

10:03 There are two new cases in Zadar. Three people are on a ventilator at a Zadar hospital. One of the new patients is affiliated with the orthopedic hospital.

“Citizens are being asked not to light an open fire,” they said at the beginning of the press.

Of the 63 patients, 43 are related to an orthopedic hospital in Biograd. Currently, 611 people are in self-isolation, 1615 are out, and as of yesterday, 48 new people have been put in self-isolation.

Nine patients are currently in a Zadar hospital, four are in the JIL, three of them on a ventilator. Two doctors remain positive, with 23 staff isolated.

The Zadar County Police found two violations of self-isolation.

At the press conference, they discovered they had a temperature warning in a nursing home. Fortunately, their results were negative. “Two wardens had a temperature, but their results were negative. We are waiting for another result for another nursing home, in two to three hours we will get results,” they added.

9:48 The Civil Protection Headquarters of Split-Dalmatia County will hold a press conference today at noon with Julije Meštrović, Director of KBC Split; Marko Srdarevic, Deputy Chief of the PU SD; Blazenko Boban, prefect. 

9:46 Radio Mrežnica reports that the findings of all samples taken Wednesday in Karlovac County are negative. This means that there are still 26 cases in the area (25 sick and one deceased). The swabs taken yesterday are also expected today.

9:38 The president of the Union of Independent Trade Unions of Croatia, Mladen Novosel, attacked both the government and employers this morning in an interview with N1. Let us remind you that there was a meeting of trade unionists, employers and the government yesterday in the government.

09:27: Fishermen’s fleets, merchants and processors from Split-Dalmatia County today organized, on Good Friday, a humanitarian action that collected over a ton of food: 500 kilograms of fresh Adriatic fish and just as much frozen seafood, fish and processed products … All was donated to KBC Split, the Red Cross and the MoSt Association for the sick, homeless, needy and medical staff, reports Dalmatinski Portal.

09:06: The Vukovar-Srijem Police Directorate reported receiving two reports between 10 pm and 8 pm on 9 April, and a single violation of self-isolation measures was found by the inspections carried out. So far, the Vukovar-Srijemska Police Department has received 180 reports of violations of self-isolation, and has confirmed the violations on 46 occasions.

“In the course of the supervision of the measures from the Decision on Prohibition of Leaving Residence and Permanent Residence in the Republic of Croatia, at the checkpoints in the territory of the Vukovar-Srijem Police Directorate, police officers determined 6 Violations of the measures referred to in the aforementioned Decision.People caught without a certified and signed pass for entry and exit from the area of ​​residence or permanent residence have been warned and instructed by police officers and obliged to return to the place of residence. 497 persons in violation of this Decision, that is, with the intention of leaving the place of residence without requiring a pass. “

08:34: N1 reports that there is a big crowd in the Dolac market. “The health of the people is paramount. I thank the people for their patience and the Headquarters for allowing the sale a day and a half before Easter. If we had done it at the beginning of the week, it would have been less crowded, but health is paramount,” said Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic, who visited Dolac this morning.

07:56: A number of cities say they will close major promenades for the holidays and some will only tighten controls. Rovinj has announced what it will be paying close attention to from Saturday to Monday, and has hired a security service to monitor the entry and exit of homes.

07:54: The 500-year-old UNESCO Za Krizen procession has taken place on Hvar. TCN was there – here is a timeline and video footage from all six processions.

07:50: The Head of the Crisis Headquarters of the Ministry of Health Maja Grba-Bujevic spoke by phone with HRT. She sent a message to all citizens for Easter, asking them to stay home. More on Index.

07:20: “According to the information provided by the Crisis Headquarters, the infection has also entered a psychiatric hospital,” said Minister Bedekovic in a guest appearance on Good Morning, Croatia.

She said that 42 of the two residents were infected in the Split Home, and that two of them were in a worse condition and on oxygen rather than on a respirator. Eight employees were also infected. “I talked to Capak and Beros and we all wondered what the pathways of the virus were to enter. According to the epidemiological picture, there is a possibility that the virus has entered through employees.

One recommendation was for employees to be divided into two groups and to change every two weeks. As much as we would like, we cannot seal the homes hermetically, “Bedekovic said.> More

06:52: A rough day is behind Dalmatia. As many as 53 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in the Split area, including 30 from the Nursing Home.

For comparison, at 2 pm the whole of Croatia had 64 new cases.

Ploce is emerging a new hot spot for infections in Dubrovnik Neretva County.

06:50: Prof. dr. sc. Gordana Buljan Flander, psychologist – psychotherapist.

“I fear for children living in families where there is a lot of stress, financial problems, uncertainty, because it is known from previous crises that these are factors that favor domestic violence,” Buljan Flander said.

She noted that volunteers offering phone assistance said they had fewer calls, but that she was sure that there was no less domestic violence but that children should not be called.

“There is a much greater risk of physical punishment. It is violence against children, and violence against the child is not an option because violence produces violence,” she said.

06:35: The new numbers will be announced at the regular press conference at 14:00. 

06:30: Welcome to the TCN daily update on COVID-19. We start the day with 1343 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 61 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 179 patients have recovered. Nineteen people have died. 35 patients are on ventilators. There are 1145 active cases.


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